Thriller, Thriller night! I wish!  

Tonight the send two people packing. My money is on Jorge and Jasmine (since Megan had VFTW help). But before we begin with the 55 minutes worth of filler, I want to tell you about a new TV show called Castle. It just started. The first show was after Dancing With The Stars and it was great! I do have to say that I might be just a little biased. I went to high school with one of the cast members. Jon Huertas (not his name in school) plays Javier Esposito a NYPD detective. I thought he did a damn fine job! Please, check it out! Oh! Here's my friend's picture.

Ryan reminds us that they are sending two people packing tonight and that there's some big twist that will change everything. Ryan begins by reminding us that Michael Johns, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry all left the competition too early. With that in mind, Ryan introduces the "Judges Save". Up until the top 5, the judges can save one contestant from elimination. It's only once and all the judges have to agree. If the "Judge's Save" is used one week no one is eliminated but the next week, two go home. Well, that's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I doubt they will use their save tonight. It's way too early for that.

We then get to see where the kids are staying. It is HUGE!!! Yet they still have to share bedrooms.

The group sing is a medley not just Thriller...bummer. I think their lip-syncing again. Scott is still very funny! That's not very nice of me to say...but it's true! That wasn't near as entertaining as last week.

We're back, just in time for a recap from last forward.

It the Ford Video to "We Will Rock You". All blue screen stuff...boring.

Dim the lights and we're starting with Michael. He's safe. Allison is next and she is safe! YAY!! I was worried after looking at DialIdol. Jasmine is next and is asked to stand in the middle of the stage. Matt is safe. Kris is next and is asked to stand. Megan is then asked to stand. After all that, Kris is safe and Megan goes with Jasmine. Ryan tells them that one is safe and one is going home. Megan "Caw! Caw!" Corkrey is safe and Jasmine is going home...unless the judges save her. We now get to hear her sing forward. Randy tells Jasmine that she is indeed headed home. One down, one to go. Ryan talks to her a little too close. Now it's Jasmine funeral footage to Carrie Underwood's new single "Home Sweet Home", a remake of the Motley Crue hit.

Now we're treated to a performance to of Kayne West and "Heartless". I'm not a fan so I'm going to fast forward.

Well, now I've caught up with real time... yet another bummer for me tonight.

Scott is asked to stand and is told he is safe. Even Scott saw that coming! Alexis is next and is told she is safe! Good! I like her. Danny is next and I'm not even waiting for the verdict. He's safe. Anoop is given his recap and starts to go to the center of the stage before Ryan asks him to. Poor guy. Adam is next and he is safe...of course! All the CA people reading this blog will love the screaming that comes from the audience during Adam's part! Lil and Jorge are left and it is Jorge that joins Anoop on the stage and may be going home tonight.

Anoop and Jorge get to stew while Kelly Clarkson performs. She's pretty funny. I like her. She is doing "My Life Would Suck Without You." Good song. Very catchy! She does a really great job and looks like she is loving life!

Anoop and Jorge are back in the middle. Ryan tells them that Anoop is SAFE!!!!!! Jorge might be going home unless the judges save him, which I don't think they will. Jorge gets to sing again. I won't miss his eyebrows. After he sings Simon tells him that he is indeed going home.

See you Jasmine. See you Jorge. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

I wonder what the theme will be next week. Any thoughts?

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I was disappointed by the Ford video/commerical too. It was really boring. Doing "Thriller" for the group sing would've been much better than what we got.

I won't miss Jorge or Jasmine. They were both boring. I wonder if next week is the Grand Ole Opry theme? There's no "country singer" in this year's group except potentially Michael Sarver, so it'd be interesting to hear what some of these contestants do with it.

VFTW and MJ's blog both confirmed that next week is Grand Ole Opry. Too bad Kristen McNamara isn't around to thrill us with her yodeling skills.

You should change your post title to "Filler, Filler night." Ha. That pun didn't come to me until just now or I would've used it myself.

I enjoyed the first episode of "Castle" too. I was surprised to find out that Castle's mother and daughter were characters on the show because the promos never mentioned them. Although Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic play off each other well, I enjoyed the interactions between Castle, his daughter and his mother better.