Who's Going to Get Mowed Down by Motown?  

I'm thinking that Michael is going to have a hard night...again. I can only hope that it's either him or Megan that fail to impress tonight. I hope that Allison has an excellent night. I love her sound and want to keep hearing her. I'm pretty sure that Lil, Danny, and Adam are perfectly safe this week as well. I can't wait to find out what Adam does!! He's making this year very exciting. BTW, if you haven't purchased his "Ring of Fire" you need to. It's awesome!

Before we get started tonight I wanted to let you know that the bird is still in the old music store. I think he's stuck. I saw him twice today flying into the window. I figure that one of the downtown groundskeepers will notify someone about it. I heard a rumor today that the city can't find the owners of the building. I'm not sure how that is possible but who knows.

Also, we are getting ready to by our tickets for our South Dakota trip. Were heading out May 15th and returning May 20th. Originally, we were to stay out there ten days but that was WAY too long. Besides, I think we're getting a new piece of equipment at work that I'll have to run so the shorter I'm away, the better. Anyway, we're going out there because my little brother is graduating from High School. My cousin Kendra is also graduating but we're not going to be able to make that one. It's the week before and, as I said before, 10 days is too long. I've also set-up a tour guide for us for a day when we're in the Black Hills. Yes, I use to live in SD and I've been to the Hills many times but it's been awhile. Our tour guide live there and has a relative that works at Mt. Rushmore so there's a chance that he might be able to give us a tour!!

Well, it's time for Idol!!!!!!

The show starts out like it normally does except that this is Wednesday and not Tuesday. Ryan asks the judges the usual questions about the person that was kicked off last week and other stuff. Boring!! Ryan introduces the top ten and it looks like Michael is in charge of making sure that Scott doesn't walk off the stage since Alexis is gone.

The kids got to meet Smoky Robinson and Berry Gordy. How cool is that?!?! Smoky is the mentor this week. Does he have a CD coming out? Smoky calls the kids something special this year.

They didn't introduce the kids again so I have no idea what order they are going to be in. That is two weeks in a row. GRRR!!!! I'll have to fill in the list below as I get the line up.

Matt Giraud - 1-866-436-5701 (text "Vote" 5701)
Kris Allen - 1-866-436-5702 (text "Vote" 5702)
Scott MacIntyre - 1-866-436-5703 (text "Vote" 5703)
Megan Joy Corkrey - 1-866-436-5704 (text "Vote" 5704)
Anoop Desai 1-866-436-5705 (text "Vote" 5705)
Michael Sarver - 1-866-436-5706 (text "Vote" 5706)
Lil Rounds - 1-866-436-5707 (text "Vote" 5707)
Adam Lambert (Go Adam!!) 1-866-436-5708 (text "Vote" 5708)
Danny Gokey 1-866-436-5709 (text "Vote" 5709)
Allison Iraheta 1-866-436-5710 (text "Vote" 5710)

Matt - Let's Get It On
WOW! From pimp spot to the dead man's spot in one week. Maybe it really is the luck of the draw. NAW!! He sounds great in the video package. Smoky thinks that Marvin would love it. I think he sounded better in the video. It was okay but I have to say that I was a bit bored. He started off behind the piano and then came out from behind it and danced a little. Randy is really happy about Motown night and says he has a strong false. Kara thinks he's coming out of his shell. Paula says he showed a sexy, cool vibe. Simon calls it a great choice of song and called it a cool performance.

Kris - How Sweet It Is
He lost a spot from last week. I hope he does something exciting or else he could be in trouble. Kris blew Smoky away! He's playing his guitar again. I can tell you that playing the guitar and singing at the same time is very difficult. I've been trying to do that with Guitar Hero World Tour and it is HARD!!! He is cute but does some weird things with his mouth when he sings. He was pretty good but I'm not sold on him yet. Kara loves the fact that he did Kris and he did everything right. Paula says he picked a great song. Simon calls it smart. Randy calls it all good.

My darn "O" key is sticking!!!! GRR!!!!!!

Scott - You Can't Hurry Love
Oh gee. He's playing the piano again. I wonder if this will be another "Up with People" performance. He gets some chair time with Ryan. I really wish that he would wear glasses. Smoky thinks he brought the song up to date. Guess what ladies! He's single. LOL!! For Pete's sake, PLEASE stop voting for him! Just because he's blind and can play a mean piano doesn't mean he's a great singer. I thought it was a terrible arrangement and not a very good song choice. He messed up quite a few of the words in the beginning as well. I didn't like it one bit. OH! Scott's cute brother is in the audience. Hi cutie!!! Paula thinks that he brought something different with the singers around the piano. Simon says it wasn't a great version and that it didn't sound right AND it was the wrong song. He also called it cheap. Randy agrees with Simon and calls it a hotel performance. Kara thinks he brought tempo tonight but the execution was not perfect. The judges continue to argue. That was weird! Paula went under the table and pulled out crayons and a coloring book for Simon. Now, someone try to tell me that this show isn't scripted. Go ahead, I'm waiting.

Paula says she has more things under her skirt. We know, Paula. That's where you keep your booze and your pills.

