Idol gives ME something to WATCH!!  

OMG! Did you SEE that opening number?!?! I know Ducky was in heaven! It was awesome! I LOVE "So You Think You Can Dance" more than Idol I think. If you haven't watched the show, I hope that opening will convince you to watch this season. The kids are fantastic!! Here's the clip in case you missed it. When a better one is loaded, I'll post that one!


There have been some good things tonight so far. I haven't been paying close attention so I may miss something that you liked. If I do, let me know and I'll rewatch that part.

GOOD: Terri Hatcher singing Carrie's song. She didn't do too bad. Here's a really bad video of that part.

BAD: Too much Fergie!!!!!

BAD: Too many wrestlers!!!! Is Fox planning on buying the WWE?

BAD: Celebrities that were too busy to be bothered with actually appearing in person.

GOOD: The top 12 (yes, 12) answering the phones! It's good to see Amanda and Chikezie again. Good for us but bad for the people in the audience, how boring would THAT be to watch in person!

GOOD: The Manning boys! Lick some Oreo cookies boys!

BAD: The overrated Beckhams

BAD: I'm running out of recorded show to fast forward through!!! PANIC!! I may have to watch the rest of the show...THE WHOLE THING!

GOOD: Jimmy Kimmel!! He's awesome. He makes fun of Simon. Best line: About his hair "Who parts that for you? Moses?"

GOOD: More SYTYCD Dancers!!!

GOOD: Sara Silverman and an Elliott sighting all in one!

From Good to Bad: The Idols and Seacrest answering the phones on stage. It is starting to be too much.

BAD: Brooke talking

OH!! Mary Murphy is sitting right in front of Elliot! Maybe they can have Elliott on SYTYCD this year?!?! Hummm? What song would he sing?

BAD: Whatever that crappy song the Idols sang. 6,789,345,654 minutes or whatever it was.

REALLY BAD: I've caught up to real time!

GOOD: My Aunt Shelley called and asked me to check on my parents' flight so that gave me extra time. Then Dave posted a comment to tell me what the crappy song was. This is how it's suppose to sound!

I liked that version MUCH better!

BAD: Too much oversexed Miley Cyrus. She had background dancers for the last song but we didn't see enough of them.

BAD: The Robin Williams bit was too long. I didn't watch the whole thing because it was boring me.

FIERCE: Tyra Banks!!!

GOOD: The sound lady coming out to fix Brad Pitt's mic!

GOOD: My Tivo switched to Top Chef!!!!

Overall, the best part(s) for me had the SYTYCD dancers!!!! I can't wait until May! I miss Cat, Mary, and Nigel!

What was your favorite part?

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The crappy group sing was Seasons of Love from Rent. I used to like it.

ok.. did Mariah sing? Because I went up to bed and didn't finish watching it. I ffwd a lot.. loved the dancers!

I'm not sure if Mariah was there or not. My Tivo has me on a strict schedule! LOL!! I'll find out when I'm surfing around later today.

I also LOVED the dancers. One thing I wish is that the camera would show a wide shot and stay there. I feel like I'm missing things when they cut in and out to different cameras. I was I could have moved Miley out of the way last night. I felt like Joaquin Phoenix in "Signs". "Move, children. Vamanos."

When I saw Michael was answering phones, I immediately got flush just thinking about the possibility of talking to him. I thought about calling, but what are the odds I'd get him? More importantly, what are the odds that all I'd have managed to choke out is something like "uhh...I'd like to give x dollars and...uh....OH MY GOD I WANT TO TAKE A BITE OUT OF YOUR ASS!!"

Yeah, I thought it better not to call.

Thanks for the heads up on the SYTYCD kids. I only recognized people from the first season. I watched two seasons...was there a third? I only remember the year Benji won and the year Sabra won.

Happy to see Travis is sporting the same hair.

I'm sad that I didn't see Pascha!! Pascha in Michael on one stage...can't believe it didn't burst into flames.

Oh GOD...Pascha AND Michael not Pascha IN Michael. Ha ha ha ha. I'm a moron. That would not be hot. My roommate would think it was hot, but I would just cry to know that two more of the good ones weren't playing on my team.