Results, Results, Results  

It's the night that send one more hopeful packing but who is it going to be?

Matt - R&B guy that wants to be a rocker...I think
Lil - cute kids but picks the wrong songs
Scott - Piano Man with limited vocal ability
Danny - gravelly voice with multi-colored specs
Anoop - Bad guy wanna be but should stick to ballads
Adam - the glam rocker with a hairstyle for every occasion and a voice that can hit any note
Kris - guitar boy turned piano man
Allison - little rocker girl that has bad taste in clothes
Megan - that one that most of America hates but that Vote For The Wost has been keeping in

I hope to everything that is pure and good in this world that it will be Megan.

What about you?

On with the show!!!

Alexis Grace is in the audience wondering what the hell happened.

Ryan tells us that 36 million votes came in.

I got a little bit of a late start so I'll be skipping the recap and the useless talking to the judges.

Straight to the Ford "commercial". It's some kind of weird mash-up thing.

All the kids are holding mics. Are they going to actually sing?? OMG!! For a second there, I thought they were but nope. Same old lip-syncing. Adam's looking pretty good tonight! I still don't like Lil's new hair. Danny's pretty good at lip-syncing.

Results time!

Ryan chats with the kids some more and we get to see the "typical Idol week". Fast Forward.

Danny just made fun of Matt very badly. Then Anoop does Kris complete with the sideways jaw. Allison's impression of Danny is AWESOME!!!

Megan is asked to stand along with Matt and Kris. This seems to be group one.

Adam is asked to stand along with Lil and Allison. This is the center group. Does that mean that Allison is safe?!?!?

Scott, Danny, and Anoop make up the third group.

Unless Ryan moves people around, I'm guessing that Megan's group is in the bottom. But, I think Ryan will move people after the break.

David Cook's record performance is next. I hear he has taken a few shows off for personal reasons. I hope his brother is okay. He still sounds great!!! Go Cookie!!!!

We're back! Ryan is starting with Kris. After the recap, he is safe and headed back to the couches. Matt is next and in the bottom three...again...WAIT! Ryan pulls a fast one and send Matt to the couches. Megan is up next and takes the first silver seat of doom. Megan says "I love you, Simon, but I don't care." She does a horrible bird dance over to her stool.

Ryan move to Adam's group. Lil is safe. Allison's turn. Oh Boy! She is in the bottom three. Damn! Adam, of course, is SAFE!!!!!!

Ryan starts with Danny who is safe. It's down to Anoop and Scott. After Ryan's yakking, it's Anoop in the bottom three. HEY! Jason Castro is sitting next to Alexis! Ryan walks Scott over toward the couches and points to the couch and tells him to have a seat before Scott gets there. Ryan, you're too funny!

Lady Gaga is up next. I like this song but only because I like playing poker. WTF is this?? She has a zipper on her eye. I will have to say that it was very different and entertaining. That was insane. Maybe I'm just getting too old. I think I'm going to have to watch that again later.

Simon says only one of the bottom three is worth saving. I hoping that is Allison.

I've caught up to real time now. So now I have to watch commercials. I love the commercial for Observe and Report when his mom falls off the chair and rolls on the floor. That movie is now being advertised in my Guitar Hero World Tour game.

We're back. Ryan sends Allison back to the couches!! Whew!!!! Thanks goodness!

Megan is gone!!!!!!!

Simon tells her before she sings that they are not saving her.

We get to hear her again...and see her dancing.

Goodbye Megan, you will not be missed.

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It's so nice to have Megan gone. She was getting more annoying every week.

I wonder who will VFTW select next? Scott is probably the worst one left, but they generally don't like boring contestants. Of course, other than Adam and Allison, all the remaining contestants could reasonably be described as boring.

I can't believe so many people can't see the awesomeness of Megan. She didn't let the judges change who she was, (like how they turned poor Alexis into a child prostitute), she took everything in stride, and didn't act like it was the end of the world when she was voted off.

People want to say that she was being disrespectful or whatever, but she was just having fun. She thanked the show, the judges, and the fans before she left.

megan didn't sing well and she was a terrible dancer. poor girl has no rhythm. i'm glad she's gone. i loved allison's outfit. it's something a teen scene girl would wear. adam and matt are my faves w adam being #1. my 12 yr old loves adam, but then, she likes boys who look like that lol

Megan wasn't one of my favorites and I know she made that "I don't care" comment to Simon but still, I thought Simon was harsh to her at elimination. He didn't even pretend they might consider saving her before she sang. Ouch!

I agree, Jess. Simon can dish it but he certainly can't take it!