And then there were nine...or maybe not  

It is that day of the week (a day late) again. The day when someone's dreams are crushed.

I'm starting a little late but it doesn't really matter. There is so much filler, I could start at 8:50 and still get done in time. Ryan recaps last night for us after chatting with the judges and reminding us that the judges can save someone if they want to. Considering it's most likely Scott, Michael, and Megan in the bottom three, I don't think they will be exercising that option tonight. Then, the now no-fun group lip-sync. Only one word: YUCK. At the end, they didn't even bother to hold mics.

Same rules apply as always, I'm blogging live so watch out!

Ford video to Pocket full of sunshine. That was worse than the group lip-sync.

Damn!!!! Reuben is singing now. Where are my results? At least tell us that a few people are safe. I didn't watch Idol Season 2 but I can tell you that if I had, I would not have voted for Reuben.

Now we get to see that they flew in a private plane to Detroit. GET ON WITH IT!

Ryan asks Adam to stand and he's safe! Take a deep breath West Coast people!

Matt is asked to stand and is IN THE BOTTOM THREE!!!!!

Kris is safe.

Lil and Michael stand at the same time. After Ryan's recaps, it's Michael in the bottom three. He better go home.

Joss Stone and Smokey are singing a duet. Do you think it is going to be an actual duet or a "featuring" act? I was bored and started chatting with Leslie instead.

Another commercial break.

Ryan gives Allison the news that she is safe.

Next up is Anoop. He's safe.

Now it's Danny's turn to find out he's safe.

That leaves Scott and Megan. One of them are in the bottom three but it should be both of them. OH! Something funny really quick. I was talking to my parents tonight about Idol and they were describing to me who they didn't like and it was Scott. So I said "The Blind Guy". Cathy Ann was like "What? Did you say blond or blind?" They didn't know he was blind until tonight. Anyway, back to the results. It's Scott in the bottom! Megan lives to sing another week. Damn Vote For the Worst!! LOL

Ryan sends Scott back to the seats of safety. Damn, should have been Matt going back.

Ryan has to torture the remaining two by talking about the Judge's Save.

It's Stevie Wonder live. He gave a shout out to the Pres. "I love you Barack Obama!" You go Stevie!! Oh! He also love American Idol. That was much better than the group lip-sync!

We're back. It's Michael going home tonight!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Good bye!!!! You will NOT be saved! He's singing again and it's worse than last night. He forgets all kinds of words. I won't miss you.

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At least now Sarver's kid won't have to ask him why he doesn't want to spend time with her anymore.