Second Group - Twice as Good? Let's hope!  

Welcome one and all to the second group of Idol semi-finalists! The odds are very good that this show will be better than last week. Do I have any inside information you might ask? Why no I don't but last week was so bad that it can only get better.

I'd like to give a special shout out to the people joining us from the West Coast cheering on your boy Adam! Rhonda was a sweetie and posted a link to this blog for all of her friends that can't wait until the West Coast replay. I will be posting at commercial breaks so refreshing the page every ten or so minutes should do the trick. I will include the numbers so you'll be ready to vote as soon as possible.

For those of you on the West Coast that DO NOT want to find out what happens, run away, run away now. But come back tomorrow to find out what I thought.

Here's something for you to watch in the meantime! Enjoy!

HA HA!!!

Ryan starts the show as usual by talking with the judges. The three winners from last week are in the house. The judges switched seats this week.

On deck tonight:
Jasmine Murray - 1-866-436-5701 (text "Vote" to 5701)
Matt Giraud - 1-866-436-5702 (text "Vote" to 5702)
Jeanine Vailes - 1-866-436-5703 (text "Vote" to 5703)
Nick Mitchell (Go Normund Gentle!!) - 1-866-436-5704 (text "Vote" to 5704)
Allison Iraheta - 1-866-436-5705 (text "Vote" to 5705)
Kris Allen - 1-866-436-5706 (text "Vote" to 5706)
Megan Corkrey - 1-866-436-5707 (text "Vote" to 5707)
Matt Breitzke - 1-866-436-5708 (text "Vote" to 5708)
Jesse Langseth - 1-866-436-5709 (text "Vote" to 5709)
Kai Kalama - 1-866-436-5710 (text "Vote" to 5710)
Mishavonna Henson - 1-866-436-5711 (text "Vote" to 5711)
Adam Lambert (GO ADAM!!!!!) - 1-866-436-5712 (text "Vote" to 5712)

Adam got the pimp spot! AWESOME!!!

Jasmine Murray - Love Song - 1-866-436-5701
She was in the diva group with Bikini Girl during Hollywood week. She was the only one that made it from her group. Well, I'm not really sure what to say about that. She started off too slow and the she kept fading in and out during the entire song. I think she's singing into the mic wrong. It's almost like she was dropping the mic so that it wasn't really picking up the sound. It was almost like a cruise ship or hotel bar version of the song. I'm not impressed and going first is not going to help her any. Randy says it was pitchy and weird. Kara says it was all over the place. Paula agrees with what Randy and Kara said but says her confidence was great. Simon was disappointed and thinks she's a couple of years early.

Matt Giraud - Viva La Vida - 1-866-436-5702
He's a dueling piano player. If I had to describe Matt's performance in one word, that word would be manic. He just seemed so jumpy and like he was trying too hard. He did do better than Jasmine based on sound quality alone. I don't know, I think I'm going to start blaming it on the invisible band that is sounding an awful lot like Muzak. Kara says she was not blown away and that it was a bad song choice. Paula calls it a risky song but doesn't think it was right. Simon says it was verging on a horrible performance. Randy agrees with Simon but is still pulling for him.

Jeanine Vailes - This Love - 1-866-436-5703
We haven't seen much of her. Now is her chance to shine! Hey! She's from DC! She'll get a few votes for her legs (and her short shorts). I think it's the sound that's throwing me off. It sounded like this girl could sing but this song with either a bad choice or the arrangement was bad. I'm not sure which. Maybe the judges can figure it out for me. Paula starts off by telling her she has great legs. Simon thinks is terrible and says that it was a bad song choice but she does have very good legs. Randy says the legs are hot and it was the wrong song. Kara says it was so over done and wrong. They judges think she blew her chance.

HEY! No parents tonight. I wonder why?

Nick Mitchell (Go Normund Gentle!!) - And I'm Telling You - 1-866-436-5704
Will it be Nick? Will it be Normund? "Tonight is like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics." I love Nick! OMG! The was AWESOME!! I love this guy! Not only was it the best vocal of the night it was the most entertaining performance in Idol history! AWESOME!!!!! AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!! He used the entire stage, sang to the audience, gave a shout out to Doogie, took off clothes and got a standing ovation! Simon says he prays that he doesn't make it and calls it horrific comedy. Normund pipes back "It takes one to know one, sassy pants!" LOL!! Randy says it was one of the most entertaining performances ever and calls it funny. Kara says he wears the same shirt like Simon and says he's not a terrible singer. Paula calls him a true performer and fun. I call it a big bag of awesome!

Allison Iraheta - Alone - 1-866-436-5705
She reminds me of Hannah Montana...very annoying. But, damn, the girl can sing. Best of the night. Now that's how it's done boys and girls. She rocked it out and sounded fantastic. Despite the Hannah Montana thing, I like this one. Randy says she blew it out da' box, one of the hottest tonight. Kara calls her great. Paula pulls out the "sing the telephone book" comment and tells her she is the best tonight. Simon says she's the best tonight by a clear mile and calls her one to watch. I concur!

