To the Nine's  

The show start with Ryan jabbering on while walking past the kids. It looks like everyone dressed up except for Kris. I'm really getting tired of the "Great of Powerful Oz" intro the judges and Ryan get. I'm also tired of Ryan chatting with the judges.

WHAT is Allison wearing?!?!?

The theme is any popular download from iTunes. That leaves the door open for anything.

I'll add the names and numbers to the list below as I get them.

Anoop Desai - 1-866-436-5701 (text "Vote" 5701)
Megan Joy Corkrey - 1-866-436-5702 (text "Vote" 5702)
Danny Gokey - 1-866-436-5703 (text "Vote" 5703)
Allison Iraheta - 1-866-436-5704 (text "Vote" 5704)
Scott MacIntyre - 1-866-436-5705 (text "Vote" 5705)
Matt Giraud - 1-866-436-5706 (text "Vote" 5706)
Lil Rounds - 1-866-436-5707 (text "Vote" 5707)
Adam Lambert (Go Adam!!) 1-866-436-5708 (text "Vote" 5708)
Kris Allen - 1-866-436-5709 (text "Vote" 5709)

Anoop - Caught Up
I don't know this song and Anoop did nothing to make me want to know it. I couldn't understand anything he was singing during the first part. I think he was trying to portray anger or passion but it just looked like he smelled something bad. I think being first up and having a not so good performance is going to having him in the bottom three tomorrow. Randy thought it was good vocally but not a good song choice. Kara thinks he played it safe. Damn, I agree with her. Paula likes his playful side. Simon thought it was a complete mess. Simon says he came over as a wanna be. I concur. Anoop copped an attitude at the end with a push from Ryan. I think they want him out.

Megan - Turn Your Lights Down Low
Megan is doing a song she loves. I'm not sure if I love it. I really don't know what to think of it. There are glimmers of a singer in there but those are few and far between. I know that if she was doing karaoke in the same place I was, after a few drinks, I'd be making fun of her...BIG TIME. Kara really likes her but thinks she is in trouble and actually calls her irritating. Paula thinks she needs to dig deep, sit on a stool and not move. Simon says the song was boring and doesn't think anyone is going to like it. Randy calls it watching paint dry.

Danny - What Hurts The Most
For those of you who don't know, Danny had to go back home the week because his grandpa died. He's getting extra chair time with Ryan. I though he was pretty good. Again, this is a song I don't know so I don't have anything to compare it to but I thought the phrasing at the beginning was weird. He almost seemed to run out of breath during it. He also hit a couple of bum notes. This is about the only thing me and Mary Pat don't agree on. She's a big Danny fan. I'll see what she thought of it later. Paula says he leaves her wanting more. Simon calls it his best performance to date and claps for him. Randy says the show starts here. Kara says he moved everyone and gave her goose bumps. I just don't see it.

Allison - Don't Speak
Finally!!! A song I know!! She's playing the guitar. WOW. That was really strange and really short. It started out really good during the slow, quiet part but once it got loud, I think she lost it. I really hate to say that. I want her to do well but I think she might be headed for the bottom three again. Yikes! Randy thinks she was a little ahead but "Dude! What are you wearing?!?!" Kara thinks she is Rock and doesn't need to dress up. Paula likes her axe and really likes her. Simon says we can't ignore the outfit and she shouted the song. She made me laugh when she patted her hair!

Scott - Just The Way You Are
Hey! I know this one too! I'm not sure I'm happy about him singing this song. It's an awesome song and I don't think he can pull it off. What are the stylist doing to him? The hair is very A-ha Well, at least it's not "Greatest American Hero" again. I think he trying too hard. If he relaxed a little, I don't think his voice would sound as tight. I don't think that will keep him out of the bottom three. Kara think he was very smart tonight and she loved the new look. Paula is most proud of him and he took a risk. Simon calls it his best performance. Randy calls it one of the best of the night. I guess I'm just not hearing what the judges are hearing.

Matt - You found me
We're on a roll! I know this one too. Matt get some special chair time and talks about being in the bottom three. He's playing the Casio in the middle of one of the mosh pits. He starts off pretty bad. And doesn't really pull it out of the crapper. Paula says it was a sound-a-like and not great. Simon didn't get it and said it felt uptight. Randy says he should have picked a different song. Kara thinks he is talented and doesn't deserve to go home. He kinda looks stoned tonight.

Lil - I Surrender
I hate Celine Dion. I didn't really care for Lil singing this song. She wasn't shouting at us in the beginning but it didn't take her long to start. I don't think this was her "moment". I not really digging the outfit or the hair either. Randy calls her out on song choice but thinks she sang it really well. Kara agrees with Randy. Paula wants to see joy not adult contemporary. Simon calls it safe and a wedding performance. Lil's kids are REALLY cute!!!

Adam - Play That Funky Music
OMG!!! This should be good! I think he was pretty good and hit some amazing notes as always. It was, as always, original and no where NEAR Karaoke like the majority of the contestants. Some parts I really, really loved but most of it was just good.
I have to say that it wasn't my favorite from him but I'll still buy it tomorrow. Paula jabbers on about genius. Simon calls it brave and says good for him. Randy thought it was going to be corny but it wasn't. Adam gives a shout out to the band. Kara says each week she can't wait to see what he does. I'm sure he'll be safe tomorrow.

Mandisa in the house!

Kris - Ain't No Sunshine
Kris get the pimp spot this week and is the only one that looks like he was just picked off the street to come in and sing. Kris, you get money for clothes every week, SPEND IT. You need to do your part to boost the economy. If I didn't know the song, I would have had a hard time understanding what he was singing. I closed my eyes and listened, because he can make some strange faces when he sings, but that didn't really help. I hope the judges don't pile on the praise. Randy says he's in the zone and calls it one of the best performances. Kara calls it artistry. Paula calls it his best performance to date. Simon calls it cool and cleaver.

I would have to say I was not blown away tonight. On a night when they could have picked ANYTHING, some of them failed to impress. I would say that the best of the night was Adam and (don't kill me) Danny. The worst of the night BY FAR was Megan. My bottom three for tonight would have to be Megan, Anoop, and Lil. Matt might make a return as well but I'm going out on a limb and picking Lil to round out the bottom (pun not intended).

What do you think?

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I'm hoping for a Megan/Scott two-fer elimination tomorrow.

That would be sweet!!

mmm Megan was ON MY NERVES AS USUAL. I don't know WHO cares for her singing. She is clearly on the show for her beauty. Her voice is seriously like taking a nail and running it across a chalk board. LIke a REAL nail- not a fingernail. ugh. I like the last guy- but I always forget his name he needs to do something to make people remember him- or wait maybe it's my bad memory. Danny is on my nerves too. He seems like he has an "I am the shit" attitude. Scott is done. He should get a job working in a club somewhere or on a cruise ship. Adam screamed a little bit too much for me. I think if I were big into rock I would have liked it more- but that's not the kind of singing I like to hear. I feel bad for Allison. She has a great voice and she was below average tonight. Ok... I'm out have a good week all!

I think the Bottom 3 are going to be Allison, Anoop and Megan, and DialIdol agrees with me. They have Megan at the bottom, so let's hope she's finally going home! I'm scared for Allison though, since she's in dangerous territory.

I think Lil is officially the worst token diva in this show's history. All she does is shout. Even screechy Syesha Mercado was better.