Your Mama Don't Dance  

ETA: Good evening Rod and Rhonda!! I hope you two are doing well. I started this post when the show was on and then had to stop my husband came home early and demanded we have sex! Just kidding! He did come home so I cooked him dinner. BORING! Any who, I'm going to finish it up right now for you. I was planning on blogging LIVE next week but I can't if I want to vote!! I hit the pause button way too much.

I know it's Friday but I'm still reeling from Idol last night. Who would have thought that Michael would be sent packing? I know some of you out there were wishing for it but thought it would ever happen. At least not this soon. Well, what's done is done and now onto other more pressing matters like did Doug and Noelle make it?!?! I'm dying to find out so let's go!

OH! It's Broadway tonight!! YEAH!! Of course, they have to go through the recap from last week but not me!! Ian comes out and talks the talk. Love the tie!! Last week Michael and Nicole and Noelle and Doug were in the bottom and Noelle and Doug are safe!!! YES!! I like them. I actually like everyone but only one pair is going to win. Right now, my money is on Erick and Carol but I haven't seen anything yet tonight.

The pros dance to Fame... Well, that wasn't my favorite. Maybe it was the outfits. The 80's were not so good fashion wise. Leg warmers were a HUGE fashion blunder of that time and three of the dancers are wearing them. I wonder where they found them. Note to Jesse: don't EVER wear leg warmers again.

Jesse and Rebecca are up first dancing in some sparkling outfits! Since there are only four pairs dancing tonight, Ian is REALLY chatting them up. I'm not sure if I'm going to like that. According to the rehearsal video, Rebecca had a hard tie this week. Let's hope she pulls it out. They are doing All That Jazz... They were okay but it seemed really slow. Either that or the dances are longer this week. Depending on what the other pairs do this week, that night have been their last dance. It's time to see the judges for the first time this show so Ian has to explain how the scoring works. What he should say is that the scores are going to be pretty close for Chris and CA and then Ben will pull something completely out of his ass and either help you or send you home. Chris thinks they pulled it off and gives them an 87. CA is talking right now about how the judges job is getting harder. Can i just say BULLSHIT! [rant=on] Chris sets the pace with his score and you just have to decide how many points you're going to knock off or add. Then Ben decides if he's going to play follow the leader or pull something completely off the wall out of his ass. It's been this way since the second show. I'm not sure if any of you remember that Ben was the judge they went to first on the first show. They never did that again. Just food for thought.
[rant=off] CA gives them an 88. Ben is wearing the same dangley earring again. I think he's wore that one on four shows now. It doesn't look that good. Did he just tell Jesse to go to Broadway and sing? He must have attending the Paula Abdul School of Judging. He gives them an 88.

Brooke and Eric are up next. Are they doing something from Grease? I hope so! Brooke says it was really exciting to get a 99 from Ben last week. I'm sure it was. That's an automatic "see ya next week!" Eric has never seen Grease! I didn't know he was Amish! You must really have to try hard to avoid seeing Grease. I'm with Brooke, it's VERY un-American not to have seen Grease... THAT was great! Eric did a fantastic job and, like last week, the routine was even. There were no solos that have the parent standing there snapping their fingers. I liked it. I liked it A LOT! Chris calls it the highlight of the season (I think that's what he meant) and gives them a 94. CA enjoyed it and gives them a 95! I bet Ben's going to give them a 100 this week. Nope! He gives them a 99...again!

Erick and Carol are in cowboy get-ups! They look ridiculous and they know it! Carol is attempting the cartwheel that Jonathan wanted Rodilyn to do. I wonder how that's going to look. If they are successful, it will add some points to their scores. They are dancing to Anything you can do... They did the cartwheel and they needed it. This was no where near as good as Brooke and Eric. It was kind of boring and had a lot of walking around and poking each other. Not THAT way! Get your mind out of the gutter!! Chris liked the tricks and lifts and gives them a 91. CA thought it was fun and gives them a 91. Ben wanted Carol to sing it and gives them a 91.

So far so good. The judging has been consistent. Brooke and Eric are on top followed by Erick and Carol, with Jesse and Rebecca bringing up the rear and already in the bottom two. Doug and Noelle have to beat a 91 to avoid another showing in the bottom two because the pair you don't want to be in the bottom two with is Jesse and Rebecca!

Closing the show is Noelle and Doug. LOVE the outfits! Noelle looks good in green! They must be doing Hairspray. Doug says last week wasn't his genre. TOO funny!! I started laughing more when Noelle said "He has genre's now." Their video package made me tear up! I'm glad they didn't get voted off. They are dancing to You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray... I LOVED it! I think it was better than Erick and Carol. Doug and Noelle really lucked out with getting this. It's a peppy number that makes everyone want to dance! Chris calls it awesome and gives them a 94. CA says they have heart, it was on beat and gives them a 93. Come on Ben!!! Give them a good...WOW! Ben gives them a 97 without the chit chat! They are NOT in the bottom two!

It will be Jesse and Rebecca and Erick and Carol in the bottom two this week. Next week is the live finale with voting!

I believe I will go vote for Jesse and Rebecca! Who are you voting for?

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ok.. I stand corrected. I do believe I was given mis-information.. with that being said


Rod, I am so glad you found this site. I must say Kristi, its the first thing I pulled up this morning (while on the air) and once again, laughed until my sides hurt. Quickly, I adore Brooke and Eric (I hope they win it all). I can't stand princess Carol and Erick. She, for some reason rubs me the wrong way. I haven't been impressed by her since the start. So, I guess I will be voting for Jesse and Rebecca.. UGG/SIGH again. However, if they win this competition over all of the other (better) dancers, I will be very unhappy. Thanks Kristi for making my monday.