Fly Me To South Dakota  

Hey everyone! I have some news. My friends Bryan figured out that we will be in Deadwood, South Dakota for the finale I haven't figured out what time the show airs out there. I'm hoping to know soon. Regardless, I don't think I'm going to be able to blog. Don't worry just yet! I'm working on getting a guest blogger for the night. My friend Anne said that she would do it but she a Danny fan. Let me know what you think.

Enough of that, it's time for the show! The clips that opened the show tonight were extra dramatic. Ryan and Jamie Foxx together were over the top.

Ryan tell us that 47 millions vote came in last night. Paula is wearing something on the side of her head that reminds me of The Matrix. Taylor Hicks is one tonight. I think it's the first time he's been back on the show since winning.

Video time! I'm not into all the special effects they are using this year for the Ford commercials. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Group sing time! I liked the fact that they didn't lip sync. Kris can't snap fast. Nothing really made me smile or laugh so I'll call it a dud.

Back from commercial. We are treated to video of the kids baking cakes...and having a food fight. I wonder who had to clean the kitchen. They called in a cleaning service for $6,000.

All the kids are brought to the center of the stage. Matt gets his recap and is told to stand to the right. Danny is next and babbles for awhile before getting sent to the left side of the stage. Allison gets her recap and is told to stand next to Danny. Kris is next. After the recap and chat session, he is put on the right side of the stage with Matt. Adam is last and I'm wondering if he is going to get Huffed. Adam is huge compared to Ryan. I'm right, he got Huffed! He picks Danny and Allison but he is wrong!!!! Danny and Allison are safe and Adam, Kris and Matt are in the bottom three!! WTF!!!

I had to post that because I am in shock!!!!!

It should be Matt going home. I can't imagine that Adam will be leaving but it could be Kris because he did go first.

Natalie Cole is singing. WHY?!?!? I don't want to hear her!!!! I want to know who is going home!!! Son of a Biscuit-Eater!

She's still singing!!

Now Ryan is chatting with her! Get her off my TV!!

Now a commercial!!!!!

Crap! I hate this show right now!

Taylor Hicks is next. He's not sounding too bad but I'm too distracted to enjoy anything. I can't believe that we have to sit through this AND Jamie Foxx before we find out who is going home. Well, if it's Adam, I guess I wouldn't have to worry about getting a guest blogger. I can't think like that! Matt is going home! Not Adam!!!!!

Matt, Kris and Adam are called back to the stage and Ryan is going to send someone back to's KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm having a heart attack!!!

Now it's Jamie Foxx. Don't they know they are killing me?!?!?! What the poop is this? This is number one? What is America thinking?

If Adam goes, I'm going to cry!

Ryan talks to Jamie again!!! STOP IT!!!!!

Adam and Matt are back on the stage. It better be Matt!! Jamie plugs his new movie which was kinda funny.


We're back!!!

After the voting the person leaving Idol is Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to live and continue to watch American Idol! They better not do that to me again!

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OMG, after all of that I may have to go to the hospital and get my blood pressure checked. I am getting way to old for this! I agree, DON'T DO THIS TO US AGAIN!

I was tense during the results too, except it was Kris I was worried about. I wasn't really worried about Adam leaving (he did get the pimp spot, after all), and I have a feeling the real bottom 2 was Kris and Matt, they just sent Kris back to safety first because they knew it'd be more dramatic with Adam standing there.

About your Gokey fan friend blogging, well...she should be able to give a fair and balanced view of the competition at that point. With Adam and either Allison or Kris facing off in the finale she won't have a dog in the fight.

Speaking of Danny and fights, that food fight video made me like him a little less. Is it just me, or did he seem like a jerk picking on Allison like that?

To me, Gokey came off as the big brother who was picking on his little sister, which is okay since I'm the oldest. Heh, heh, heh . . .

Anyway, Kristi, if your Gokey-lovin' friend wants to blog the show for you, bring her on!

I was interested in your remark about what was on the side of Paula's head because, frankly, I didn't notice. I was too busy staring at the boobage which was popping out of that dress. I'm a (straight) guy; so sue me.

I am laughing so hard! this re-cap sounds so similar to mine!!!

Vote, vote vote is all I can say...that stuff can never happen again! EVER!