"I Just Want To Find Out"  

It's the first results show of the season and it's an hour long...oh boy. I'm so excited about it that I don't think I can contain myself...yippee...jumping for joy...*snore* Sorry! I'll try to stay awake.

As far as I know, three things are going to happen tonight. Ryan will drag this out as long as possible, 3 contestants move on while the rest will be trapped in limbo, and Michael and Carly will duet on national TV. As for the rest of the show, who knows. If anything exciting happens, I'll let you know.

Ryan does the normal overly dramatic intro while the poor kids stand there awaiting their fate. He tells us that 24 million votes came in last night. Here are your judges blah, blah, blah. Paula's wig looks better tonight. The frizz seems to be gone.

Group sing time!!!!! Boy I missed these! I mean it! The song is "I'm Yours". Not bad for the first sing. Some of the faces were a bit too much. Sorry Ian, I'm glad that Jackie will be leaving tonight. Her faces were some of the worst.

Highlights from last night in case someone is suffering from short-term memory loss. Ryan's voice-over during the highlight tape: "It was Tatiana that turned the night around"WTF?? She went second to last. I think everyone's been drinking out of Paula's cup.

Casey is up first and then down again just that quick! See ya cutie!

Stephen is second and his dreams are crushed. Keep at it! I think you've got an excellent voice. I think you'll be back in the wild card round.

Alexis makes it to the top 12 and get to sit on one of the silver chairs. YAY!!! And she gets to sing! That's new and a good idea. I always thought it was mean to have the booted people sing right after their dreams are crushed.

Ricky and Jackie are up together and they are both out.

Anoop and Michael are next. OMG!!! Michael made it!!! We will see Anoop in the wild card round. That was so not right! Michael sucked last night...and tonight. Oh well. He doesn't have a chance in hell of winning.

Well, it's 8:34 and we already have two of the three spots filled. One by Alexis which was a no-brainer and one by Michael. Everyone knows that Danny is a no-brainer as well. But, if that is the case, why didn't they do him now and wait to reveal the third spot at the end of the show. Is something up or are they trying to make us THINK that something is up when nothing really is. Damn those Idol People! WHY DO THEY TORMENT ME SO?!?!

Time for the American Idol Experience plug. Next time I go to Disney World, I am SO doing that! Unless I'm too old like I am for real American Idol.

Ha ha! Ryan called down the next two contestants and down come Michael Johns and Carly Smithson. I think they let Carly do her own make-up...scary!!! They are singing one of my favorite songs, "The Letter". Sorry Becky but Joe Cocker is better. I do have to point out the both Carly and Michael are better than anyone that sang last night.

I would like to take a moment to say that I think this whole back-combing of the hair thing that's big now needs to go away. I think Kara is the only woman on Idol that doesn't have her hair back-combed. You know, back in the sixties they called is teasing. On the other hand, I could just be jealous because I can do it to my hair and make it look good.

Anne Marie stands up.

Brent stand up.

Stevie stands up and Ryan knocks all three of them down with one shot.

Tatiana and Danny and called out to the middle. Tatiana looks like she is going to faint. I would LOVE it if Tatiana made it and Danny didn't. Paula says Danny should make it. We won't find out until after the break. Damn you Ryan!!! *shaking fist in the air*

Of course, Danny makes it.

Up next week are:
Megan Corkrey
Kris Allen
Mishavonna Henson
Matt Breitzke
Allison Iraheta
Matt Giraud
Jasmine Murray
Kai Kalama
Jesse Langseth
Adam Lambert (GO ADAM!!!!!)
Jeanine Vailes
Nick Mitchell (Go Norman Gentle!!)

Until then, keep you feet on the ground and....yeah, whatever.

Blog title by Danny: "I Just Want To Find Out"

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Oh well. Jackie was fun while she lasted. I doubt she'll be back for the Wild Card.

I thought it was kind of non-dramatic for them to announce Danny last too, since it was so obvious he was going to make it. I think they may have wanted him to get the evening's "pimp spot" again. The thing about him on VFTW said he was "smug," and I agree that he kind of came off that way tonight. I still like his voice, but I don't plan on voting for him.

I wouldn't mind seeing Adam and/or Nick make it next week, but I have a feeling they'll be done in by their lack of sob stories or children.

First let me tell you that I love your blog- more than before! lol. Ian I agree on the snob story nonsense.. and I don't like how some contestants make the edit more than others. While they showed the lineup for next week I was like, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? Like I don't even remember them lol. K- I'm glad your blog mentions the wild card spots cause I was either super confused that I didn't know simple math.. haha 123... 123... 123... umm that's not 12, that's 9. lol. I think Anupe anoop annnnooooop (sp?) should get the wild card spot that would be awesome. I'm glad pink girl made it she sounded better tonight than last night- and hey she's a young mom (ahem.... "story") what's his face sounded horrible and I agree with Ian- Danny sounds good but shit quit acting like you've already won cause the arrogance is choking me. ok goodnight!


FINALLY! another show tonight!