"You've got to lose this ... demur thing because it's actually making me a bit nervous."  

And so...it begins!

I have just completed downloading Skype which works with DialIdol so I am ready to power vote. Who I will vote for remains to be seen. If someone doesn't blow me away, I'm going to be a Worster so that means Tatianna will begetting my votes. Come on kids! BLOW ME AWAY...PLEASE!!!

I'm watching on the east coast so, if you're on the west (Rodilyn), DON'T READ ANYMORE!

OMG! It's less than one minute into the show and Tatianna is already on my nerves! Did you see her nodding her head to everything Ryan was saying? I wonder if this girl has any friends in real life.

The judges are lined up differently this year. From right to left it's Randy, Kara, Paula, and Simon. It use to be the other way around (minus Kara). Ryan spends time talking to the judges. Randy says that this is it and you have to be in it to win it. Ryan asks Kara about contestant nerves. How would she know? She says she is nervous. Paula tells them to make magic happen between mumbling. Simon tells the contestants they have one shot and the odds are stacked against them. Simon then mentions that he likes Ryan's new hair. IDK, I liked the old color better.

Ryan explains this goofy new set up. Let me see if I can sum it up. The 36 semi-finalist are divided into three groups of 12. Each week, one group of 12 performs for votes. The highest vote-getting guy and the highest vote-getting girl along with the next highest vote-getter fill out 9 of the 12 seats for the finals. The fourth week is wild card week for the last three spots. Got it? Good!

Theme for tonight: Hits from the Billboard Hot 100 since the charts began

Jackie Tohn - A Little Less Conversation
Jackie was the one who had the wall fall during her audition.
Where do I start? First, not a good song choice. It really did nothing to showcase her voice. The phrasing was weird and not in a good way. Now, let's talk about her outfit. OMG! WHAT IN THE HELL WAS SHE THINKING?!?!?!!? She is wearing and white with black polka dots tube top thing with black, shiny stretch pants, and a red leather bow-type belt that is about 6 inches wide. She looks a mess! She dances odd and doesn't look at all cute doing it. Her outfit combined with poor song choice and going first spells doom for Miss Jackie. Randy wasn't blown away but calls her a good entertainer. Kara says she can work a stage. Paula calls her a true performer. Simon says she played a clown and doesn't like it or what she's wearing.

HEY! They have her parents in the red room! That's new. Great, just what we needed for this show, more filler! YUCK! I'll give it a chance tonight but it doesn't look good.

Ricky Braddy - song for u
Anyone that has read my AI blogs in the past knows how I feel about Elliott from Season 5 but for those of you that are new, I LOVED Elliott! I think that no one else should be allowed to sing any of the songs he sang on the show. With that said, Elliott sang this song so I don't have high hopes for Ricky, sorry. Ryan chats with him about the dead-end job he quit for Idol. He's kinda cute. Too bad he's not going to make it past tonight. He is a blinker! Poor guy! I'm not fond of the 1970's shiny mic they are using tonight. Distracting. He wasn't too bad. I still like Elliott's version better but he wasn't bad. He WAS better than Jackie. Randy calls THIS the start of Season 8. Kara says he killed it. Paula mentioned that he wasn't featured before. Simon calls it very good but he doesn't think he has star quality.

Alexis Grace - never loved a man
Guess what? We get to see her baby again. Don't get me wrong, it's a cute baby but enough already. I have to say, best of the night so far! I think she's got it. She's cute, is full of personality and she can sang! I'm buying that on iTunes tomorrow. Oh! I love her pink hair! Randy says she found the dirt and he's loving her. Kara says she did a great job. Paula looks REALLY drunk tonight and she babbles. Simon calls her the best by a mile. Man, that Simon is smart!

Doogie Houser, MD and Sam Malone are in the house. Why are those two together?

Brent Keith - hick town
He has also suffered from a lack of camera time and the editing goof doesn't help matters any. Again, poor guy! He's a hottie. He didn't pick a very good song but, did I mention that he's hot? He's REALLY hot! He only got hotter when he sang. I'm voting for him in hopes of keeping some eye candy. Randy liked the country. Kara likes him too but thinks he played it safe. Paula says it was a safe song. Simon calls it forgettable. If he doesn't make it, someone in country music should snap him up.

Stevie Wright - you belong with me
She started off really bad. She's really nervous and you can hear it. She hardly moved around. I call it Karaoke. Randy calls it not hot and safe. Kara agrees with Randy. Paula agrees and says it was not the right song. Simon says it was terrible and out of tune. This is when it really sucks having the parents in the red room. I'm surprised she's not in tears.

Anoop Desai - angel of mine
I love Anoop-dog! I'm not digging the song choice. He's good and it sounds good but he should have brought the fun. I was bored. Randy says it was a little sharp but he's still a huge fan. Kara isn't sure he nailed it. Paula says that America has already connected to him so he's lucky. Simon says it was too grown-up and too serious. I agree.

Casey Carlson - every little thing she does is magic
She is WAY cute. I'm sorry BeckEye, she's not going to make it. I had to watch part of it through my fingers. It wasn't as bad as Stevie but it was a bad country version of that song. Randy says it wasn't good and weird. Kara says everything about that was wrong. Paula give her the kiss of death and calls her beautiful. Simon says she should not have been allowed to sing that song. Poor girl. That was way harsh. I think I might cry. I love her mom.

