Which balladeer will be going home?  

Considering all but one of the kids sang a ballad, it's a given that a balladeer is going home. I'm thinking it's going to be Matt. DialIdol puts Matt, Kris and Allison in the bottom three. If it's Allison, the judges better use that damn save thing!

I hope everyone (in the US) submitted their taxes. My hubby and I had to pay in!! It really sucked. I'm fixing that tomorrow. I will not pay in next year.

One with the show and more Quentin. He looks goofy but I like him! Kill Bill Vol. One was great (I'm not so sure about Vol. 2). I was very glad that the baby ended up being alive. Quentin thinks he knows who is going to leave. I wonder if he has inside info?

Ford Commercial so soon? Yuck! Mainly computer effects.

The group sing is to Maniac from Flash Dance. Who's idea was that? Turns out it was a good idea...if you love an extra cheesy group sing!! It was great! I did feel bad for Kris starting out singing "Just a Steel Town girl on a Saturday Night." LOL!!!! Allison sneaking up on Simon was pretty good too. I forgot all about Danny until he started singing. Was it my favorite group sing" No but it was better than most of them from the past weeks.

Ryan chats with Adam about Quentin and Allison about the premiere of "17 Again". I think they made the kids wear what they wore to perform in to the premiere. The star, Zak, is in the house wearing a very stupid looking hat.

Ryan starts with Allison and she is safe. They aren't pulling a George Huff this year. Interesting. Adam is next and is safe!!!!!!!!!! Woooooo Hooooooo!

Anoop is next and after Ryan tortures him, he is in the bottom three...again. Could this be his week to go home?

Jennifer Hudson is next. It's still so sad about her family. They didn't mention that by the way. I just can't help but thinking about it whenever I see her. I'm really not liking her performance. She is using her hands way too much for one. Also, if your song relies on background singer, they should really be on the stage too. I think this was prerecorded. She's about a foot taller than Ryan. Well, maybe not a whole foot but at least half a foot.

Back to business. Next is Kris and Lil together. After the recaps, it's Lil in the bottom and Kris is safe. I really don't like Lil's new hair. I think it should have a name. How about Little Lil?

Mat and Danny are next and it's Matt in the bottom three. Like anyone in America thought that Danny was in the bottom.

So, it's Anoop, Lil, and Matt in the bottom three. I still think it's going to be Matt packing his bags but it should be Lil. Kara thinks its the right group and so does Paula. The first person safe is Anoop!!!

It's between Matt and Lil but we have to see Miley first and I'm watching real time. Maybe I'll like Miley. It could happen...in a parallel universe. That is horrible! She can't sing. Why the hell are people buy her CDs? There was one phrase that was total gibberish. It was pitchy, twangy and nasally all at once. I guess I'm too old to get it and that is completely fine with me!

Simon says that he might consider using the save for one of them (Lil or Matt) and we'd be surprised by which one it was. I'm guessing it would be Matt since Simon starting throwing Lil under the bus when Allison was getting her comments.

Lil and Matt...which one will be going home...Matt. I called it!

Matt has to sing that crappy song again. During which, Paula and Kara dance and sing a long while Randy and Simon pretend to discuss using the save. Will they save him?

Simon just told Matt that he doesn't have a chance of winning but they save him anyway!

Two people are going home next week and next week is DISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wouldn't it be great if Matt was the lowest vote-getter again next week? He totally should've gone home. I doubt it'll happen though, since the judges will pimp him harder to make sure using the save on him doesn't look like a dumb move.


I haven't been over here in a while, you are forever in blue jeans :-)

The 2 going home next week are really a toss up, it will depend on song choice. Disco week.. Adam will NOT go home and neither will Danny..or Allison.

The rest are up for grabs..IMO

Hey, that first line of "Maniac" isn't describing the singer! Right after, he sings "looking for the fight of her life." So nyah. Kris should be honored to sing about those Steel Town girls! :)