Four become three in dramatic fashion  

I wasn't going to blog tonight but two things have made me blog.

First was that crappy, overly dramatic opening! Who came up with that pile of steaming mess?

Second, what was Fantasia singing? I didn't even know she was still singing. I thought she was on Broadway, Reality TV, and doing parades (she was the Grand Marshall two years ago for Apple Blossom). I have forgotten how annoying her speaking voice was. I do have to say that if I was her, I'd be pissed that I had to go before the first commercial break not to mention before a number four finisher from another season. Just saying.

Tonight we find out who is getting parades at home and who will be crying in their Cheerios for oh say, the next few years.

The Ford video was as unentertaining as usual. It was kinda funny that Big Mike always ended up driving.

WOOO HOOO!!!! Elliott homecoming clip! He's still my favorite Idol. Mama Yamin bonus!!

Crystal has matching Penguin boobs.

All are asked to stand. Mike and Casey get their duet recap. Then Crystal and Lee get their duet recap which was the best out of the two. After the nation wide vote Casey is SAFE!!!!! OMG!!!!!

Go Casey, Go Casey! It's your birthday!!

Daughtry is up and singing the same stuff they always sing.

More results!! Mike gets recap of solo song. What's up with Kara's hair....AGAIN? Does she tell those hair stylists to do that stuff to her hair? Lee gets his recap. He looks like he's about to cry...and then the babbling begins. Crystal is given her recap. Lee is declared safe and in the top three.

Now, I'm assuming that Crystal is safe. I think the entire USA is thinking that. Could we have another Daughtry situation on our hands? I would hope not but you never know. Why would Idol not declare her safe right away? If we're all expecting her to make it and she made it, send her to the couch right away and put Casey or Lee up against Big Mike. I guess we'll know in a little less then 20 minutes.

I read a quote from Jon Bon Jovi today. Someone asked him if they still have groupies. He said "Yes, but they're all Cougars and MILFs. It's good to be us." I have to say that if Cougars are going after him they have to be like 80 years old. I'm not sure he know what a Cougar is. I'll clue you in Jon, they like YOUNGER guys not dudes that are almost 50. I'm the age of most Cougars but I'm not a Cougar. I like old dudes like you!

They didn't sound that great.

Here we go.


Casey was well spoken.

After the nationwide vote, Crystal is SAFE!! As it should be!

Goodbye, Big Mike. A number of weeks late.

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I think the reason they made Crystal wait it out was because they wanted to keep the audience in suspense. It's just like when they put Adam in the Bottom 2 with Matt Giraud last year. No one expected Adam to leave at that point, but just having him there was enough to make the audience nervous. I'll admit it. I was a little scared for a minute, since Crystal's about the only one this season who's done anything truly exceptional.

I thought Bon Jovi sounded fine. H8r!!!1!!1 :)