White Teeth, a Meatless Meal and Your Mama Don't Dance  

I went to get my teeth cleaned today and get fitted for teeth bleaching!! Since I quit smoking, my dad is letting get my teeth whitened! In case you're wondering why my dad has to "let" me do it, he's my dentist. As long as I was smoking, which stains teeth, he was not going to whiten my teeth. Bad news is that he is retiring in about a week, which is why I'm doing it now, BUT I'm also going to have to go to the new dentist to have a filling redone after my teeth are whitened because it's not going to match anymore. I wonder how much that's going to cost? I've never had to pay for dental work. Man, this sucks.

Another thing that sucks is my dinner tonight. I was planning on having chicken, green beans, and pasta but I killed the chicken. It was messy and I'm not going to relive the horror. Last week, I would have ordered a pizza, after all, it's Idol night, but I'm on a diet now and pizza is NOT allowed...on Tuesdays! So I heated up a jar of spaghetti sauce and ate that over the pasta and added a salad. I think this is the first meatless meal I have ever had. I am so hungry!!!! I'm happy that I stuck to my diet but I REALLY wanted a pizza. Everyday from here on out is a dieting record for me. I usually cave by now. I am so weak!

I final have my Internet fixed...for now. I still need to buy a new wireless router but I have a network cable that's working for now. Just in time for Idol and to blog about Your Mama Don't Dance. I watched the show once already which is something I don't normally do but I wanted to see it and I didn't have Internet. What was I suppose to do? Anyway, on with the show!

We start this show with a recap of the last show before we find out who stays and who goes. The bottom pairs were Dante and Dolores and Jesse and Rebecca. In case you didn't figure it out, I voted for Jesse and Rebecca who are SAFE! Again! They are the cat of the competition! I don't know why, but Ian doesn't look as cute this week. I can't figure that out. Oh well! OH! When is was introducing the pairs, Carol gave us the horns again. Wait! I'm a dumb ass! I think she is actually giving the "I Love You" sign in sign language. THAT makes a lot more sense but isn't near as funny.

Tonight is Street Dance which should be funny. Those dances are hard especially for us old fogies! The professional dance at the beginning was excellent! Those kids can dance! Ian is white...very white. The 18th is the final and some how we are picking the winner LIVE!

Carol and Erick are the first pair. Carol is such a mom! She wants to understand where her son is coming from. Good luck with that Carol. they are dancing to Jump, an oldie but a goodie! Carol did a great job! She's even better the second time. She hit the beats and her marks. Funny, I find myself watching the parents 95% of the time. It takes a lot of guts to do something like this. Chris tells us about his "good old days" and gives them an 87. CA thought it was really fun and gives them an 85. Ben loves them and gives them an 86. Ben's word for the night is "MMMMM". He seems to use it as an adjective.

Nicole and Michael are next. Every week he reminds me more and more of my grandpa. They are dancing to the Black Eyed Peas. Well, despite Mike's ending move, that was not very good at all. I really liked them the first show but them seem to have gone down hill since then. Either that, are they have stood still while the other pairs passed them...and then lapped them. I smell bottom two! Chris says they were unbalanced tonight (just like Ben) and gives them an 85. CA thought it was unintentionally funny, Michael was scary and gives them an 82. Ben laughs a lot and gives them an 87.

Jesse and Rebecca are third. The third time is the charm! Rebecca is always a cutie in the rehearsal video. "Hey! I'm cool!" Too funny! Rebecca rocked it! That wave thingy was good. This was their best dance to date. Jesse was great (I actually watched him this time). I think they will be safe this week and so does Chris! He says Rebecca was in the pocket (?) and gives them an 88. CA thinks that Rebecca is such a good mom but would like to see her more aggressive and gives them an 85. Ben makes a bunch of noise and gives them a 95!

Noelle and Doug are the next couple. Judging by the rehersal video, it does not look good! I do really like them. Doug is super funny. In the video, he says "What about my head spin?" and then spends FOREVER getting down to the ground! LOL!! Let's see how they do. Well, it wasn't HORRIBLE but it wasn't great. I don't think they have the points to stay out of the bottom three. I do love their outfits and the hair! Chris loves the Mohawks but not the dancing and gives them an 80. CA didn't quite buy it and calls Doug out on missing steps. She gives them an 85. Ben thought they have been better but thought Doug worked hard and gives them an 87.

Last up is Brooke and Eric. We find out that the first day is hard for Eric. Brooke is doing a great job with him. I'm glad. Being a step parent is a hard job! Their outfits aren't that flashy but their dancing is! Eric gets down with the floor work! The half-split at the end scared me! I really liked this because they seemed like them were dancing together the entire time. Brooke had a few more steps but didn't do a solo that left Eric standing there clapping his hands.
They should get the highest scores of the night. Chris seems to be blown away and starts to reminisces too much and gives them a 93. CA loved it and calls it hands down the best of the night and gives them a. Ben say "MMMM" yet again and gives them a 99. That looks pretty high to me! And it was the highest!

Ian reveals the bottom two pairs to be Nicole and Michael and Noelle and Doug. Go Noelle and Doug!!!! Vote now!!!! I hope they stay! They have been great and getting better each week until now. Street is not for old people!

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ok.. so I'm voting for Noelle and Doug as well. I was hoping you were going to do your score analasys (did I spell that wrong?) anyhow- because it seems like no matter if they like them or not... the scores stay between the high 70's and the low 90's for the most part. One of the judges will say I didn't like it, I'll give you an 83 well hello... Ben must have hated ours to give us a 78... I think production is trying to keep the numbers close so you have to actually do the math to figure it out on your own if you don't want to wait until the end of the show. I agree with your entire assesment except for Erick and Carol. I don't think they are as good as the judges think they are. She really put me off when she made the comment about hip hop and associating it with GANG ACTIVITY. I grew up listening to R&B and hip hop. I am NOT gang member and I was offended by the comment. They were on beat... but really didn't do much. mmmm I liked Noelle and Doug's performance better.. but oh well.. I'm not a judge am I? lol ttyl

I think it was a hard night for almost everyone. Jesse and Rebecca pulled it out and Brooke and Eric were fantastic! Everyone else seemed to have trouble ranging from a little to a lot!

Ben is a turd and pulls his numbers out of his ass! He's not as wild with the numbers as he was in the beginning but he is still bad. I'm not sure if this show will be doing another season but if they do, they should replace him.

I hope Noelle and Doug make it!! I'd hate for them to go home over one bad week. Nicole and Mike have been going downhill since the first show.


PS - I'm not sure what you mean by "score analasys". When did I do that before? I want to see what you're talking about.

haha you know how you would break down the scores.. and whether they went in order of who did best etc... I'm still up in the air as to whether or not noelle and dougs was worse than Erick and Carols.. hmmm on that one for me... but hey, I'm no Ben Vereen, so who am I to judge? lol

"I'm no Ben Vereen." CLASSIC!!! LOL!!