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Greetings kind and gentle blog readers! Welcome all you newbies and thanks for stopping by. I had over 250 new visitors today!! I don't think they stayed very long but at least they stopped by.

Tonight, we celebrate someone home and my money (and half my points) are on Carly. I was too chicken to put all my eggs in one basket so I put 10 on Brooke too. I'm tired of thinking that Syesha is going to leave but she will be in my bottom three until that glorious day!

As usually, I'm doing this semi-live. I've let my Tivo do a little warm up without me so I don't have to sit through those gaud awful phone calls. I also don't want to sit through Mariah. One bright note, Elliott will be on the show tonight. I feel bad for him because his mom died. I hope he is doing better. I've haven't lost a parent yet but I've lost grandparents and it still hurts.

Anywho, on to more happy things like the death of someone's dreams!

Ryan outlines the evening: Mariah, Elliott, phone calls (YUCK), and elimination...but first, the judges. What are their names again, I seem to have forgotten since last night. I really think that you have to have lived in a cave in the desert for the past seven year to NOT know the judges on this show.

Group sing!! Just a few thoughts: not enough goofy dance moves for Jason, Carly's shirt need to be burned, the hairstylists were asleep at the wheel tonight (poor Carly, Kristy, and Syesha), it fell COMPLETELY apart at the middle, and it should never be watched again.

Tuesday's highlights, fast forward.

Round one eliminations:
Jason - left group
(Quote: "I haven't been to the beach much and I really like it." He is so goofy, I love him!)
David Cook - right group ??
Carly - left group
Kristi - right group (she called Simon a butt!)

Ford commercial, boring.

Elliott Yamin in the house!!!!!!!

I don't know about you but I thought that was fantastic! Half way through I thought about his mom and how proud she was of him and I started to tear up. Then Elliott show his hand with "We miss you mom" on it and I shed a few tears. Can I vote for him?

Round two eliminations:
Syesha - left group
Brooke - right group

I was right! They are going to "George" David A.!

My guess is that the left group is the bottom three.

Phone calls
, fast forward.

Mariah Carey
, fast forward.

Round three eliminations:
David A. is safe.
Ryan switches David Cook and Syesha and THEN asks David A. to join the safe group. He got the memo and sits down on the stage. David Cook joins David A. and the floor. Crap! Carly is safe!!!! Son of a biscuit eater!!

Kristi, Brooke, Syesha are the bottom three and Syesha is sent back to safety. Well, it looks like Brooke is out of here. NO! Son of a crap head! Kristi Lee Cook is going home. I guess people were mad that she stayed over Michael Johns last week.

I think I got a few points with the bonus questions in the office pool and not the big points.

Oh well!

It's okay the Kristi left. At this point, it's just a waiting game until the dueling David's finale.

Is it okay with you?

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You and I had the same reaction to Carly being in the safe group. I wish that girl would go back to Ireland and stay off my TV. I thought Brooke was a goner too, but I'm relieved that she's back.

Bye Kristy. I would say, "You and the horse you rode in on" but that would be cruel.

I'm good with KLC being gone..
The guy on my morning radio show is using some of Dave's terms..I should tell him..

I thought Elliot sounded awesome but his new teeth bug me..kinda like Hillary Duff..
I cried too when they talked about his mom.. :-(

Next week should be interesting.


Hey Kristi! This is totally unrelated to Idol, but I wanted to send you a little comment.

Don't get Singstar for PS2!! My sister and I bought it a few months ago and ended up returning it. Of course, we had to pull this huge scheme to get our money back, because of that stupid rule about returning video games/movies/music.

Anyways, there are no options to take turns singing when you are playing with 2 players. You both have to sing at the same time, then you are judges by who did it better. The worst part was, my sister kept winning. Now, I'm not the best singer in the world, but if you heard my tone-deaf sister, you would think that I am a pro! Anyways, look for a different karaoke PS2 game, because Singstar really sucks!!

P.S. Love your blog! I enjoy reading about some stuff other than idol every once in a while. Keep up the good work!

~Sunshine (on a public computer so I didn't log in)

hey there! ok.. so glad KLC is gone as well... she wasn't special. Carly usually bugs me, but didn't really bug me last week- so maybe that's why she's still on. Brooke worked my nerves last week. Otherwise, happy with America's choice. So you have to watch YMDD there is another production number that was supposed to air the first episode with all the dancers- you'll see that tonight and of course the winner...... :) Sorry I didn't msg last night- but I don't have a laptop and I'm too lazy to sit at the desktop.. haha ttyl