Pit Bulls and Pepper Spray  

We're starting our third year of living downtown and I have never thought about getting anything to protect myself until this past Thursday and I have my hubby to thank.

Thursday is one of hubby's days off and he tends to drink a little bit and he starts before I get off of work. This Thursday was no exception. He was by no means drunk when the following events occurred but he did have just enough to do something stupid.

We live on the third floor of a building in downtown Winchester and our windows open up onto the walking mall. I meet friends at 6pm on Thursday to walk. I went down a little early to wait for one of them while my husband drank beer and talked to me out the open kitchen window. Every thing was fine until a young guy with a
pit bull passed behind me.

My husband hates pit bulls and doesn't think too much of their owners either. Well, he yelled down to me, "Watch out! There's an A-hole with a pit bull behind you." My first thought was 'No he didn't! He didn't just yell at a guy that is less then 5 feet away from me with a pit bull.' Oh but he did.

Any young guy that has a
pit bull is not just going to let something like that go. He asked what was said and hubby was silent for a while until he finally said "I told her to watch out for the pit bull." During this time of silence, I kept by back to the guy. Guy asked why he would say something like that I turned around and told him that pit bulls are violent dogs.

Guy said "Why would you say something ignorant like that." He turned and started to walk away. I turned my back to him. Guy turned around and came back. When he walked back he was talking on his phone saying something like "You need to come down here, we got to teach a lesson to two ignorant people."

All the blood rushed to my head. I
turned around to face him and the rest went something like this.

Me: "You DID NOT just call up your crew to come beat down two old people?!?"

Guy: "Oh! Just because I'm black, I have a crew?"

Me: "No! You're young. How old are you that you think you need back up to beat up two old people?"

Guy: "You best get out of my face!"

Me: "What? Are you afraid of a 40-year-old fat white woman?!?"

My walking buddy arrived and I went over to her to say that we might have some trouble. In the meantime, the guy was trying to call more people on the phone. He then started walking toward me. He got up to me and said "I guess I'll just wait for my crew." I said, "
Mine's already here!" MAN! I was pissed!!

He continued to walk away which I was very glad for.
We did however see him during our walk. He was still trying to get someone on the phone.

Will I testify in court as to what exactly was said and how things happened? No, I was very mad and don't quite remember everything. What I do remember is wondering where my husband was. He was sitting in the window the last time I saw him. Why wasn't he running down the stair to defend me? When everything calmed down I called him.


He claims that he thought the guy left but, until the end, the guy was never more than 20 feet away from me. Even if he was 50 feet away from me, my husband, who started the whole damn thing, should have AT LEAST stayed in the window watching me until the dude was completely gone.

If you can't tell, I'm still mad at my hubby.

Oh! Now for the pepper spray. I didn't feel safe (and still don't 100%) walking home on Friday so I bought some pepper spray from the Newsstand next door to where I work. Let's hope I never see that guy again and that I never have to try to use that pepper spray on anyone.

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i would be just a little bit perturbed w my hubby, too, if he started that crap & left ME to deal w it. ugh. good you got some pepper spray & hopefully you and hubs will work through it. he should know better though :-/

Tell hubby that the pepper spray is for him next time he leaves you hanging like that! That could have been a dangerous situation. Hopefully you haven't seen him since.


I'm glad that ended a lot better than it could have. It's probably a good thing you have that pepper spray...just in case the dog walker manages to collect his crew and heads back.

Men can be such idiots sometimes...

Ciara - I still can't believe he did it. I don't think he'll be doing that again anytime soon.

Jessica - I may have passed him tonight without his dog but I'm not sure. I think I got temporary blindness during the incident!!

Susan - You're right, it could have been a lot worse. The stupidity of men can sometimes be baffling!

OMG Kristi! I loved this story.That is exactly what my husband would do too, go to the bathroom. Loved your comment about your crew being there. Dont mess with a woman from South Dakota with Anderson blood in her. Kim