Hey All You Hepcats! It's Time To Go To Coolsville!  

ETA - I goofed up the phone numbers!! They are fixed now.

In an effort to make the kids sound current, this week's theme is Songs from the Rat Pack Era. As someone on the Internets said "What's next? Songs from the Revolutionary War?" I agree. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Frank, Sammy and Dean. After all, my wedding song was Fly Me To The Moon". But isn't the Rat Pack a little TOO old for the kids? Since I don't have any control over it, I guess I'll stop bitching...for now.

Ryan and the kids are on my TV with overly dramatic lighting so IT'S SHOWTIME! Great. Two phone numbers each tonight. Jamie Foxx is the mentor. Why? Because he played Ray Charles? He is selling his new single. Whatever.

Kris - The Way You Look Tonight (1-866-436-5701 or 1-866-436-5706 or text "Vote" to 5701)
Jamie likes him, he REALLY, REALLY likes him! Me? Not so much. I still can't watch him which hurts his performance. What also hurts his performance was the way he blended words into each other and made it hard to understand. Here's an example. He sings "re-calls your nose" when it's "wrinkles your nose". I also thought the fast bit really didn't belong. I'm sure everyone else will love it. Randy is smiling and calls it his best to date. Kara says he set the technical standard so high tonight. Paula calls him a contemporary crooner. Simon thought it was good but just safe and nice. He doesn't think Kris can win.

Allison - Someone To Watch Over Me
(1-866-436-5702 or 1-866-436-5707 or text "Vote" to 5702)
Allison starts with some extra chair time with Ryan. Ryan asks her about being the only girl left. She just turned 17 yesterday! I thought she looked older tonight. She looks wonderful. Jamie tells her to think about her family when she sings. I loved it! As Paula would say, she hit the right note with that one. I got misty. She is going to go far. She's unique and will have a wide appeal when she gets out into the regular world and out of Idol Land. Randy says she looks dope and he loved it! Kara says she isn't nervous for her anymore and says she should be in the finals. Paula calls it tender. Simon asks her if she thinks she can win and she says she does. Simon doesn't feel that in her and thinks she could be in trouble.

Matt - My Funny Valentine
(1-866-436-5703 or 1-866-436-5708 or text "Vote" to 5703)
Matt is the new VFTW pick. I'm glad because that has become the kiss of death. He's living on borrowed time anyway. Matt is in the chairs with Ryan as well. He's wearing a hat tonight. He studied Jazz in college. Jamie tells him to change the key. I don't think he listened. He starts off too low and almost like he's just talking. The wind is starting to pick up so I might have to stop to close the windows. It's been super hot here and our AC isn't working right which sucks. Since the wind is picking up, it's getting cooler. I just that sums up what I thought about Matt's performance. He was so interesting that I talked about the weather. Randy doesn't look happy and calls it pitchy. Kara didn't feel the emotion. Paula loved it but Paula drinks. Simon disagrees with Randy and calls it believable. What the hell? I do NOT want Simon's iPod.

There is so much crappy filler tonight that I'm up to real time on my Tivo. I don't think that has ever happened during a performance show.

Danny - Come Rain or Come Shine
(1-866-436-5704 or 1-866-436-5709 or text "Vote" to 5704)
The first words out of Danny's mouth are "I'm going to sing Come Rain or Come Shine. I'm not really going to change it up that much." Have you ever really changed up anything? No, not really. I did hear you turned "September" into a sermon on iTunes. Jamie says Danny has fresh breath. He did change it a little. He slowed it down and made it boring. He has "Up With People" hands. Now it's all of the sudden VERY bluesy and it was weird. It didn't seem well planned. It's like he thought "Well, it's getting close to the end so this is where I'm going to start singing really loud." All you Danny fans out there new to this blog, take this recap with a grain of salt because I don't like him. Randy thinks he can have an album of these songs. Kara uses the word of the season: swagger. She also calls it creative. Paula calls it stellar. Simon agrees with Kara and calls it outstanding. Damn, Danny looks smug. YUCK.

Adam - Feeling Good
(1-888-436-5705 or 1-888-436-5710 or text "Vote" to 5705)
I love this song. Jamie thinks he's going to be great. WOW! What an outfit! How is it possible that someone can hit all those different notes in the same song?!?! Amazing! Best of the night. That last note was out of this world. There was a few times that I thought he was going to ruin it by going into his rock wail but he pulled it in at the last second and took it a different direction. Randy says his is in the zone. Kara calls him shocking in a good way. Paula says he makes her feel better than good. Simon thinks he wants to win. Simon calls it the best entrance this season and says that Ryan can no longer use the stairs. I agree.

Here's my order from first to worst:
1. Adam
2. Allison
3. Kris
4. Danny
5. Matt

That begin said. I'm still worried about Allison. I don't understand why people aren't voting for her. I am not, however, worried about Adam. He is way safe!!!

What say you?

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I think Gokey and Adam are the only ones who are safe; everyone else is in play.

That said, I'm picking Allison to be eliminated, even though it should be Matt.

You are so smart and cute and funny! ("I do NOT want Simon's iPod")

Great post.

--Lady C

There seems to be an overwhelming "save Allison" sentiment on all the blogs I read. If that many people are rushing to dial for her tonight she's probably going to be safe. I'm worried about Kris, since he went first and Simon gave him lukewarm praise. If Matt stays and Kris goes I'll officially hate this season.

I have to agree about Danny. He looked smugger than usual tonight. I can't stand the way he's been overpimped this season.

First off, your Up With People hands comment made me laugh out loud and I"m on a computer at the library right now. I agree that Danny is starting to feel smarmy to me. How come Adam is the only one that gets entrances like that? Do the contestants pick that kind of stuff? I missed the others so glad to have your recap.

I promise I wrote my Danny comments before reading your blog, but you and I are clearly seeing the same thing. Wouldn't it be AMAZING if his smug fans didn't step up enough, thinking they had another week or two to relax, and he went home tonight???

So hoping that Ian is right about Allison!

- Lady C