Your Mama Don't...OH LOOK! A Puppy!  

I was all ready to come home tonight, eat supper, and watch Your Mama Don't Dance but look!

I helped Angie buy a puppy! Her name is Susie-Q and she is cute as a button. Angie and Joe already have one dog, Daisy. Daisy is from the pound and is very cute. She also has a heart defect that is only going to get worse. Angie has been looking for a new dog for a while. She wanted to get one to keep Daisy company and to ease the pain when Daisy...well, you know. We checked the local pounds but didn't find anything. Turns out, small dogs go fast! We also went to the puppy store a few times before and didn't really see anything. There was a puppy Angie liked a few weeks ago but I talked her out of it. It wasn't right for her. This new puppy is the bomb! She's a beagle and will only get about 13 inches tall. In the store, Daisy didn't seem to like her that much but when we got them home, Daisy was awesome and couldn't get enough of the puppy. They are going to be fast friends!

Anyway, I JUST got home a few minutes ago and turned on the TV. So, without further ado, it's .... Your Mama Don't Dance!!

Tonight we get to see if Jonathan and Rodilyn made it or if Jesse and Rebecca are moving on. This is also the first night that the girls and the guys dance on the same show. I wonder if they will have a group number too. I also wonder if I'm going to cry...again. Lifetime sure knows how to make me cry!

The show starts off recapping what happened last week with the guys and their moms. Ian is looking as hawt as ever! He tells us that the finale will be on April 18th. He introduces the five pairs that will definitely be dancing tonight and when he get to Erick and Carol, she gives us the horns!!
\m/ I had to laugh! Her hair is all over to one side for her head like Delta Burke on Designing Women and she gives us the horns. Rock on Carol!

Here's the moment of truth! Will it be Jonathan and Rodilyn or Jesse and Rebecca. Rodilyn looks REALLY nervous! I hope they make it. OH NO!!!!!! Jonathan and Rodilyn are going home! That sucks! It's all Ben Vereen's fault. He gave the worst couple a 90 last week when they should have been the lowest score of the night! It's doesn't matter what Ben does from here on out because he's on my shit list forever!!!! What a turd! At least Rodilyn got a kiss from sexy Ian!!

The pros are dancing ball room and I'm a little disappointed. The number seems really short and the camera keeps on cutting away to the stupid audience! I don't want to see them clapping! I want to see dancing! I paused the show right when it ended and the couple in the back on my right didn't quite make that final pose.

Brooke and Eric are first up and they are doing the quick step. Yikes! The song is "Boogie, Woogie, Bugle Boy" and they did really good! Much improved over last week. The finish was funny which always scores big with the audience! They some good stunts and Erik seemed to loosen up this time. Since Dancing With the Stars had half of the couple dancing quick step this week, it's still fresh in my mind. I don't think this would get good marks on that show but it should get pretty good marks here. Chris thought they were a lot of fun to watch and gives them a 90! CA talks about ballroom dancing for awhile and gives them an 83. Ben blabs on for awhile then gives them a 92.

Nicole and Michael are the next pair up and they are dancing the samba to a song that I didn't catch. Well, on a day when Erik seemed to improve, Michael seems to have taken a step backwards. It was real awkward and not fun to watch. I hate to say it but it was a little cringe-worthy. I do not have fun when the dancers don't do well. It's not like on Idol where there are some people I don't like. I like EVERYONE on this show...except Ben. Let's see what the judges have to say. Maybe I'm wrong. Chris gives them an 87. CA saw a little of what I saw and gives them an 82. Ben is babbling again and gives them a 90.

Dante and Dolores are doing the waltz to Summertime. Dante admits that "a lot of people don't think we should be here." I wouldn't go that far but they should have been in the bottom two last week. Okay, okay! I'll stop beating that dead horse! You know how I just said that Nicole and Michael were cringe-worthy? They weren't...this was! I'm not even sure where to start. I guess we should start with the music. What was that version?!? I don't think I've ever heard a fast version of Summertime and I don't think I ever want to hear it again. It didn't go with any waltz that I know about. I didn't see much waltz but I did see a little quick step and A LOT of ballet from Dante. I was expecting him to pirouette every other step. And can we talk about the lift? I think they could, no, SHOULD have figured out another lift that wouldn't have Dante putting his hand on the inside of his step-mom's thigh. That was yucky! Chris gives them an 83. CA gives them a 78 and points out a few bad things. What's his face says that she looked unsure this time (Hey! Turd face! She was unsure last time!) and gives them and 83.

