Someone LEAVE The Cake Out In The Rain...PLEASE  

I think it's required that someone sings "MacArthur Park" during 70's (Disco) week but I'm hoping that's not true. As much as I love that song (and I really do), it's Donna's so leave it alone. It doesn't make any sense in the longer version much less if you shorten it. What was Carrie Underwood thinking?


Anyway, back to this season and some thoughts on the stupid save. What were the judges thinking? If America doesn't vote for someone, they should go. That's how this show is suppose to work. Besides, according to many, the show is fixed anyway so why bother trying to make it seem like it wasn't fixed by giving the judges a way to fix it? Also, why use the thing on Matt? Some people are saying that it had to be used at that time or not used at all. The top 5 normally have to sing two songs in one show and to have six people singing two songs would not help in the time management department AT ALL. Also, why bother having a save if they weren't going to use it. It seemed like top 7 or never. The good news is that two people will go home tomorrow night leaving us with a top 5.

Now, who is going to go and who is going to make it to the top 5? I have my pick. I think we will be saying goodbye to Anoop and Lil with Matt going out 5th. I think that the judges are going to do everything in their power to make sure Matt gets enough votes. He will have either the last spot of second to the last spot and the judges will praise him to no end while they pat each other on the back for doing the "right" thing. The right thing was to let Matt go last week! I'll let you know after everyone sings I still feel the same way.

Well, it's that time again. Ryan is on my TV! Remember, don't read anymore if you don't want to be spoiled!

Ryan reminds us that Matt is still here but two people will be going home tomorrow. The kids come out and guess who is in the middle. Yeap, Matt. Adam's looking hot!!

WOW!!! They are jumping right into the performances tonight and up first is Lil. Before I hear one note, I'm predicting that she is out tomorrow. The judges now hate her AND she is going first. Sorry, Lil!

Lil - I'm every woman (1-866-436-5701 or text "vote" to 5701)
I'm not sure what to say about that except...YUCK and YIKES! She was overwhelmed by the band but I think it was just the song. I couldn't hear most of what she was singing and when I could, she wasn't singing words just "oooohs" and "whooohohos". I don't think the judges are going to be kind to her. I will say that I thought she looked pretty good. Randy thinks it sounded wild and it didn't show what she could really do. Kara agrees with Randy and doesn't think she was herself. Paula tells us that Lil couldn't talk yesterday. Simon says she looks sad. She says she had fun tonight. Simon thinks this was it for her and calls it a mess. Ryan gives her a chance to talk and says she didn't think she was Karaoke. I don't think anyone said that but maybe I missed it.

Kris - She works hard for the money
(1-866-436-5702 or text "vote" to 5702)
He gets chair time with Ryan and I think he will be playing the guitar. He likes the story about a woman and works hard for her money. I thought that was pretty good. He changed it up quite a bit and I think the judges will be pleased. I predict that he will be returning next week. I still have a hard time watching him sing. One more thing, I did get a little bored with it towards the end and had to look up when this song came out. It was 1983. Did Disco really last THAT long? Kara thinks he took a risk and it paid off. She's impressed. Paula thinks it sounded like Santana and then talks about shopping and Simon wearing ladies undies. Simon takes another dig at Lil while praising Kris. Randy thinks this proves that Kris is ready for the big time.

On a sad and totally unrelated note, I think my Tivo is dying!! It's been making strange noises all week. I'm scared.

The new PC v. Mac commercial is pretty expected!

Danny - September
(1-866-436-5703 or text "vote" to 5703)
As much as the judges harp on Lil about not showing what kind of artist she's going to be, they never say anything like that to Danny. What, is he going to do covers with a gravelly voice? Is that an "artist"? That performance was pretty close to the originally with a couple of "Idol Glory Notes" tossed in. I also think he goofed up on the end and lost his place. I'm sure the judges will love it. Vince Neal in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Randy thinks he worked it out dawg. Kara was worried about Danny and Disco but she calls his pitch right on and claims that he never has an issue. What a load of crap!!!!!! Paula blabs on and calls him sexy. Simon agrees with the others but doesn't think he showed any star power.

