Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk!  

It's a stupid theme tonight..."Songs from the Cinema". Which can be ANY song played in ANY movie at ANY time. I'm hoping that someone will do something from Spinal Tap! Or maybe Grease!

I sure hope that Idol is on time tonight because tonight is the start of the new season of Deadliest Catch and I'm excited! It's been a long time since I've seen anything new on those lovable scamps on the Northwestern, Sig and Edgar Hansen.

It's time for the show!!!!

Quentin Tarantino is the guest this week. I wonder what kind of advice he is going to give? How to be nerdy but way cool at the same time? He gets to start the show!

They are not using the Great and Powerful entrance this week. Thank goodness. Simon REALLY needs a new stylist. How the hell is he letting do his hair? Something new! Only two of the judges will be judging the kids tonight. I guess that one way of fixing the time management problem. It's the the way I would go.

I LOVE Quentin Tarantino!!! The intro they did for him was excellent. Guess what? He's shooting a new movie. He is an odd looking fellow and larger than Ryan...who isn't.

Allison - 1-866-436-5701 (text "Vote" to 5701)
Anoop -
1-866-436-5702 (text "Vote" to 5702)
Adam -
1-866-436-5703 (text "Vote" to 5703)
Matt - 1-866-436-5704 (text "Vote" to 5704)
Danny -
1-866-436-5705 (text "Vote" to 5705)
Kris - 1-866-436-5706 (text "Vote" to 5706)
Lil - 1-866-436-5707 (text "Vote" to 5707)

Allison - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
I'm afraid for her going first. I thought she did really well. It's a hard song to do and I think she pulled it off while staying true to herself. (I'm channelling my inner Paula tonight). I still afraid that she is going to suffer from going first. Her fan base doesn't seem that big...I have no clue why that is. Paula thinks that Allison has the same special sauce that Adam does. Simon thinks it was BBQ sauce. He calls her the girls only hope in the competition and thinks she could be in all the way to the end. Well! That was quite some pimping from Simon!!!

Katie Couric in the house!

Anoop - Everything I Do
Great. He going to sing me to sleep again. Quentin showing Anoop how to sing is pretty funny!!! Anoop has his Frat Boy clothes on again. I'm surprised! I wasn't bored. He has a very pleasant voice. Should he win the whole thing? No. Should he go home tomorrow? No. I'm counting on Lil to really stink it up again. Randy thinks he found his zone and did a really good job. Kara thinks it was one of his best and she felt connected to him.

Adam - Born to Be Wild
AWESOME!!!!! Quentin looks forward to seeing Adam every week. OMG!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! This was WAY Adam! He could not have picked a better song. He had me clapping along. I think everyone on the West Coast is going to be very happy! Paula is standing up and yelling for him! She tells him something about dancing and bravery. Simon calls it vocally terrific and think that people will love it or hate it. Simon liked it. The audience is going WILD!!!

I'm going to have to watch that again. Even better the second time around. The band looked like they were all having a great time.

Anyway! On with the show.

Matt - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
Matt is getting some extra special chair time with Ryan. I think that this song is overrated. Boy! He is making some ugly faces tonight. In the interest of full disclosure, I flare my nostrils when I sing. Well, I use to until some of my friends made fun of me. Back to Matt. It was boring. He hit some bad notes but also some good ones. Randy calls it interesting but the bridge was rough. Kara thinks he struggled but what she really means that he is stepping out of his R&B box that the judges want him to stay in. Poor Matt. You and Lil can't seem to win.

The plot for the new movie "17 again" is old and played out but part of me still wants to see it. Yes, I'm part lame.

Danny - Endless Love
Danny is also getting chair time. His votes must have been down last week. Danny got a guitar this week. Oh boy! I'm I the only one that thinks this song is very cheesy? I just noticed he isn't wearing glasses. He really looks like Robert Downey, Jr. now. Now I can't get the picture of Robert in Tropic Thunder out of my head. (Sorry, Jessica! My husband made me watch it.) Paula mentioned "magic" and Simon rolled his eyes and grabbed his head. LOL! Simon is disappointed in the traditional version of the song. He then compares him to David Cook and not in a good way.

When we come back from break, we are treated to Ryan doing an excellent impression of Randy. "Dude, Dude, Dude. Dawg, Dawg, Dawg. We got a hawt one tonight!" Ryan, you're funny.

Kris - Falling Slowly
What the hell is this song? I really don't have much to say about this. I didn't like it. I felt he was trying too hard to convey emotion and it just didn't quite make it for me. I'm sure I will be in the minority on this one. I also really dislike his falsetto. He was hard to understand as well which didn't help me enjoy the song. Randy did like it either and he likes the song. Kara calls it one of his best moments. I'm going with my Dawg, Randy.

OMG! Ryan just sent us to commercial by telling us that Lil is singing "The Rose"! Is she trying to loose this thing! She gets the pimp spot and picks that overdone song! Hell, I used that to audition for chorus in 8th grade and that was back in like 1983 or something!

I like Square Butts and I cannot lie! That new BK commercial is ten kinds of awesome!

Lil - The Rose
She's got more hair tonight. I like it better. I really didn't like her version of this song. It may be overdone but it's overdone for a reason. It's a great song. I though she was out of tune for a lot of it. She didn't shout so much which was a good thing but it just didn't do it for me. If she went earlier in the show, I would say she was going home. But since she got the pimp spot, I'm not so sure. Paula calls it a beautiful song. Simon thinks that she is getting it completely wrong but calls it middle of the road and throws her under the bus. Lil started to say something back but my Tivo is done with Fox and is on to Deadliest Catch!!

I think Lil was the worst tonight but she may not go home. We might be saying goodbye to Matt just because Lil went last. We will have to wait and see.

Here's how I rank them tonight from first to worst:

What say you?

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So who do you think is going to get Georged tomorrow night?

Although I haven't watched A.I. for awhile, I enjoyed your recap. I just went to You Tube and watched Adam's performance of "Born To Be Wild". Although he has a helluva voice, I felt that he was ill-suited to do "Born To Be Wild". It was too "Meat Loaf theatrical" for me.

I didn't recognize the title "Falling Slowly" either until I went to Wikipedia. I now remember it from the Academy Awards last year.

Tarantino is looking odder as the years go by. Because he's going bald, I would suggest that he shave his head and be done with it. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the right head shape to pull it off.

Now that would have been cool if one of the contestants did a song from "This Is Spinal Tap". Or "Purple Rain"... or "Superfly"... or "Eddie and the Cruisers"...

It looks like you missed it when Lil talked back to Simon. She basically said she was trying to show some artistry and was upset with the constant criticism. I think the bigger problem with Lil this week was that she was out of tune the entire time. I couldn't care less about her "artistry."

I predicted Matt to leave us too, though for the second straight week DialIdol has Kris at the bottom, so I'm worried for him once again. Allison is perilously close as well, so that's double the worry.