Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock n' Roll Idol  

It Rock n' Roll Week People!!!! Let's hope it's an awesome show and that there are NO ballads. I don't know about you but I'm ballad-ed out!

I heard a rumor that there are going to be duets tonight. That could be either good or bad...we shall see!

Slash is going to be the mentor tonight. I hope he's going to play on all the songs tonight. Do you think Idol paid him enough to do that?

We get the usual recap of last weeks results show. In case we forgot that Adam was in the bottom two!!!

Ryan shows us that part of the stage almost fell down preventing the Idols from a proper rehearsal. Ryan also confirms the duet thing before introducing the judges. Yep, still four of those bad boys!.

The top four come out and Adam glammed it up for tonight! Allison's hair is rocking. Kris and Danny looking boring.

Slash video package. *snore* At least until the kids show up. Slash is mentoring them with the entire band. Bummer! Slash is sitting down.

OH NO!! Adam is first! The death spot!

Adam - Whole lotta love (1-866-436-5701 or or 5705 or text "Vote" to 5701)
Slash things Adam has some pipes. Adam wants to kill it. OMG! THAT was it!! I have to go with BEST. OF. THE. SEASON! It was awesome. It's the ending that completely makes the song. This one was off the charts! I'm in awe and in tears! Randy calls him a rock star tonight. That was hot. Kara calls him a rock god and tells him to kill it (then has an orgasm). Paula calls it perfect. Simon jokingly calls it understated. Simon calls it one of his favorites and says the problem is that no body can top that now. WOW!!!

Allison - Cry Baby
(1-866-436-5702 or or 5706 or text "Vote" to 5702)
Allison and Ryan talk hair in the chairs. Her hair looks great. She did really well but it's got to be hard going right after Adam. I really liked this and I really like her. My dream would be to have an Adam/Allison finale but I'm not too sure that's going to happen. I wish she had gone last instead of right after Adam. I'm afraid people are going to forget about her. Randy didn't love it. Kara babbles on too long. Paula think she should play Janis. Simon thought it was terrific but think she should have picked the other one. Allison talks a little bit too much at the end which might backfire on her. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

The first duet is Kris and Danny doing Renegade by Stix. Well, that was different. I liked the beginning but when the tempo picked up it kinda fell apart, Kris more so than Danny. There were part that I thought "Gee, if I liked Danny, I would really like this." But then I was shocked back to my senses by that over the top ending riff. Randy liked the harmonies and the solo parts were okay. Kara thinks some parts were better than others. Paula calls it powerful. Simon says Danny was better than Kris. Danny thinks that song fits both of them. WTF? "Hangman is coming down from the gallows and I don't have very log." He's right. Those are the first words I think of when I hear "Worship Leader".

Kris - Come Together
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Kris gets chair time to talk about song choice. Kris wanted to pee his pants during his Slash time. Ha Ha! I really wish he didn't sing sideways. It's so distracting to me. I would say that was along the same lines as Allison very good but no where near what Adam did. Randy wasn't blown away but loved his guitar playing. Kara calls him the softer side of rock. LOL! She didn't like it. Paula calls him an artist. Simon didn't like it that much and calls it boring. He also reminds us that he didn't think anyone would top Adam tonight and he is right so far. Poor Kris looks very sad.

Danny is next after the break. I was just thinking that Danny finally gets the pimp spot but it's not really the pimp spot because Adam and Allison are doing their duet last. Oh Snap! That is awesome! I am no longer quite as worried about Allison as I was in the beginning. Yeah!!

Danny - Dream On
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OMG!! Danny sounds HORRIBLE in the video package. That was just weird. I don't think this song is suppose to contain scatting. What the hell is he trying to do? Does he not want to make it past tomorrow? Since I am not a Danny fan, that was the best performance I could hope for. Based on that, it will be Danny going home tomorrow. Is guess being the Vote For The Worst pick is really the kiss of death. Randy calls it alright. Kara babbles again buts ends up kissing his butt anyway. Paula does her best to pump him up too. Simon calls the last note a horror movie but still thinks he is going to be safe tonight. I hope he isn't. Ryan reminds us that Danny is the only one that hasn't been in the bottom three. Do I sense some foreshadowing? I certainly hope so.

Also, I really not worried about Allison now! Not after that train wreck!

Adam and Allison are last with Slow Ride by Foghat. This song makes me want to play Guitar Hero. That was MUCH better than Kris and Danny. WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!! Randy calls it da bomb! Kara loved it. Paula think they should do a duet. Simon...DAMN! There were some people in the audience chanting so Simon paused and Tivo switched to Deadliest Catch! I WANT NIGEL BACK!!! When he was running the show, the only thing I ever missed was part of the recap. I have to go find the video of what Simon said!! I'll be back!

Simon said that they won the battle of the duets and tells Adam that he just may have saved Allison. I don't think that Adam saved Allison, I think it's a combo of the duet being last and Danny sucking so bad.

I have to say that based on what just happened, Danny should be going home.

I can't wait until tomorrow!!!!!

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I don't know why Danny is still around. After a bad duet performance, his solo was ghastly.

If there were any justice in this world, he'll get whacked tomorrow.

ok Kristi -- i must admit I have to agree with you THIS WEEK! I thought Danny's performance was horrible.. YUCK! But I think he is going to be saved, not sure why.. I don't really care much anymore, I'm trying to be excited.. don't care who wins. I could have ROCKED OUT HARD with GUITAR HERO tonight! Hmm.. was Carrie Underwood ever in the bottom three? You tell me AI Queen!

No ballads tonight! Anoop went home two weeks ago.

I'm really relishing the idea of Danny leaving tomorrow. There's no question he deserves it. I won't count my chickens before they hatch though. The party is officially on hold for the next 23 hours.

I thought "Whole Lotta Love" was just OK, but "Slow Ride" was awesome. I still don't think anyone's topped Adam's "The Tracks of My Tears" yet this season.

Love the Ramones reference in the title!

I can't imagine any sane and/or hearing person thinking that Danny's performance was good. Even if they could get past his heavy breathing and mumbling through the whole first part...that scream. Good Lord, that scream! It wasn't even human.