So for the judging *cough*Ben*cough* seems better. The best couple (damn!) pair has the highest score and the worst pair has the lowest score. So far, so good!

Jesse and Rebecca are next and are dancing the Swing to Your True Love. That was cute and Jesse was great but Rebecca didn't seem to do much. I can see why because I don't think I would have been able to do much! The Swing is pretty fast and bouncy and I know I'm not a bouncy person and it doesn't seem like Rebecca is either. I'm not sure how the judges are going to score this. It didn't have the YUCK factor that Dante and Dolores had but they did have more dancing. Rebecca did look cute in her outfit! Chris calls it really good and gives them an 84. CA thought they had great spirit and gives them a 79. The guy on the end who should be medicated gives them a 85.

Noelle and Doug are doing the Rumba. They were excellent! I clapped! Doug was in command and lead the entire time. Noelle was beautiful. The multiple spins were awesome and seemed to go on forever. So far, best of the night! What else can I say! Chris calls it beautiful and gives them a 91. CA loved it, called Doug a dancer and gives them an 87. The guy with the earring gives them a 97!!! Best of the night!

Erick and Carol are next and it looks like Carol has been sick. They are dancing the Pasa Doble to a song I don't know. They are pretty good. Erick is a cutie and an excellent dancer. Carol give 100% every time. She was right time, hit her marks and didn't let her son down. I don't think they were as good as Noelle and Doug but they were pretty close. Chris gives them a 91. CA gives them an 87. Ben gives them a 98. Which means they are one point ahead of Noelle and Doug.

The two pairs in the bottom are Dante and Dolores and Jesse and Rebecca. I think I'll be voting for Jesse and Rebecca. That lift that Dante and Dolores did is burned into my brain! YUCK! Sorry guys!


Who will you be voting for?

PS - I'm sorry you didn't make it Rodilyn. I hope you and Jonathan get to perform that dance you worked all week on. If you do, please record it so I can see!

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Hey there! Just a quick note: Glad to be back... my "theory" is we were put in the bottom two to stir a little excitement/suspense etc... and guess what... All the other contestants and their friends and so on.. voted against us (hey I would have done the same thing if Jon were my competition)... so we got voted off- I don't think production expected that.. ha! I do love Jesse and Rebecca and wouldn't have wanted to lose against any other couple (except Eric and Brooke). So it's all good. We are doing well- glad to be home and out of that prison- Jon is ready to do some real dancing- he is well on his way! Things are great.. and I'll be keeping up with you- because I am so a fan of your blog! Take care!

What a cute puppy! I was going to say you should name it Michael, but I see it's a girl. :)


Hi Kristi,

I'm LMAO at "Your Mama Don't Dance clip." I haven't see the show, not sure I will after that. It is kind of creepy.

I've read your comments on Jennifer's site for AI, so I thought I'd look you up.

Love the puppy!


Hi Dori!

Thanks for stopping by. I've seen your name over at Jennifer's as well. The clip is pretty funny. I do have to say that the clips are taken out of context and it really isn't that creepy...except for Dante and Dolores last week. A step son should NEVER have to put has hand on his step mom's inner thigh!


Hey Rodilyn!

Again, I'm sad to see you go! Your theory makes sense but it's still kind of a bummer. Since the show is still on-going, how long do you have to stay available for it? I'm assuming that there will be a big finale including you two. Jon can't exactly move on too much with that hanging over his head.

Did he ever audition for So You Think You Can Dance? That is my favorite dance show!! He would rock!


Actually I don't believe we will be called back for the finale.. Jon's contract states he may be called back for a tour of whatever they may want to do with the dancers- but I'm sure I'm done! As for SYTYCD, Jon auditioned the 1st season and was cut for background info-I'd rather not say.. haha.. but then of course that was cleared up, but by the second season he landed a job working for Disney Entertainment- which is AGVA. SYTYCD is only open to non-union professionals/amateurs if you are union- SAG/Equity/AGVA/AFTRA you are not allowed to audition- thanks to YMDD he is now AFTRA. it sucks because that show is great- but then he's already in the position that those dancers are trying to be- which is working/union dancers... The head choreographer form YMDD loves Jon- and has promised him a future with her- she is so major- and has already booked him on a job- that I won't say so that I won't jinx it. ttyl and your pup is FREAKING ADORABLE!