Kris Allen - Man in the Mirror - 1-866-436-5706
We haven't seen much of him either. He's a cutie. He starts off a little too low but he's not bad. I think he could have picked a better song. What's up with the song choices this season? They could pick any song every written and we get these songs? Whatever. Kara calls the front rough but the back was better but still not as good as Hollywood week. Paula thinks he showed his personality and he nailed it. Simon agrees with Paula and she kisses him. Simon says he looked good and the chicks are going to vote for him. Randy is proud of him. Maybe Kara and I are wrong?

Ryan pimps iTunes again.

Megan Corkrey - Put Your Record On - 1-866-436-5707
WOW! She has a large tattoo on her arm. I agree with Ian, that is not pretty. Oh, something else Ian will love, the pimping of the kid to get votes. She got attacked by a crimping iron. Well, maybe her hair isn't that bad but her performance was. I don't think that's the song you sing when you want to show off how good your voice is and it did nothing to help Megan. She did this distracting hip swivel dance move that you have to see to understand. I had high hopes for her. Paula says she picked the right song and says she did everything right. Simon calls her a funny little thing and says she over sang parts. Randy calls her interesting "with this whole kinda voice thing". Does anyone out there speak Randy? I don't. Kara says she stands out. I guess it was just me.

(Sorry for the delay, I have a cold and I needed to make some tea.)

Matt Breitzke - If you could only see - 1-866-436-5708
In case you've forgotten, he's the welder not to be confused with the oil rigger (who got through last week for some unknown reason). I love this song. He did okay. He did this kinda slow motion dancing at the beginning that was a bit distracting but, other than that, it was fine. He did not melt me and he should have with that song. I still think he'll give Nick a run for his money. Simon really like him but hated that song. Randy calls the performance boring. Kara says it fell flat. Paula says the song did not celebrate what everyone fell in love with in Hollywood.

Jesse Langseth - Betty Davis Eyes - 1-866-436-5709
She's a single mom. I liked it. She different which can either be a good thing or the kiss of death. It's hard to tell what the audience wants from year to year. I do know that her brother is somewhat famous in the Jazz world. Why he couldn't get her the break she needs is a mystery to me. Randy says it was okay and cool but not exciting. (She talking too much during the judges time. Shut up!!!) Kara says the look is good and she took some risks and it had some moments. (She needs to shut up!) Paula finds her captivating and cool. Simon says she is forgettable and that it was too cool for school.

Kai Kalama - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted - 1-866-436-5710
He's the one that takes care of his mom. I'm sorry but I did not like that. It was corny and the performance was creepy and had a sleazy feeling to it. His look was bad and not right for the song. He also made the "prayer" sign when he sang the word pray, that's never a good thing to do unless it's a group sing. He REALLY needed to be wearing a hat. Kara thinks he had some pitch issues but he gave it his all. Paula says he fell off pitch a little. Simon calls it old fashioned and corny (YES!). Randy says it was sooo safe but not what he's looking for.

Mishavonna Henson -Drop of Jupiter - 1-866-436-5711
Made it to Hollywood in season 7 but got cut. I liked it. It's a good song and she sang it well. I think she's going to give
Allison Iraheta a run for her money. I think it's tied between the two of them for top girl of the night. However, the tie goes to the one that's cuter and that would be a nose. Paula says it didn't excite her. Simon says it's a great song and a good singer but something left him cold. "I don't know what a Drop of Jupiter is", too funny, Simon. Randy doesn't like solo singers singing band songs. Kara wants her to loosen up.

Adam Lambert (GO ADAM!!!!!) - Satisfaction - 1-866-436-5712
I have a tenuous connection to Adam. I friend of mine, Rhonda, knows him. Her daughter is in the same theater group as Adam (Rhonda, correct me if I'm wrong). It started out a bit strange to me but, once he got going, everything fell into place. The boy can sing. You can also see his music theater background. I'm not sure if that's going to help him or hurt him at this point. One good thing, he was the best guy of the night vocally and only second to Normund in entertainment value. Paula thinks she's watching an Adam Lambert concert. Simon says that there are parts that were bad but parts that were brilliant. Randy loved it and called it da' bomb! Kara calls his vocal technique crazy, in a good way.

I'm not sure if tonight was better than last week but I would say that the stand outs were Allison, Nick/Normund and Adam. Those are my picks to make it!

Who are your picks?

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That Normund Gentle performance was the best thing ever! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I really hope he makes the Top 12, but I never got any busy signals dialing for him, so I'm not particularly optimistic about it.

Allison might make it through, since I got a bunch of busy signals when I voted for her. I'd rather it be her than Megan (ugh!). I think Mishavonna's the cuter of the two actually, but I pretty much agreed with what Simon said about Mishavonna's performance. It was well-sung, but it left me cold. Of course, I voted for her anyway, since I want to help the fodder out.

I thought Kris and Jesse both did a good job too. They've been overlooked most of the way, but I enjoyed their performances.

Adam totally rocked it. Danny Gokey's getting all the pimping, but I think Adam's a force to be reckoned with. He's at home on stage, has vocal power to spare and has a more distinctive style. Assuming he makes it through tomorrow, which I'm sure he will, I think he's the true frontrunner in this competition.

I don't care if everyone on Earth and Jupiter votes for Normund. The producers won't let him get any further. They've gotten what they wanted from him. But I love that he made a mockery of the entire show.