A-6 suited  


Thursday is our poker night. Normally, I play for about an hour and then I'm out. Well, that didn't happen tonight! I'd go all in and I'd win. I did that for about an hour until I got an ace and a six of diamonds. I went all in and I lost to a pair of fours...that became trips.

Anywho! I know that there are a few people waiting to see if Adam made it. I'll delay the full recap and just start when I came in.

Ryan has called up the final 5: Mish, Kai, Jasmine are gone.

It's down to Adam and Nick.

After the break we find out the Adam make it and Nick has to hope for a wild card spot.

Adam joins Allison, Kris and last weeks three in the silver stools.

Well, I'm going to go back and watch the group sing.


Ryan starts the show in a way over dramatic fashion to make us think the Nick made it. He tells us that 25 million votes were cast last night.

The nice thing about already knowing what happens, I can fast forward through the crap.

Group sing it to "Closer". Kai should have been a male stripper with that hip action! Jeanne is channeling Daisy Duke tonight with her outfit. I'm going to miss Nick.

Tom's diet coke commercial is kinda cute. I'm so mad the Hosea won Top Chef! I want Carla to win!!! That would have rocked!

Ryan asks Nick if he doesn't make it through, "What can we expect from you?" In true Nick style hes says "I'm, I'm looking for employment always." I'm REALLY going to miss him.

Ryan calls out Allison, Jesse, and Matt B. Allison makes it.

Ryan then calls out Megan, Kris, Matt G. and Jeanne. Kris makes it. DAMN!!!!!!!! I so wanted Nick to make it.

There was a pretty good montage of the best/worst of Idol. it was pretty entertaining. It included the dude with the "massive eyes" and David Hasselhof, Sanjaya and Elliott's mom.

Brook White is doing her new song. I don't really care for her that much so I think I'll skip this part.

Anyway, that's it. The rest of the show is at the beginning of this blog.

The remain kids go next week and they are:
Alex Wagner-Trugman
Arianna Afsar
Felicia Barton
Jorge Nuñez
Ju'Not Joyner
Kendall Beard
Kristen McNamara
Lil Rounds
Nathaniel Marshall
Scott MacIntyre

Taylor Vaifanua
Von Smith

Barring anything unforeseen, I predict that Scott MacIntyre and Lil Rounds will make it to the top 12 with the third spot being anyone's to take. I also would like to predict the either Von or Nate will be the VFTW pick with the slight edge to Nate. I wonder if I'll be right? Tune in nexst week to find out!!!

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I think they could bring back Nick for the Wild Card show just to give him one last moment on the "Idol" stage. Since everyone knows the judges will probably already have their minds made up before the show begins, they might as well give us something memorable if we're going to sit through another two hours of performances.

I'm happy for Kris making the Top 12. He'll probably be gone within a few weeks of the Finals, but it's cool to see him get this far with so little pimping.

I can't wait to see what Alex Wagner-Trugman does next week. That kid is hilarious.


I have a feeling Nathaniel Marshall is going to "blow it out the box" tonight and shock everyone, and win a spot in the top 12...

! betsy

brooke sucked ass... ugh. Why is she still there? So... I stayed away from the blog last week as I am on west coast time, but this week I couldn't stay away and just turing on my dvr I'm having to scroll really fast past the newest blog! hahaha ok.. I'll be back to post again!