How to order a sandwich  

Earlier this week I stopped into the Olde Towne Cafe for a sandwich. I've only been there a couple of times but every time, they have a fixed menu. I'm not sure if it's like that all the time but I think so. On the menu they had a turkey and provolone on a croissant but I wanted Ham and Swiss. They also had a ham sandwich and another kind of sandwich that had Swiss cheese. When the waiter took my order, I asked him if I could get the Turkey and Provolone except with ham and Swiss. His answer, "No, it's a fixed menu." So I decided that I'd try it a different way. I pointed at the ham sandwich and asked if I could get that on a croissant instead. His answer, "Sure." Okay, step one complete. Then I added, "Can you throw a slice of Swiss cheese on that as well?" "No problem," he says. Can you believe it?!?! I'm not even sure if he EVER realized that I got what I originally asked for.

The sandwich was really good by the way!

Check out Air Quote for another fabulous story of customer service in Winchester, VA.

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Good job!
There's more than one way to skin a cat...or make a Ham and Swiss on a Croissant.