Your Mama Don't Dance - Mom Version 3/7  

Howdy! And a big welcome me! I've been busy and neglecting this show. I received a comment today from one of the contestants (can you believe it!!) and I promised that I would try to catch up. Of course, a friend of mine is on Spring Break this week and wanted to go to a couple of Thrift Stores after work and I just got home. I got a couple of pretty neat books and I'll be sharing those with all of my readers later. I haven't had dinner so I'm going to take a moment to order a pizza.

Have you ordered from Domino's Online lately? They have the coolest thing. It's a Pizza Tracker and it tells you what is going on with your pizza in real time. Tasha has already put my pizza in the oven!

Anyway, back to the task at hand. Your Mama Don't Dance! Last week (in my viewing time) we watched the girls dance with their dads. All the stories were touching and I liked all the pairs (I've decided that "pairs" is a good term for this show NOT couples). This week, the show starts with letting us know who goes home from the daughter/dad combos. It's been a little too long and I can't remember who I voted for but I liked them both. Heather and Stephen are saved and I think I voted for them...yeah, that's it. I'm always right! It's sad that people have to be eliminated but someone has to win. As I said, I liked both pairs. The losing pair is sad to go but glad they got to take part.

The first son/mom pair is Jonathan and Rodilyn. Rodilyn is the contestant that stopped by my blog!!! COOL! Hi Rodilyn! Let me know if I can put a link to your MySpace page in my blog. I hope I like you two! Jonathan was a cheerleader before dancing. Rodilyn has SIX kids! One of her children was diagnosed with leukemia. Kids and cancer should not mix! Can I just say that Rodilyn looks DAMN good for having six kids! Jonathan and Rodilyn have a great relationship and I'm already getting teary!! They look spiffy in their dance outfits. Let's see how rehearsals went first. Well, judging by the tape, it was A LOT of work! They are dancing to "Rapture" by Blondie! That is one of my all time faves! Well, I guess I'm voting for them! Their dance was pretty good. There were a few times that were a little more like walking then dancing but I think that was just nerves. They had some nice moves in the middle and the end and an excellent finish! Let's see what the judges have to say. If Ben tells them that they already won, I'm not going to listen to the judges anymore. (My pizza is here!) Ian goes to Chris first and Chris loves Jonathan and think Rodilyn is hot. He gives them an 86. Vitamin Girl give them a 79. Ben babbles on give them a 90. Not bad!

Second up is Dante and Dolores. Dante does ballet and is from Jersey. Dolores is actually Dante's step-mom and he didn't like her too much in the beginning. But it looks like they are getting along now. They come out in their outfits and she is rocking the 80's look! Rehearsal didn't look like ti went well. They are dancing to "Shut up and Drive". I thought I'd be doing something from the 80's. Oh well! Dante seems to be doing a lot of dancing and Dolores seems to be doing a lot of walking and pointing. They are pulling a page out of Heather and Stephen's play book and standing on the edge of the dance floor playing to the crowd. I didn't like them near as much as the first couple pair. Chris give them an 81. Vitamin Girl gives them a 78. Ben gives them a 92 but not before babbling.

Jesse and Rebecca are the third pair of the night. Mom can do some popping! At least that's what I think it's called. Rebecca has had breast cancer twice. Okay, ANYONE and cancer just sucks! When asked who his least favorite dancer partner would be, he actually said his mom. He's the first one to do that. They come out with their dance outfits on and it looks like were in for some hip hop...but not until we see how rehearsal went. As with the previous pairs, it did not go well, They are dancing to the always awesome "You Dropped the Bomb on Me" by Grand Funk Railroad! With what I've seen as far and their choice of music, I KNOW I'm gonna like them! And I do, I loved the attitude, dancing not so much but I can over look that. Rebecca looked like she had a great time. Chris gives them a 90. Vitamin Girl gives them an 82! Ben babbles before giving them a 73!! WTH is wrong with Ben??

Fourth up is Erick and Carol. When they revealed his mom as his dance partner, He said she was the number one person he would want to dance with!
How sweet! How can anyone dislike any of the contestants on this show? They look classy in their outfits! Guess what? Rehearsals seemed to go pretty well. Guess what? They seem to be doing ACTUAL Contemporary Dance with a capital "C"! WOW! That's a tough thing to do! They was the best dancing so far. Let's see how the judges liked it. Chris gives them a 95! Vitamin Girl gives them an 86! Ben is speechless, yeah right! He babbles before giving them a 100!! OMG!!!! Where are they going to go from here? It's the first 100 of the show. I forgot to say they danced to "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins (If I got that wrong, I'm sure someone will let me know.

Jeremy and Doris are the last pair. Jesse is a mama's boy...go figure. They outfits are classy as well. Their rehearsals went pretty good! So I'm expecting them to kick some ass. They are dancing to "Paint it Black" from Guitar Hero III! Ha-Ha! They did Contemporary with a capital "C" as well. Not too bad but not as good as Erick and Carol.
Chris gives them an 89. Vitamin Girl gives them an 81. Ben babbles again and give them a 74! Ben is on something!

The bottom two pairs are Jeremy and Doris and Jesse and Rebecca. Since the next show has already happened, I hope that Jesse and Rebecca were saved. I have two favorites from this episode, Erick and Carol and Jonathan and Rodilyn. Who are your favorites? Are you watching?

I'll see tomorrow who got to stay but right now it's time for American Idol.

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