Tour or not to tour, that is the question  

Good evening everyone and welcome to the unbelievable filler hour that is the American Idol Results show. I'm blogging on the east coast so if you're in a different time zone and don't want to know who goes home before the show airs where you live, go way and come back later.

First, a few random things.

I'd like to give a shout-out to the person who visited my blog from Noble Park, Victoria, Australia! Is it nice there?

I blogged about a friend of mine that is in the new TV show Castle. The show is good but something in the last show is bugging me. How did the murderer (a small 20-something girl) put the dead body (also a small 20-something girl) into the laundromat dryer feet first? Did you watch it?

Also, I love comments! *hint-hint*

Onto Idol! I have some more thoughts on Adam's performance. I watched it a few more times today and it just gets better. He can hit some amazing notes! Also, he was the only one who did something original and he was true to himself. Before everyone gets up in arms about him not being original because it was a cover of a cover of Ring of Fire. To explain, "original" on Idol in my book means something I haven't heard before and I NEVER heard what Adam sang before in my life.

One more comment about last night. Where was Scott's much cuter brother? I missed seeing him last night. I hope they bring him back next week.

Ryan starts the show on the big steps with the kids. I wonder what the group sing is going to be like tonight. I'm hoping for more Hot N Cold greatest! There were over 31 million votes. Cue dramatic recap of last night. Yawn.

It's T-R-O-U-B-L-E! What is up with the damn lip-syncing?!?!?! I HATE IT!!! One word: disappointing.

We're back from break. It's time for the Ford commercial and it's a water balloon fight. We get to see the goodbye dinner for Jorge and Jasmine and it's making me cry. For the second week in a row, Michael gets extra pimping time to remind us that he has a little girl at home that misses him.

Ryan asks Danny to stand and he is safe. Lil is next and she is safe. It's Anoop's turn and he is safe. Anoop!!!! Allison and Michael are both asked to stand. After the recap of last night, Allison is in the bottom three and Michael is also in the bottom three. I think it's Michael getting the big boot.

This is taking forever.

Brad Paisley is singing now.

I'm going to take a nap.

Brad has some funky ears!

OH!! It was part of hear-aid thingies he was wearing. And, NO, I wasn't talking about the really big part IN his ear.

Back to finding the third one to fill out the bottom three. Scott is up next and is safe. Megan is up next and gets a big yell from the crowd. She's safe. VFTW is VERY happy. Matt is up and back down because he's safe. Kris gets his turn to stand and he's on the tour. It's down to Alexis and Adam. After the recaps, it's Alexis that joins the other two in the bottom and the AWESOME Adam is safe and on tour! You can celebrate on the west coast!!!

Ryan calls the bottom three to the middle and sends Allison back to the couch! YAY! She's safe and on the tour. Michael and Alexis get to sweat it out during a commercial break and the Randy and Carrie duet at a minimum.

I don't think they put a mirror in Carrie's dressing room because I don't know why she wore that dress and what's up with her hair? It was pretty good but it's one of my favorite songs so it would have to be pretty bad for me not to like it. There is one thing that's bothering me. It really shouldn't have been called a duet because it was more like "I Told You So by Carrie Underwood featuring Randy Travis".

We find out that the judges would considering using their Save to save one of the two in the bottom. I think that's kinda sucky that they said that. No matter what the judges do, one person is going to know they weren't worthy of saving.

Ryan tells us that Michael is safe!! No way!!! Alexis is on the chopping block!!! Simon is thinking about saving her. She is singing for her life while the judges talk. No pressure, Alexis.

She did better last night.

The judges are not going to save her.

Michael should have gone home.

What do you think?

The Pres is going to be on TV next Tuesday so Idol will be on Wednesday and Thursday again. I PROMISE that I will NOT play poker that night! Scouts honor!

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It should have been Michael for sure, but I'm glad Adam is safe. We sweat that one out today, that's for sure.

My mother called me after the show and said the same thing about "I Told You So." She felt that Carrie sang so much of it that it didn't feel like a duet. I have to agree.

I called Alexis' elimination last night, but I also predicted the judges would use the save on her. I was only half right. I think the only reason the judges didn't save her was because it would eliminate some drama from future result shows.

Of the 3 of them, Michael probably should've gone home. But really, it should've been Scott, who wasn't even in the Bottom 3.