No mas idol  

No mas idol for me. I'm thinking about blogging SYTYCD but I'm not sure. I really liked tweeting it last season. If you tweet, you can follow me @kmatoni if you don't tweet but are on facebook, hit me up at

I can see the finish line!  

We're down to the wire, people! Our time together is getting short and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I won't have to blog about this show again!! Celllllll-a-brate Good Times, Come on!

We're down to the final three, Casey, Crystal and Lee. I'm pretty sure everyone things that Crystal and Lee are going to be the final two because I do too. There is a little part of me that hopes Casey can make it in there. He's so purty! Sine there are only three tonight, I'm expecting them to do two songs. Remember when they would do three?

Casey got the deadman's spot so he's history. Bummer. I haven't heard this song before but I think it suits Casey. Kind of a blues-y rock vibe. Randy wanted to hear something unique but didn't. Ellen makes jokes. Kara faults the song choice. Simon calls it a salad and a dud.

I'm going to get me some strawberries!

Crystal is borrowing another song from my karaoke song list. I'm not sure if the harmonica was such a good idea. It gets in the way. I liked it but it wasn't anything exciting. Randy didn't like the arrangement (me neither) but he did like the vocal. Ellen thinks Melissa would be proud. Kara agrees with the "GUYS" again. Simon didn't think it was a stunning version of that song.

Lee is singing "Simple Man". Do I know this? I guess I'll find out. OH! Yeah, I know this! Good song. Is it just me or is this the best Lee has ever sounded? I'm liking this! Best out of the three so far. He actually looks like he should be up there. Randy thinks Lee feels like he could win it. I think I'll have to agree with Randy. Ellen makes funny again. Kara has really bad hair again. Simon calls it on the money and thinks Lee crushed the other two. To be honest, there really wasn't much to crush.

Randy and Kara picked a John Mayer song for Casey. This is putting me to sleep. Sorry, Casey. I don't think Vote for the Worst can save you after that. If it wasn't so cold in here, I would be asleep. BTW, what happened to the sun? I miss it! Randy thinks the song fit him like a glove. Ellen called it beautiful. Kara thinks he did a good job. Simon thinks it was a better song choice than his first one.

Ellen picked "Maybe I'm Amazed" for Crystal. She was pretty good, as always but she didn't beat Lee. Lee really doesn't need to sing another song tonight. Randy liked it as did Ellen. Kara thinks she pushed. Simon thinks Crystal showed that she has soul.

Lee is singing a song that should be banned. Simon understates it by saying that "we've heard this song before." I'm sure the judges are going to love it. They always do. OMG! They are pulling out all the stops for Lee. Stings and a that even fair? I'm done.

They are pushing Lee to win the whole thing for some reason. It will be Lee and someone else next week with Lee winning it all. Stupid.

Four become three in dramatic fashion  

I wasn't going to blog tonight but two things have made me blog.

First was that crappy, overly dramatic opening! Who came up with that pile of steaming mess?

Second, what was Fantasia singing? I didn't even know she was still singing. I thought she was on Broadway, Reality TV, and doing parades (she was the Grand Marshall two years ago for Apple Blossom). I have forgotten how annoying her speaking voice was. I do have to say that if I was her, I'd be pissed that I had to go before the first commercial break not to mention before a number four finisher from another season. Just saying.

Tonight we find out who is getting parades at home and who will be crying in their Cheerios for oh say, the next few years.

The Ford video was as unentertaining as usual. It was kinda funny that Big Mike always ended up driving.

WOOO HOOO!!!! Elliott homecoming clip! He's still my favorite Idol. Mama Yamin bonus!!

Crystal has matching Penguin boobs.

All are asked to stand. Mike and Casey get their duet recap. Then Crystal and Lee get their duet recap which was the best out of the two. After the nation wide vote Casey is SAFE!!!!! OMG!!!!!

Go Casey, Go Casey! It's your birthday!!

Daughtry is up and singing the same stuff they always sing.

More results!! Mike gets recap of solo song. What's up with Kara's hair....AGAIN? Does she tell those hair stylists to do that stuff to her hair? Lee gets his recap. He looks like he's about to cry...and then the babbling begins. Crystal is given her recap. Lee is declared safe and in the top three.

Now, I'm assuming that Crystal is safe. I think the entire USA is thinking that. Could we have another Daughtry situation on our hands? I would hope not but you never know. Why would Idol not declare her safe right away? If we're all expecting her to make it and she made it, send her to the couch right away and put Casey or Lee up against Big Mike. I guess we'll know in a little less then 20 minutes.