Megan - For Once In My Life
She's singing Stevie Wonder. This should be good. Smoky calls her refreshing and original. The outfit is something to see. That arm tattoo REALLY stands out tonight. She sounds a little off but, then again, she always sounds off to me. People need to stop voting for her too. Alexis should really still be here. Randy like the outfit but calls it a train wreck, rushed, crazy. Kara sings at us again and thinks that the song dominated her. Paula calls her stunning but agrees that it was not the right song. Simon calls it horrible and thinks that she is getting bad advice and thinks that she could be in trouble.

Anoop - Ooh Baby, Baby
Smoky isn't giving anyone any advice. He thinks everything is great. Okay, this is too slow and too boring for me. A lot of these songs tonight seem like they are lasting forever. I'm not sure what Anoop should have sung but it wasn't this. Kara blabs on for awhile before telling him that he can sing. Paula wants to see more but says he was sweet and tender. Simon calls it a great vocal but that he looked asleep during most of it. Randy wants to see energy next week. Me too!!!! It was boring.

Michael - Ain't Too Proud to Beg
He missed out on going to Detroit. Smoky wants him to pound it a little more. That doesn't bode well. I think this is the first piece of advice that Smoky has given tonight. He seems really happy that his girl is leaving him. Maybe smiling during the whole song was a bad move. There were parts that were a complete mess. The ending was BAD. Paula thinks it was a little Vegas loungy and thinks that the song drove him instead of the other way around. Simon couldn't wait for it to end and says he has no chance of winning. Michael talks back which is a bad move. Randy thinks the song was too big for him. Kara piles it on as well. Great! Now I'm feeling sorry for him. Don't vote for him. Let him go him. He should have gone home last week.

I HAVE to watch Glee! That looks funny!!! I better set my Tivo!

Lil - Heatwave
This is Lil night to shine and it should be pretty easy after Michael. Smoky pulls out the Phone Book reference. I don't like her new hair. He Tina Turner outfit is a little much too. I don't think she's doing a very good job tonight. She shouting the entire song. How about sing it? That would be nice. Randy calls the front of the song torture and thinks she was rushing. Kara thinks she looks great but she doesn't think it was the right song. Kara thinks she screamed too. Paula is on lots of meds tonight because she disagrees with Randy and Kara. Simon didn't think the song gave her a "moment". I agree. They all like the look. I didn't like anything about it. She should have blown everyone away but didn't. Lil speaks Randy and Paula which means I really didn't understand what she was saying.

Was the Olivia Newton John in the house?!?!?

Adam - Tracks of My Tears
Boy! Adam sure looks different tonight. It's got the 50's look going on. Oh my goodness! I got all misty!! Best of the night! It was sweet, tender, and sad. Great emotions. You're going to love it. Smoky gave him a standing ovation!!!! Great! Now I'm all misty again and my nose is starting to run. Kara stands up for Adam and calls it one of the best of the night. Paula calls him handsome and surprising and exciting. Simon disagrees with Kara because it was THE best performance of the night. He says he did everything right and calls him a star. Randy calls it the bomb and unbelievably hot. AWESOME!

Danny - Get Ready
Smoky give Danny advice (second time tonight). It felt like he was trying too hard. It was cute how he danced with the backup singers. He seemed like he was out of breath at times. It's got to be hard to follow Adam. You all know I'm not a Danny fan and this song did nothing to change that. He should have picked something with emotion.Paula calls it first class. Simon calls it clumsy. Randy says he has a dope voice. Kara calls it good but not great.

I forgot to mention that Paula is wearing a tutu tonight.

Allison - Papa Was a Rolling Stone
She's got the pimp spot so she's safe tomorrow. That was pretty awesome! Not as good as Adam but in second place for the evening. She did mess up some of the words but seemed to cover nicely. I really dig her sound. Randy calls her dope. Kara says America has to vote for her. Simon drew a moustache on Paula's face. Simon calls it one of her best.

Best of the night was Adam followed by Allison.

Worst of the night was Michael followed by Megan and then Scott.

Everyone else is somewhere in the middle and in no danger of going home tomorrow.

What did you think?

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Adam looked and sounded AMAZING tonight. He is the entire package and each week, this gets more and more exciting.. Megan really has to go. This was the worst performance in the history of AI. I almost turned down the volume..

Anoop might be in danger; he sang what was basically an adequate but forgettable song and was packed into the middle of the order.

Megan, Michael and Scott should be the bottom 3.

Where was ONJ?? MY American (Australian) Idol!!! I didn't see her.

from the first time i heard adam, he was my fave. matt is not too far behind him. i thought anoop did pretty well for being anoop. much better than michael, megan and nate put together. i couldn't stand any of those performances or them for that matter. out of all the females i only liked allison. it's just not going to be a female again this year. scott is fine, but he won't win. i'm not bothered by his not wearing glasses...it's who he is. btw i don't vote for anyone, i just watch (cos hubs has me watching it after i SWORE i would watch idol no more lol) and enjoy adam. when idol is discussed on twitter it's amazing how many people say they don't care for him (are they nuts?!)i'm not a big fan of danny gokey either though everyone seems to love him.

I thought Adam's performance was without a doubt the best of the season so far.

Playing the guitar and singing at the same time just takes practice. When I first started playing the guitar I couldn't sing along with it to save my life. It becomes easier with experience.

I predict Scott's going home. I think Michael and Megan's fans will vote hard because they know they're in trouble, which'll leave us with the elimination of someone who wasn't quite as awful.


you know, I thought Allison messed up some of her words, too - but none of the judges noticed and you're the only other person who has said anything about that. She still did a great job, though.