WATCH OUT!! I'm Drinking Tonight!  

I'm not sure if drinking is going to make a difference in what I say but it might. I think I may have to start drinking a little faster for it to take affect. I've been home for about an hour and I only have half a drink down.

I'm in the process of watching Idol from last night again and I put the remote down so that I don't fast forward. It was hard not to pick it back up and skip Danny.
I don't have time to do a full recap but I wanted to say a few more things about last night. In the spirit of the new Idol catch-phrase, I have two words for you Idol producers: Time Management! Learn it, Know it, Use it! I can't believe all the filler and crap that they could have chucked in order to have time for Adam's performance during the hour. As I said last night, I was VERY lucky that Tivo thinks I might like "Fringe". A LOT of people in America were not so lucky. According to DialIdol, it did not hurt him a bit.

Onto the performances!

I listened to Danny's entire performance and I still didn't like it. I have no clue why the judges did. It was a crappy arrangement and shouldn't have even been a choice.

Kris was a little better on second viewing but only a little. I still have problems watching him and his sideways-jaw singing style. I think he's in trouble.

Lil was still bad and she should go but I don't think it's going to be tonight. There are others that deserve to leave first. Not necessarily before her, just first.

I forgot Anoop last night in my mini-recap and that might have been a little foreshadowing on my part. I think he's going to be in trouble even though he did well. It just wasn't memorable.

Scott just plain sucked. I do think he's funny and with the
VFTW vote, he just might stand a chance but I don't think so. I think he's a goner. I just went to the VFTW site to copy the URL and saw that they changed their banner to braille!! I nearly spit-out my vodka!

Allison was even better the second time around!!! She needs to be in the finals!! Love her! Simon is an ass! People like her! All the blogs I read LOVE her!

I would really like to know how many songs Matt had to pick from because, if this was the best option, Idol needs to start buying more song rights. He did not deserve the praise the judges heaped on him but I think he is going to be safe anyway.

I got goose bumps again watching Adam! AWESOME!!! He needs to win!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be buying this tomorrow! Mary Pat thinks that Simon gave Kat a standing "O" in Season 5 for "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" but no one else thought he had ever done that before.

Now it's time to refresh my drink before we find out who's going home. I'm leaning towards Scott but it could be Anoop's time. We shall see.

Idol learned nothing from last night and starts the show with the usual filler. Yuck! Like we need or want to see a badly PhotoShopped picture of Paula and Simon. I also don't care that Simon was born when...OMG!!!! It's Frankie Avalon!!! He's singing Venus which was number one on the charts when Simon was born. That was AWESOME filler! Simon turns 50 this year.

The group sing is taking a chance tonight by having Scott move around the stage. I also think it's NOT lip-synced!! I actually enjoyed that a lot! That was pretty damn good! Maybe it's the vodka? Naw! It was hawt!!

It's behind the scenes at this week Ford video. Damn! I liked that too! I should drink for every show. Downside, now I have to download Circus by Britney.

The mayor of Kalamazoo, MI is in the house.

Ryan begins the killings! He asks Adam, Kris and Anoop to stand. Ryan asks the other judges what they thought of Adam. After all of that, he is SAFE! Kris and Anoop are both given their recaps and it's Anoop in the bottom three. Kris is safe.

We're back! It's Flo Rida. I think this song is about oral sex. It's got a catchy beat and part of an 80's song. What more do you need? Wow! It's like the finale!. Another entertaining guest trying to sell more records. Hell, I think I'll be getting this one tomorrow too. Don't tell my hubby!

Poor Anoop is going to get some company. Ryan asks Danny to stand and then is pronounced safe. DUH! Matt is next and is safe. He needs to get that mole in the middle of his forehead removed. It's very distracting. I kinda want to pop it. Scott is next and he must be in the bottom three. And he is. Allison is next along with Lil who is wearing a TERRIBLE shirt. After the double recaps, Allison is safe and Lil is in the bottom three. I don't see the judges using the safe for any of them regardless of what Simon says. I think the shine has worn off of Lil, Anoop is sporadic at best and Scott is in way over his head at this point.

That Sour Patch Kids commercial made me laugh!!!

Oh! I also love those Old Navy Mannequin commercials. Shelf-butt! Or "Stop looking at my wife!" "I can't. Your fingers don't close."

I just started on drink number three. YUMMY! Since I think I'm allergic to beer, I'm drinking vodka, club soda and cranberry. If anyone has a name for that, I'd love to know. I'm just thinking it's YUMMY!

Kelly Pickler is singing her new single. I've seen the video and it's kinda cute. She's not sounding that hot tonight but she is singing live so props to her! I didn't like her during Season 5 because I thought wore out her welcome but she has grown on me ever since. I know all the words to "Red High Heels". Then again, I know the words to TONS of songs so maybe that it's a good barometer. Kelly is funny!!

Now it's time to send someone back to the couches and it's Lil that's safe. PLEASE send Scott home!!!

Another commercial break!! GRRRR!!!

I have some extra time now so I decided to check my blog stats. I'm way down over last week. I'm blaming it on the upcoming holiday and don't bother to tell me anything different.

I'll be watching "Glee". An over the top show about high school is just what my summer will need!

Only 30,000 votes separate the two and it's Scott that draws the short straw. Scott's brother, dubbed "Chet" by VFTW, is in the audience and looking sad. Don't be sad, Chet!! You'll be going on tour with your brother I'm sure and will get plenty of tail. OH!! Scott slaughtered those high notes again. Couldn't Ricky and the band fix those for you? Guess not.

Will the judges save him? (Scott's hair is HUGE tonight.) ENOUGH ALREADY! Put him out of his misery!!!! The judges do not save him. Like anyone had a doubt about that one. I loved him in tonight group sing. Since they had him moving around, there was an added element of danger! Oh well!! Bye Scott!!! We'll never forget you...Paula won't let us.

I need another drink.

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I actually looked up the lyrics to "Right Round" just so I could comment about it on my blog, and it seems to be about going to a strip club and "making it rain," a la Pacman Jones. I doubt that'd pass the censors if a contestant wanted to sing it.

You're totally right about Allison. It seems like everyone on the internet loves her. How has she ended up in the Bottom 3 twice? Idol needs to stop pimping Danny's mediocre butt and realize that America wants an Adam-Allison finale.