It's down to 7 without a Mate!  

This week is Mariah Carey week...without Michael Johns. I guess that's one thing he should be happy about. I don't like Mariah Carey with her high notes that shatter eardrums and drive dogs insane and I don't think I ever will. I'm stubborn that way. I've looked at the song spoilers and I only know one song for sure. I'm pretty sure I've heard them all but I can't tell by the titles and I'm too lazy to do any searching.

I wonder how many times Randy will say "That song is too big for you."

The show starts with Ryan saying that "we're down to 7 and it's up to you." Get it? 7-up! That Ryan is so cleaver.

What the hell is Syesha wearing? Did she look in a mirror?

AWWWW! Mariah has a Jack Russell! Isn't he cute!!

David A. (5701) is up first. He is singing When You Believe....Before I start talking about how boring that was I have something I would like to say. When is he going to do some other type of song? I'm sick of the Up With People theme he has going on. With that said, I didn't like it. He's okay. I can see why people like him. He is going to sell quite a few CDs but not to me. Let's watch as the judges trip over themselves to tell him how great he was. Randy says David can sing anything. Paula says Mariah must be proud. Simon thought it was very good.

Carly (5702) get some extra chair time with Ryan. Oh look! She's wearing sleeves! They talk about Michael. She is doing Ken Lee I mean Without You... Well, she looked really good. The arrangement was odd and the notes went all over the place. She was trying too hard to not be like the original that she didn't sing it well at all. I think what would have been cool is to turn this one on it's head and make it an angry, punk-rockish song. THAT would have been awesome. Randy says some junk about her lower range and calls it pretty good. Paula says she soared. Simon doesn't think she pulled it out and neither did I. She might be in trouble.

Syesha (5703) is third and singing Vanishing, whatever the hell that is... This song is the perfect example of why I don't like Mariah Carey. Too much melisma! "AH" is not meant to be 26 syllables! Her music has a lot of OHs as well. OH! Almost forgot to critic her! She sang a Whitney version of a Mariah song which is NOT a good thing. Randy says she did a good job all things considered. Paula blabs on way to much and I've given up trying to find the point. Simon says that she was technically good but may be at risk.

Brooke (5704) gets extra chair time to talk about missing her sister's wedding. She is singing Hero... HEY! A friend of mine like to sing that at karaoke! ... Boring. I thought it would never end. Randy thinks it was pretty good with the singer/songwriter look. Paula calls her authentic and identifiable. Simon calls it a hamburger without the meat. A fight then ensues between Randy and Simon. Randy says the meat was there. Simon says fine! It's missing the onion and tomato. Randy says the condiments were missing. Paula says that Ryan and Brooke look really good together standing on stage. She's right.

Kristi Lee Cook (5705) is doing Forever. Mariah got goose bumps I hope I do too... They put in too many hair extensions. The chorus parts were good. The beginning was bad. I am really not liking the girls this year. Actually, I think I'm just mad that I've had to sit through all the singers I don't like before getting the to two that I do like. Oh well. Randy says she stepped up at the end. Paula is blown away and calls her smart then babbles. Simon calls it whiny but smart. I didn't know she was an Amazon! She's HUGE next to Ryan.

Pots and Pans in the house!!!!

David C. (5706) is in sixth position singing Always Be My Baby... He is AWESOME!!! He looked awesome. He sounded awesome. He IS awesome!!! I'll be buying that when it goes on sale. I can't wait to hear the full version. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it! It was tender where it needed to be tender and angry at the right time. You know, Idol is REALLY smart this year making these available on iTunes. I have quite the collection going. Randy calls him a hot recording artist and gives him a standing ovation! Paula thinks that song should be in the movies. Simon calls it a breath of fresh air while calling all the previous performers bad karaoke! I GOT SO EXCITED I DROPPED MY MOUSE INTO MY TEA!! CRAP! What a wonderful thing to happen with his brother in the audience. In case you didn't know, he brother is battling cancer and almost couldn't make it.

Jason (5707) is singing I Don't Wanna Cry... I liked it. I thought is was a very nice, very Jason version of the song. It hard to follow that awesome performance by the next American Idol, David Cook. David Archawhata?? Jason really does look like John Travolta. Since I liked it, I'm sure Randy and Simon won't. It always seems to work that way. Randy didn't love it and said it felt like he was at a luau. Paula said she would love to be at that luau listening all night long...with a pitcher full of Sex on the Beach...or maybe just sex on the beach! Okay, she didn't say all of that just the stuff about the luau. Simon agrees with Paula and calls it cool. He also says that the guys won the night and I have to agree.

I think it's safe to say that the bottom three is going to be all female. I don't think the producers are going to get away with Georging anyone (splitting 6 of the idols into two groups of three, telling the last person they are safe and making them pick the top group). My bottom three would have to be Carly, Brooke and Syesha (she will be in my bottom three until she leaves). I felt that Kristi actually did the best out of the women tonight and will be safe. We all know that David A. is safe along with David Cook and Jason. As much as I'd like to say that Syesha will be going home, I think she will escape the noose one more time because Carly is going to be packing her bags and heading back to the tattoo parlor.

Who do you think will be leaving?

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I hope your mouse is okay!

I'm not trying to hate on Brooke- I like her. But tonight was absolutely HORRENDOUS (did I spell that right?) I mean it was the WORST. She was all over the place... her pitch was bad the tone was off- and her squeaking ass voice got on my LAST NERVE! HA!

I predict Carly is going home too. That 7th Place finish will match the 7's she has tattooed on her fingers. It's perfect!

I'm guessing Carly too. Do I need to mention that I really don't care anymore, since Michael is gone or does that go without saying?

I have this feeling it is Brooke..although I really wanted her around for Neil Diamond week. I don't know if she can "make it" going out this early.

LOVED David Cook, the best of the evening by far.