They did it harry's way  

Please go see Beckeye's Pre-show show!! I loved it!

Anyway, the song spoilers have leaked and Aaron is singing my wedding song!!!! That's just not right. Well, he's going first so there's a chance he'll go home tomorrow and that would be good.

That Harry Connick, Jr. is quite the hottie!! By far the best eye candy on the show.

Rob Reiner is in the house! I kinda think he looks like my dad. I don't have a good pic of my dad online. How can that be? I guess you'll just have to trust me on this one.

Harry arranged all of the idol's songs this week. DAMN! He's serious! Seriously HOT!! Wow! He's backing the Idol's too! He's earning his paycheck this week.

Have we become so vain as a society that we need LCD screens on the back AND the front of our cameras? I guess so  because I'm thinking I need one of those!

Harry could be the best thing on Idol tonight. He's funny and I would love to get lost in those blue eyes.

As I already said, Aaron is singing my wedding song which is "Fly Me To The Moon". He is not doing a good job. The arrangement is different but since Harry did it, I love it. However, I did not love Aaron nor did I expect to (Sorry, Michelle). Randy thinks he did a good job. Ellen jokes with Harry and thinks Aaron pulled it off. Kara thought it was good but not as strong as last week. Simon agrees with Kara.

Casey gets some chair time with Ryan. Casey is singing without his guitar! OMG! He starts out shaky but it picks up. Wait, it's going south again. Sorry, Casey, but this was not good in my book. You're still hot. But Harry beats you tonight in that department. Randy calls it his worst performance. Ellen jokes with Harry again. WTF, Ellen?!?! How about concentrating on your review for once? Kara thinks she he had it at the end but thinks he sounded like a lamb. Simon says the band was great but Casey was embarrassed. That was why harsh. Harry comes to his rescue and says he was better in rehearsal.

Hannibal the Cannibal!!!

Crystal is singing "Summer Wind". Does she have a big back tattoo? Why yes she does. Crystal is the best tonight by far but that's not saying much. It's not my favorite from her but I liked it. Randy calls it sleepy. Ellen is impressed enough not to joke with Harry. Kara liked her. Simon loves the song and liked the last half better than the first half. Crystal needs to pick it up next week. Well, considering last weeks theme and this weeks theme, I'm thinking Idol better pick a better theme. Crystal does some talking back which may just earn her a trip to the bottom three tomorrow.

Big Mike is still here but should be home. He's singing "The Way You Look Tonight". I'm not digging the hat. It seems to make it instantly music theater. Meh. I wish he would go tomorrow but I think Casey is going to take that spot with little competition from anyone else. Randy says Mike is in it to win it. Ellen thinks he looked comfortable. Kara babbles. Simon calls it a tricky night but thinks Big Mike did better than everyone else. I don't think so but I don't like Mike.

Lee is doing "That's Life". I think he did a good job. Best of the night. I'm done for tonight. Glee is on soon and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!

I think Casey is going home tonight (sorry, Bryan). What about you?

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I'm not a Gleek, but "Ice Ice Baby" by the poet Vanilla Ice was awesome.

I couldn't really focus on Idol with ONJ coming up on Glee.

You don't remember the video segment they gave Crystal where she went to the tattoo parlor? I think she said it was her son's name or something.