AI: B-Day version  

I just got home a little bit ago but could NOT go to sleep without seeing at least some of Idol. I skipped past all the filler, ignored commercials, and could care less what the judges thought. Here aremy initial thoughts of the performances. I hope to have the full version before results tomorrow. I'm going into work work to make sure I have enough time. Oh, what I won't do for Idol.

Anywho, here we go.

Danny is in the first spot and is singing some messed up version of "Stand By Me" by Micky Gilly. I only listened to half of it. Didn't like it at all.

Kris was next with a messed up version of "All She Wants To Do Is Dance". Yuck. Didn't listen to all of this either.

Lil is doing a not so hot imitation of Tina Turner. I hit the fast forward button again.

Scott, the new VFTW pick, decides he needs to kill "The Search Is Over". I'm pretty sure the song was already dead but Scott added some more nails to it's coffin. YUCK!!!! Totally horrible but kinda funny in parts. More on this train wreck tomorow.

Allison - Goose Bumps!!!!! Awesome! I'm so buying this one.

Matt sings a jazzy version of "Part Time Lover". I had to fast forward.

Idol went over my Tivo recording time. Good thing Tivo knows I like Sci Fi and recorded "Fringe"!!!!!

Adam, in the pimp spots, sings "Mad World" by Tears for Fears. Goose Bumps again!!!! I really think he has this contest in the bag! Go ADAM!!!! They run out of time and Simon is the only one that gets to comment. He gives Adam a STANDING OVATION!!!!!!!! How many times has Simon done that? I can't remember any!

That's it for tonight. I got to hit the hay!!!!!

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You missed Anoop's performance. I thought he was the best of the night, actually. Several of your comments were similar to what the judges said. I guess you'll see tomorrow.

To the best of my recollection, Simon has never clapped for a performance, much less stood up and done so. I think Paula the Clapping Seal put him up to it.

I think Adam just makes Simon feel a bit funny in his trousers, so he had to stand up. It's understandable. Adam kind of crosses all gender/sex lines when it comes to exciting people.

Although...last night's was my least favorite of his performances. But he's still awesome.

anoop was good, matt was good, but he was great! i am not a danny gokey fan at all so i never think he's good. i liked allison a lot last night, too.