Will this week be the BEST. REALITY TV WEEK. EVER?  

With the advancement of Ty Murray on Dancing With The Stars and Danny turning in one of the worst Idol performances EVER, will America send Danny packing thus making this the BEST. REALITY TV WEEK. EVER? I hope so! That would be fabulous. I really want an Adam/Allison/Kris final three and then an Adam/Allison finale. If that happens, I'll know that Idol loves me back!

Before we get going, this is your last chance to run away if you don't want to be spoiled. I'm doing this live from the East Coast as fast as I can. Results shows are much easier to live blog than performance shows so I should be able to keep up with real time...most of the time.

Oh! One more thing! I'd like to say a big HOWDY to all the new readers! I posted a link on Adam's dad's post and I got a bunch of new readers. I hope everyone enjoyed my blog and will come back!

CUE DRAMATIC RECAP and away we go!

64 million votes last night!! WOW! Good going everyone!

Tonight we get No Doubt, Chris Daughtry, and Paula Abdul before we find out if Danny is going home. Will this filler crap ever end?!?!

The Ford commercial sucked. Why are they relying so heavily on computers for the commercials this year?

Slash and his band (it looks like) are on stage playing for the group sing. The kids are doing School's Out by Alice Cooper. I know it's by Alice Cooper because is says so on my Guitar Hero game. Slash reminds me of why I will NEVER get to expert on that game (Hard it's too shabby though). Over all, I liked it! I love Rock and Roll and this songs Rocks! Adam and Allison were awesome. Kris was barely noticeable and Danny did almost as bad with this song as he did last night. Danny, you can't take Rock song to church. Please stop trying. Slash really looks like the Guitar Hero cartoon.

Ryan chats with Slash about his new album.

We're back. Ryan chats with the kids. Adam liked his outfit from last night. Danny talks about not hitting the note at the end. He takes it well and thinks it was really funny. His Aunt hit mute during that. Allison talks about sassing Simon.

Paula is next after a video intro package. I think we know who she is by now. Is this live? I don't think so. This is really bad. If you can fast forward, I'm going to.

I was behind for a little bit due to the Ford commercial and the group sing but Paula's craptastic performance caught me back up! Yeah Paula!

We're back and chatting with Paula. They really didn't need to pretend that she did it live.

No Doubt with Just A Girl. I don't know if it's live because the kids are gone and so are the judges. This is way confusing. It looks lip synced in parts but in other parts it doesn't. What gives? I didn't like that at all and I LOVE No Doubt. I guess it is live. Very odd.

I found out that No Doubt and Paula were recorded last night. The No Doubt performance is still bothering me. Let me know if it bothered you.

We're back! The kids are standing back stage. Ryan reminds of that the final three get to go home for a day of celebration. I still wish I would have driven down to Richmond for Elliott's homecoming. OH! They just showed it!! I still love him! I need to get his new CD.

Ryan shows us the seats of power...the winners go there. The order will be random. Allison, then Danny, then Adam and then Kris all get their recaps. One goes to safety and it is...Kris!

I know MANY people that will be happy!

We're back and it's time for Chris. We're reminded that he got booted in fourth place. It worked out fine for him. This is live. I'm still not a fan of his little thin beard. HEY! I stand like Chris when I play guitar and sing at the same time on Guitar Hero! I guess it's a natural thing to do. Well, I'm bored with this. I'm sure his fans and top 40 radio will eat this up but, unless it's on a NOW CD I happen to buy, I won't own it. Can you believe they are up to NOW 30! I remember getting NOW 3 for a friend's birthday. I guess that was about ten years ago. I getting old. Turning 40 this year by the way!

Ryan chats with Chris about the shocking boot heard 'round the world.

There are only ten minutes left so they HAVE to give us the results after this commercial break.

I'm NERVOUS!!!!!

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is coming soon!!!! I love that show and WILL be blogging! Join me won't you?

The remaining three stand on the stage. The second person safe is...ADAM!!!!

It's down to Allison and Danny. Danny is SAFE!!!!!!! CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!


This just in!!!!

Leslie and Rhonda are going to Adam's home coming! They will be doing a guest blog post here before next Tuesday's show!! Check back to get the scope!

I've been chatting with friends on Facebook and I've come to the following conclusion about tonight. I'm happy, sad, pissed and ambivalent all at the same time!

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Wow. I was really on the edge of my seat during your blog... :)

I'm bummed about Allison, but I'm so happy Adam is still in it. I've never watched American Idol before, but when a good friend of mine has a son in the final few, I can't help but be hooked.

Thanks for your live blogging!

I'm really happy about Adam too but I was pretty sure he was safe. He blew it away last night!!

I think I might just be mad that Danny is still there.


Thanks for stopping by!!

I wanted to see the Adam-Allison sing-off finale as well. So all I can say about this elimination is... son of a biscuit eater!

This is sad. Now we have to put up with Gokey for another week and Allison is gone. At least she had a good run, and there's no doubt in my mind that she'll have a better post-Idol career than Danny.