Allison - Hot Stuff
(1-866-436-5704 or text "vote" to 5704)
She comes out in painted on leggings riding the giant stairs. Interesting. Oh no! I think she could be in trouble. I don't think she did very well. It was weird for me. The ending was a big old mess. She's been in trouble before and she could be again. Randy didn't love the arrangement but calls her one of the best singers. They want her in the top 5. Kara thinks she picked the right song and is one of the best singers. Paula calls it edgy and loved that last note. Simon calls it brilliant. WOW! I guess they really do want her in the top 5.

Adam -
If I Can't Have You (1-866-436-5705 or text "vote" to 5705)
Adam gets to chat with Ryan. Adam is looking HOT tonight! Love the Bee Gees! What can I say? He hit another one out of the park! As always, it was totally unexpected and not at all what I thought he would do. I got misty just like Paula. I have another song to add to my Adam Lambert collection! West Coast, you will not be disappointed. Randy thinks that he is ready right now and calls him a hot one! Kara calls him brilliant and inspiring. Paula says she felt his pain and says he will be in the finals. Simon says to was original, memorable and immaculate!

Matt -
Staying Alive (1-866-436-5706 or text "vote" to 5706)
I was right about when Matt would go. VINCE!!!! That was a weird arrangement. Desperate. That would be the one word I would use to describe this. It was all over the place and...well...weird. Maybe he will be going home tomorrow with Lil. Randy didn't love the song or the arrangement but thinks he can really sing. Kara thinks he turned the mood back to Disco and calls it solid. Paula has the line of the night!! "Matt, you pick songs like I bowl, sometimes you get gutter balls and sometimes you get strikes." She calls it a strike. Simon didn't like it and calls it desperate!!! Yay for me!!

Anoop - Dim all the lights (1-866-436-5707 or text "vote" to 5707)
I did not expect Anoop to go last. Hardly anyone goes home if they perform last. I actually can't think of ANY but, for some reason, I think there was one. Maybe Anoop will be number two. Maybe he will! That wasn't very good. The first note was off and I think that threw him for a loop for the rest of it. He danced with his hands too much and it was BORING. That's his new middle name...boring. Randy didn't love the arrangement but says he can sing. Kara liked it and thinks it could be on the radio. Really? Paula likes his look and thinks he was enjoying himself. Simon has to disagree and calls it mediocre.

Now that everyone has had a chance to impress me, do I still think that Anoop and Lil are going home? Definetly we will be missing Lil next week. If it wasn't for Anoop going last, I wouldn't have any hesitation saying that he was going home too but that pimp spot isn't called the Pimp Spot for nothing! If it's not Anoop, Allison and Matt are in trouble. However, it should be Danny. He was boring and I'm tired of him singing the same shit every week. Mix it up!!

What do you think?

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I love 70s week because I always get a boost in web traffic...

I think Lil and Matt will be going home.

Lil because she had to go first and Matt because he was undeservedly saved last week.

Of course, TPTB might intervene and give Matt a 1 week reprieve otherwise they'll look stupid for the save being used on a guy who ended up being eliminated a week later.

Anthony Fedorov, Melinda Doolittle, Clay Aiken and David Archuleta were all the lowest vote-getters after performing last. None was earlier than the Top 4. Of course, because of the double elimination, Anoop only has to end up in the Bottom 2 to go home.

Right on about Danny. I see no artistry or originality from him, yet the judges always tell him how great he is. He's just as karaoke as Lil, but somehow that always gets overlooked.

I actually liked Allison this week, but I've seen a few negative reviews of her performance. I hope she doesn't end up going home. Oh well. I did my part and voted. Lil, Danny and Matt can all go home this week as far as I'm concerned.

Man I do not like MacArthur Park. Donna Summer made it passable with her remake, but the original version by Richard Harris is near the top of my "Worst of All Time" list.