Das Boot...Times Two!  

It's time to get down to 5 and the sooner the better.

We start the show with recaps and clips of last night. Oh the drama!!

Ryan enters from the stairway from heaven. Ryan tell us that it's Green Week but Idol isn't being green until the finale. Every little bit helps! Ryan reminds us that the Judges's Save is history so we won't have to put up with that forced drama.

It's the group sing with Paula helping the kids dance. Dig the threads! DAMN!! Lip syncing is back. Couch dancing is back as well. The dancing was very fun to watch. It was the most difficult dancing the kids have had to do so far so I'll forgive the lip syncing. Adam's last hip shaking move was pretty darn good! The kids are no where close to the "So You Think You Can Dance" dancers but it wasn't half bad. The kids gave Paula flowers that remind me of Lil Rounds for some reason.

Speaking of SYTYCD, I was the first ad for it and found out that it start when I'm on my way back from South Dakota. That's okay, I don't normally blog too much in the beginning. But I will be blogging for that show so come on back for that after Idol is over.

OH! Before I get too far...
I'm blogging live from the East Coast. If you don't want to be spoiled...go away and come back later!!

Vegans *heart* Simon

Ford music video time! The Idol pretend to get jobs. I don't know the song.

Ryan starts the results with Lil. She did find good hair finally. Lil is asked to walk to the far side of the stage then Ryan chops her down! She is out!

She sounded better in her sing out then last night but I still won't buy her CD. Simon says he is still a massive fan of Lil's. I love when Simon says "Massive"!

It's a Disco Medley! This is NOT lip synced. That's what I call drunk Karaoke!! Now there's another disco diva in a ugly yellow dress. The songs I know, the singers I do not. HEY! It's KC of KC and the Sunshine Band with some dancers doing a little dance and getting down tonight. WOW!! A couple of dancers have some really big boobs!!

We're back to the chopping block. Kris is asked to stand and is declared safe. One down, five to go. Next is Adam. After his recap he is safe. Of course!

Danny is declared safe. Bummer. I was hoping for a shocking boot!

Anoop is next and I'm getting more and more worried about Allison. YIKES!! Anoop is in the bottom three. Bottom three?? Isn't it just Anoop, Allison, and Matt left? Anyway. Allison and Matt are given there recaps and it's ALLISON drawing the short straw??!?!?! WTF?!?!?


Archie is singing and sounds a little flat to me. When did skinny ties come back?

We're back and it Anoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think skinny ties came back right around the time The Killers hit the scene.

I liked Anoop, but if it's between him and Allison I'll take Allison. I'm still bitter that Matt didn't get eliminated like he was supposed to.

I'm trying to say this in a way that doesn't sound creepy, but I love that you notice when other women have big boobs. ;)

The first two singers were Freda Payne (who is best known for the Idol group round standard, "Band of Gold") and the other was Thelma Houston who has performed "Don't Leave Me This Way" on about four different bring-back-the-old-people shows.