Fresh White Teaze and Pigeons  

The Pres is on TV but I feel like I have to blog about something so here it goes!

I friend of mine from work along with a couple of his friends are...laying down some tracks. Is that how the kids are saying it these days? Anyway, they would LOVE it if you would go to their page and listen.

Fresh White Teaze

I'm also suppose to mention that they are single.

On to the pigeons!

There's a building downtown that use to have a music store in it. The moved a few doors down a while ago. Since then, the building has gone even further downhill. First, one of the windows broke and they fixed it with tape and a big board (no pic of the big board).

Then, it was condemned. I noticed last week that the city put a big notice on the back door telling fire fighters that they can't go into the building if it's on fire. And today, the building has a new tenant.

I don't think this guy is paying much rent.

If I owned the building attached to it, I'd be pissed.

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