Idol Gives Someone a Plane Ticket Home  

One day and 60 million dollars later, we have the eliminations! Despite rumors that there will be an upset tonight, my money is still on Syesha to get her plane ticket out of here. Not soon enough in my book. Well, let's get to the killings!

I can't believe they are doing an hour long results show this week. I think we've got our share of singing and (good) dancing for one week. I can only hope that the Idols aren't too tired to ham it up during the group sing!


Ryan says we have more guest stars and surprises but there is still time to recap the 2 1/2+ hours that was JUST LAST NIGHT!

Hey! They're doing the group sing I missed last night. I'm not a religious person so I'm not unhappy I missed it. Why didn't they do the show opener again? It's no wonder that video is number one. It was awesome and mostly the SYTYCD dancers!! I hope this get that show more viewers this season. I read a review today that said that Idol might have turned some people off with that number. I think that may be true since I hit the FF button.

Round one:
Brooke - safe (she won't be going to her sister's wedding)
David C. - safe
David A. - safe (damn!)

Damn again! I've caught up to real time!! Time to do a little surfing!

Hey! I downloaded this great picture of my brother at the Hill City Prom.

I love the reflection of Mt. Rushmore in the window!

Well, Jordin was just on with Chris Brown. She got some stuff to hang on her wall. I tried to fast forward my Tivo again but it doesn't go into the future. I think that might be a design flaw! LOL

The Ford commercial. Oh look. They painted the world.

Round two:
Jason - is safe with his $600.00 ukulele.
Kristy Lee Cook - safe

That means Syesha, Carly, and Michael Johns (sorry BeckEye) is in the bottom three.

I think that is the first time in the history of Idol that the bottom three has been done like that. At least I don't remember it happening that way. I didn't see seasons 1 and 2 so maybe it happened then. Let me know if you know.

We hear from Bono, Hillary, John, and Baracak, the final three are brought out to be tortured and then...commercial.

OMG!!! BeckEye just fainted!!! Nigel was right, it was a shocker!!

I can't believe it!!

Michael went home!!!!

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I didn't faint. I'm very much conscious. I'm very much aware that this show is a complete SHAM. Someone's getting an ass whooping this week. I don't even care who it is, I just need to kick some ass.

It's about time Michael went home. I hope next week it's Carly or Syesha.

Nope, didn't see that one coming! No I didn't.
I was gone last night so I just DVR'd and went straight to the last five minutes of the show to see who got whacked. MJ!!! You're kidding me!

So it's Mariah week next week..I'm thinking KLC is on the way out the door..

Jordin and Chris Brown was kinda hot..

I have a feeling at the concert this year I'm going to be all gooshie and stuff like I was with Constantine..hubby had to elbow me..

I want to visit Mt Rushmore... how cool is that?

Oh..and I mean due to Michael Johns and Jason..

OMG i CAN'T wait for the YMDD BLOG.. UGH... !!! yesssssssss