I read a quote from Jon Bon Jovi today. Someone asked him if they still have groupies. He said "Yes, but they're all Cougars and MILFs. It's good to be us." I have to say that if Cougars are going after him they have to be like 80 years old. I'm not sure he know what a Cougar is. I'll clue you in Jon, they like YOUNGER guys not dudes that are almost 50. I'm the age of most Cougars but I'm not a Cougar. I like old dudes like you!

They didn't sound that great.

Here we go.


Casey was well spoken.

After the nationwide vote, Crystal is SAFE!! As it should be!

Goodbye, Big Mike. A number of weeks late.

blog called on account of pericarditis  

Well, my pericarditis seems to be back. I'm not up to blogging tonight. All I want to do is lay down and sleep. There is good chance that I will miss Idol AND Glee tonight. Since I won't be blogging, here are some blogs to check out:

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Enjoy!!! I'll see you next week for the final three!

luck will not be a lady tonight for one contestant  

The longest hour of television is about to start! The only thing I'm looking forward to is LADY GAGA!!!!

This has got to be the WORST lip-synching group performance EVER! It's ridiculous! OMG! Do the producers really think we're buying this? I am so done with this season.

Another stellar theme next week: Songs from the Cinema. I can't wait.

The behind the scene look is kinda neat. I like the fake judges.

After much babbling by Ryan and the contestants, we get to results. Lee is told to go to the center of the stage to get his recap along with more questions. I really need to drink on results night. Are there any drinking games out there? If I drink every time Ryan asks a stupid question, I'd be on the floor by the first commercial break.

After the voting, Lee is safe.

I love Lady Gaga and would LOVE to see her in concert. I'd imagine that I'd never see anything like it again in my life. I'm glad she does TV shows so that the majority of us that can't see her live get a little taste. Alejandro is not my favorite song by her but it's got a good beat. For those of you thinking that this was the first time two guys danced together on Fox, you would be wrong. There are been a couple of same sex couples on So You Think You Can Dance.

I know I mentioned it last night but Harry is hot!!

Not my type of music but he's still hot.

Another group sing. What did we do to deserve this?

Sorry, I fell asleep there for a minute. Did I miss anything? No? I didn't think so.

Crystal gets her recap and is sent to the piano.

Big Mike gets his recap and is sent to the near side of the stage.

Aaron gets his recap and joins Big Mike.

Casey get his recap and joins Crystal.

DAMN! They're trying to pull a George on Lee but he's not having any of it.

Mike and Aaron are in the bottom two which means Crystal and Casey are safe! WOW! I really thought that Casey was going home after that egg he laid.

We're back and it's Aaron taking a dive!

How many more weeks do we have of this?

They did it harry's way  

Please go see Beckeye's Pre-show show!! I loved it!

Anyway, the song spoilers have leaked and Aaron is singing my wedding song!!!! That's just not right. Well, he's going first so there's a chance he'll go home tomorrow and that would be good.

That Harry Connick, Jr. is quite the hottie!! By far the best eye candy on the show.

Rob Reiner is in the house! I kinda think he looks like my dad. I don't have a good pic of my dad online. How can that be? I guess you'll just have to trust me on this one.

Harry arranged all of the idol's songs this week. DAMN! He's serious! Seriously HOT!! Wow! He's backing the Idol's too! He's earning his paycheck this week.

Have we become so vain as a society that we need LCD screens on the back AND the front of our cameras? I guess so  because I'm thinking I need one of those!

Harry could be the best thing on Idol tonight. He's funny and I would love to get lost in those blue eyes.

As I already said, Aaron is singing my wedding song which is "Fly Me To The Moon". He is not doing a good job. The arrangement is different but since Harry did it, I love it. However, I did not love Aaron nor did I expect to (Sorry, Michelle). Randy thinks he did a good job. Ellen jokes with Harry and thinks Aaron pulled it off. Kara thought it was good but not as strong as last week. Simon agrees with Kara.

Casey gets some chair time with Ryan. Casey is singing without his guitar! OMG! He starts out shaky but it picks up. Wait, it's going south again. Sorry, Casey, but this was not good in my book. You're still hot. But Harry beats you tonight in that department. Randy calls it his worst performance. Ellen jokes with Harry again. WTF, Ellen?!?! How about concentrating on your review for once? Kara thinks she he had it at the end but thinks he sounded like a lamb. Simon says the band was great but Casey was embarrassed. That was why harsh. Harry comes to his rescue and says he was better in rehearsal.

Hannibal the Cannibal!!!

Crystal is singing "Summer Wind". Does she have a big back tattoo? Why yes she does. Crystal is the best tonight by far but that's not saying much. It's not my favorite from her but I liked it. Randy calls it sleepy. Ellen is impressed enough not to joke with Harry. Kara liked her. Simon loves the song and liked the last half better than the first half. Crystal needs to pick it up next week. Well, considering last weeks theme and this weeks theme, I'm thinking Idol better pick a better theme. Crystal does some talking back which may just earn her a trip to the bottom three tomorrow.

