You are the Wind Beneath My Wings!  

Holy crap! I hope no one sings that overdone and overplayed song but it could be done by Syesha. Oh wait! Whitney never covered that song so I guess Syesha won't be singing that one!

Well, it's Tuesday once again and it's Idol Gives Back week...again. I guess they won some award for this last year and I guess they are going for that same award this year. As you may already know, we have performances tonight, Idol Gives Back tomorrow, and eliminations on Thursday. That means, there is really no reason at all to watch tomorrow. I'll be watching anyway because I have nothing better to do but I haven't decided if I'm going to blog about it. I don't know if it will be that interesting. I may end up playing at instead. Only time will tell.

I've let my Tivo run for 16 minutes so that should be enough time. I'm not sure why I let it run, it always takes me longer to blog so I don't save myself any time. Maybe I'll learn someday...but not today. Okay! Here we go!

Oh look! Bill Ford brought his grandson!

Ryan goes through the normal stuff that he does.

Michael Lee Johns (5701) is singing Dream On. I never thought of this song as an inspirational song. He might pull this off. OH MY LORD! If BeckEye is happy about that one, I'm going to eat my socks! (I inherited my dads feet which stink like nobodies business!) First off, he's wearing a damn neckerchief again. Did someone tell him it looked good? That person needs to be shot. Next, he just sounds okay during most of the song. Nothing outstanding in a good way or a bad way until... HE TRIES TO CHANNEL STEVEN TYLER AND FAILS!!!!! OMG! He fails BIG TIME! I thought my TV was going to crack! He's first so this doesn't bode well. Randy says it was a good song choice but he had pitch problems. THEN Randy tells him that he doesn't think he is an Aerosmith-type singer! WTH? You say it's a good songs choice for him but that he's not an Aerosmith type??!! Dumb ass! Paula thinks he sounds as good as he look and THEN says that her dogs are going to join him on stage because of the high notes. I don't think that's a good thing Paula! Simon thought this was a good performance but an attempt to imitate Steven Tyler.

Syesha (5702) gets some chair time.
Please no baby cry! Please no baby cry! Please no baby cry! Please no baby cry! Please no baby cry! YEAH!!!! No baby cry! She is singing I Believe by Fantasia. Fantasia's coronation song! HAS SHE NEVER WATCHED THE SHOW! Good Lord! The surest way to bad reviews is to sing a song by a former Idol. Damn girlfriend! You are not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree! She does a passable Whitney version of the song and hits some bad notes but she's no Fantasia! I would have preferred it if she had done Wind Beneath My Wings! Randy calls her on doing Fantasia and calls it just okay. Paula thinks that Syesha flipped it and made it her own. Check Paula's cup! She's not hearing things right AND she's forming complete sentences! Her cup must be empty! Simon tells her that it was technically great but it lacked emotion. Syesha is an actress and has no real emotions of her own. The judges should know that by now.

Jason (5703) is singing Over The Rainbow but not the traditional version. He's singing a version by a Hawaiian guy that sang it with a ukulele. I hope he doesn't do that! OMG! Jason is playing a ukulele! Based on that alone, he's going home on Thursday. Better go make my pick in the pool now. No need to hear anyone else! I think everyone in the audience is stunned. All you can hear is him...and now a little bit of the band. He doesn't sound bad at all and, as Paula would put it, he's staying true to himself but I don't know if that is enough to over come the ukulele. Well, I was wrong! Everyone loved it! Especially Simon! It's strange, whenever I like Jason, the judges hate him and whenever I don't think he did that great, the judges LOVE it. All I have to say is that the judges are getting paid and I'm not.

Kristy Lee Cook (5704) is up next and is singing Anyway. She sounded pretty good but not great. I think she's a shoe in for the bottom three but will she go home? Doubt it! Randy liked it but says it was a little pitchy. Paula tells him to keep his pitchy and says Kristy outdid herself. Simon says that she was very good indeed.

David C. (5705) is singing Innocent. He sounds good but this was not my favorite from him which is disappointing. So far, I'm not getting any new music tomorrow! Bummer! He's looking pretty good. I'm digging the new hairdo. Randy says he's a huge fan but this wasn't as strong. Paula is starting to drink a little more. YES! Simon didn't like it or the white jacket. I didn't think it was bad but it wasn't awesome like I expected.