Michael Sarver - I don’t wanna be
This is another Elliott song. Sorry, Michael, I ain't gonna like it. He has a cute little girl. Two words: See ya! That wasn't good with or without the "Elliott Factor". Bye dude! Randy says it started off weird and doesn't think he performed it that well. Kara didn't think it was his best performance. Paula thinks he did a real good job. Simon says they like him and if he gets through, it's because people like him.

Anne Marie Boskovich - natural woman
It seemed too old for her. Almost like it was Marie Osmond singing this song. I didn't like it but it wasn't the worst. Randy says it wasn't the right song choice. I agree. Kara calls it old fashioned. Paula thinks she did better than Hollywood week. Simon calls her a hotel singer and not good enough.

Stephen Fowler- rock with you
Fowler-up is next. I hope he remembers his lyrics. I have a few points riding on him in the pool. He goofed up right at the start. Gotta hate that. He seems a little off in timing and key. Fowler-up was right. I have to call him the worst guy of the night, hands down. Randy wonders what's going on tonight. We all do. Kara doesn't seem like he was connected. Paula thinks he should have sang that David Cook song that he goofed up on during Hollywood week. Simon is really mean. He calls it horrible and corny. Awww! He doesn't have anyone with him, poor guy.

Tatiana Del Toro - saving all my love
In a field of girls that have done poorly, she shines but just a little. I do have to say that the girl can sing. Randy says she had some moments (she did). Kara calls her a roller coaster and tonight was reserved. Paula says she is the most talked about contestant so far. Simon calls her a drama queen and says she wants fame more than anything. Tatiana talks about marketing herself. Simon says she has to lose this demur thing because it's making his nervous (blog title). Tatiana has friends! This Tatiana is boring. She did pull out a little crazy at the end by making it seem like she was one of Jerry's kids and that only our votes would "keep her dream alive." Keep bringing the crazy, girl!

Danny Gokey - hero
Hey, his wife died. Did you know that? I've heard rumors that he is not a very nice person. His wife was nice but he wasn't. I hate this song. He is the chosen one and I have chosen not to like him. The judges are going nuts. Randy calls him the redeemer of the night. Kara calls him the hero of the night. Paula thinks he's stellar. Simon says it was good but not fantastic. I have to agree with Simon because he's not buying the hype.

DialIdol and Skype doesn't seem to be working. I have to get my votes in. I predict that Danny and Alexis will be the top girl and guy vote-getter with Tatiana bringing up the rear. There is a chance that Brent will make it instead of Tatiana so I'll leave the door open for him. Anoop, Michael and Jackie will have to come back for the wild card round.

I better go fix my dialing!

What did you think?

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Brent had his chance in country music (Nashville Star, Season 2) and didn't make it. I don't have any sympathy for him at all.

Hey I'm famous! I was mentioned in your blog! yay! Tatiana is BEYOND ANNYOING! No, I don't think she has any friends in real life. I can't believe you noticed the seating arrangement of the judges- I don't tend to pay that much attention! Jackie was horrible...Ricky was ok.. but not super exciting.Alexis has a good voice but it bored me. Brent is hot. He didn't pick a good song for sure. Stevie was hella horrible and I don't want to hear her sing- ever again.I love Anoop Dog too! He's gotta ditch the nerd vibe though. Kara gets on my nerves just as much as Tatiana sometimes I wish she would stfu. I think Paula is right. People like him. So hopefully he's safe.I jumped ahead and read the rest of the blog. Even though I haven't heard her yet, I do think Tatiana can sing. I don't know about the Rumors about Danny- but after being on television I can definitel say don't believe what you hear. Chris Brown can sing. and he's what- and attempted murderer? jk. Anyhow... I don't get how the votes are working this time around so I have to pay attention. This is fun! btw Jon didn't make it past the first 10 seconds of the screening for sytycd so we're flying to Denver to have another go. WISH HIM LUCK!

I actually liked Jackie. She's different in a fun way.

Alexis sang pretty well, but come on, all she ever does is Aretha Franklin. I'm sick of people pimping their kids, and I don't want to hear about her daughter week after week.

I agree that Stephen was the worst guy of the night.

About the Danny rumors on VFTW, I take them with a grain of salt. I agree that he needs to stop talking about his dead wife, though. Of course, I don't think he's going to win, regardless.


So, who did you phone in votes for?

(I texted votes for Alexis and Rickey)

Dave - I didn't know about the Nashville Star thing. I tried watching that show this past year and just couldn't do it. It was BADDDD!

Hey Rod! You know you were already famous! Can't wait to see Jon on SYTYCD!! *fingers and toes crossed*

Ian - Did your mom drop you on your head? Just kidding! I kid 'cause I love! I don't think it really matters what I hear about Danny, I don't much care for him and I don't think I will. I do, however, reserve the right to change any and all my opinions at any time I would like. Afterall, I disliked Michael Johns last year until Dolly Week. (I still LOVE the song he did.)

Hey Anon! Thanks for stopping by. I voted for Alexis too and Brent 'cause he's hot!