Big Mike is still here but should be home. He's singing "The Way You Look Tonight". I'm not digging the hat. It seems to make it instantly music theater. Meh. I wish he would go tomorrow but I think Casey is going to take that spot with little competition from anyone else. Randy says Mike is in it to win it. Ellen thinks he looked comfortable. Kara babbles. Simon calls it a tricky night but thinks Big Mike did better than everyone else. I don't think so but I don't like Mike.

Lee is doing "That's Life". I think he did a good job. Best of the night. I'm done for tonight. Glee is on soon and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

I think Casey is going home tonight (sorry, Bryan). What about you?

who's taking the twain home tonight  

I know, the title is pretty groan-worthy but I couldn't help myself. Sometimes I'm a VERY big dork!

My favorite summer show is starting soon! So You Think You Can Dance will be starting up right after Idol is over. After trying to move the show to the fall and failing BIG TIME, SYTYCD is back where it belongs, in the summer, and what I wouldn't give to have the story end there. I think the fall failure snapped something in Nigel's head which made him decide to change EVERYTHING. Instead of ten girl and ten guys making it to the big show, getting paired up and kicked off two at a time, there will only be a top ten - total. I don't think there's a gender quote but there could be. After that, the top ten are paired with SYTYCD All-Stars that specialize in a certain type of dancing (i.e. Pasha = ballroom) and are kicked off one at a time. The All-Stars are past contestants. Now, I love (most of) the past contestants and I'm looking forward to seeing them again but I'm going to miss falling in love with a whole new group of kids. I also think that I'm going to be watching the All-Stars more than the new dancers. Well, I'm powerless to do anything about it so I guess I'll just hope for the best!

OMG! Did you see Spike on "Lie to me"!! I miss him!! I guess I'll have to start watching that show. Can anyone tell me if he has a big role? Is he on every week? CRAP!! He just got shot and killed! Oh well!

Now, onto Idol!

Last night was a pretty lackluster night. I think a broader country theme instead of just Shania Twain would have turned out better performances. Her "songbook" seems a little shallow.

I don't think I could call any performance the best of the night but I'm sure going to call Siobhan the worst. That final shriek was ear splitting! I don't think she'll be going home but I wish she would.

I took a peek at the DialIdol numbers and it looks like Big Mike is going to be the big loser tonight. I have no problem with that. I'm not a fan and don't really dig his type of singing. I know that people out there do but I know of no one personally.

I think Casey's good looks will save him again but if he doesn't change it up and doing something exciting, I could see him leaving either next week or the week after.

Lee has a big fan base and will be safe until the top three and, most likely, the top two.

The big "surprise" last night was Crystal. She was good but not as good as she has been. She may have to suffer a trip to the bottom three to atone for that un-MamaSox worthy performance.

Last but not least is Aaron. If he doesn't leave tonight, I look for him to depart either next week or the week after. There's a real good chance that he picked up Tim's votes and he'll make it tonight and next week but I don't see him making it past that.

As usual, I'll be posting as the action happens on the East coast!

Rascal Flatts is up first so I'm guessing no group sing. Rascal starts off a little bad, got better on the chorus and then went bad again. I won't be getting this from iTunes tomorrow I can tell you that. Not my cup of tea.

Tonight is going to be VERY long.

Ford video vamps. Only slightly better then the other videos.

Now they're advertising Shriek XXII.

And it doesn't end. Now Camron and Antonio are on the Idol stage.

Results...FINALLY! Three groups of two time. Siobhan is first to get her recap and question and is sent to the far side of the stage.

Aaron is next and is sent to the center of the stage.

Big Mike is next with the recaps and question to Simon. Big Mike goes to the close side of the stage.

Lee is sent to join Siobhan.

Casey joins Big Mike.

Crystal joins Aaron in the middle.

I think Lee and Crystal have something going on.

Ryan is playing shuffle the Idols, puts Siobhan with Big Mike and Casey and pronounces them the bottom three.The others are safe.

Harry Connick, Jr. will be the mentor next week for Sinatra week!

Sons of Sylvia are up now and I'm pretty sure this isn't live. What I'm not sure of, is what's up with the sound? It's really bad. I'm not that excited about these guys but they do seem to have an 1980's flair that I could start digging.

Great. Now it's Lady Antebellum. I am so sick of this song. It's on XM20 ALL THE TIME.

HOLY CRAP! Now it's Rascal Flatts AGAIN but this time with Shakira. Will this night ever end??? NOW Ryan has to talk to her!

More wait...more questions. *sigh*

Big Mike is save.

Could Siobhan REALLY be going home???

It's Siobhan going home!!!!

Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!