Carly (5706) is singing The Show Must Go On. I think Paris sang it during Queen week in Season 5. Paris got into trouble for smiling during her performance because this was a song written while Freddy was dying (I think). I am SUCH a geek! I really need help. Where are her sleeves? Can't we have sleeves every now and then? PLEASE?!?! She was good but not outstanding. She could have been great because it's a great song but she hit some bum notes and the arrangement was a little strange in the middle but it was okay. Randy says it started good, she was pitchy and it was just okay. Paula didn't feel the connection. Simon says she looked good but thought she over sang it and sang it angry.

David A. (5707) is in the seven spot and singing Angels. Oh goodie. He gets chair time too. Do I have to say anything about him anymore? I don't like him and I don't think I ever will. Technically, he's outstanding but he leaves me cold. I just don't get it. The judges loved it and I'm sure millions of people will vote for him.

Did Ryan just ask the security guard if they were on for Keno this weekend?!!?!? Ryan plays Keno! Awesome! I love Keno...too much!

Brooke (5708) gets the pimp spot this week after getting the dead man's spot last week. I don't think they draw numbers out of a hat, do you? She is singing You've Got A Friend ala Carole King not James Taylor in case there was any doubt. It's a good song, right in her wheelhouse, and she should do just fine. Well! I didn't think she did as well as she should have. I think she slowed it down and made it depressing. She would have done better to stick with the original tempo and play it herself. Piano Teacher?!?! Didn't she say a show or two ago that she plays piano by ear and taught herself?!?! Randy thought it was okay. Paula loves Brooke. Simon calls it nice and a pleasant walk in the park.

That's the show for tonight. I wasn't jumping up and down about any of them. I think it all comes down to fan base. Let's discuss what we know for sure. David A., David C. and Brooke will be safe, for sure. Kristy Lee Cook and Syesha will be in the bottom three, for sure. That leaves Michael, Carly, Jason up in the air. I thought for sure it was Jason's week to go home because of the Ukulele but the judges loved him so I think he'll be safe. It's between Michael and Carly to fill the rest of the bottom three. Based on performance position, I think that Michael will make his first trip to the bottom. I believe that Syesha will finally draw the short straw and go home!!

What do you think?

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I think Michael makes an appearance in the bottom 3. He had a sub-par performance and he had to go first. That's always a bad sign.

The stylists are trying to sabotage Michael. Whores. I'm sure he rebuffed their advances.

You don't have to eat your socks, just suck on them for a while. I didn't think his performance was as bad as you did. It was fine up until the Steven Tyler notes. And the outfit...oh, wait until I get my hands on those stylists.

I don't want Michael to win, but he can't leave yet. What the hell will I look at every week?

Thanks for stopping by BrainFreeze.
Now that you ask, I think Syesha gets the cab ride to LAX tomorrow night. I think she has taken on one too many power ballads. Actually I think Kristy Lee Cook now has a chance to go to the top five or final four. Her last three performances have moved her past Carly and Syesha in my opinion.
Don't ask me about Idol Gives Back tomorrow night. I will skip that episode. Telethons don't do much for me.

I agree that Randy and Paula were in extra dumb form tonight.

I predicted Kristy would go home this week, but DialIdol has her as safe. The two lowest scorers are currently Syesha and Carly. I'll be fine with either one of them going home on Thursday.

I think you don't like David A because he is so boyish... they seem to have his lick/lip problem under control... I still think he's the fav- although I like David C as a performer I think he is more seasoned- David A would have done better waiting a couple years- I still think he will win because of the majority of the people watching are teeny boppers. What do you think?
As for Jason.. I usually don't like him.. he's cute- but he bores me sometimes.. I happen to love the IZ version of Over the Rainbow, so I totally related... look up IZ on youtube... it makes you feel like a Hawaiian vacation... ttyl!

Hey Rod! You might be right about David A. Maybe that's what I don't like about him. They have taken control of the lip-licking almost overnight it would seem. More fuel to the rumor that he's actually a robot made in Simon's basement! LOL!! I don't know who will win but I'm pulling for David C. at this point. I'll look that up on YouTube. I'm sure I'll love it!

Take Care-

I won $400 at Keno in Aruba...then I lost it at Carribean Stud Poker.. Oh well.

I think we will have an upset bottom 3 and that will be David Cook..I'm thinking David Cook, Syesha and Carly... The shocker would be Carly going home..

I LOVE that version Jason was in 50 First Dates..I think that was the first time I heard it..I just think he is SO his half baked sort of way...

Can't wait for tonight!!