We all Live in a Yellow Time Machine!  

Well, not really but it does feel like we're repeating ourselves with another Lennon/McCarney Beatles week. Did they sing song last week that weren't from the Beatles? I'm delayed a bit in starting this post because I had to finish up an episode of Your Mamma Don't Dance. Check it out below. I should be able to catch up if I don't write too much. It is a two-hour show so there will be plenty of filer to fast forward through.

Ryan tells us that the theater holds 500 people. I really needed to know that, thanks Ryan. If things go as they have been, Pots and Pans (Ramiele) gets the pimp spot tonight. That's odd. Maybe the order IS done randomly?

Randy is sleepy. Paula uses the word gumption. Simon says it's half and half between popularity and singing ability. I'm fast forwarding through the Beatles stuff.

Amanda (5701) is in the dead-man's spot. She is singing "Back in the USSR." I hope I can understand her. (pause) I understood almost every word. What's up with that? Was she able to do that the whole time and just decided to pull it out now since she got the dead-man's spot? I'm not sure if VTFW is going to be able to support her after tonight. However, she is the only non-pop contestant and doesn't fit into the normal Idol mold so they probably will continue their support. Also, can you just imagine her during Mariah Carey week?!?! Randy and Paula liked it for the most part. Simon would like her to do something different.

Kristy Lee Cook (5702) is next and will be killing "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" this week. (Pause) I don't know what to say. It was okay but very boring and seemed very long. Even she looked bored towards the end. I don't like her anyway and I hope she's next to go. She did end it with and Idol glory note. Randy doesn't know about it. Paula gives her the kiss of death and tells her she looks great. Simon tells her she's not a good performer. He can be just plain mean some times. This is a lesson to all you Idol wanna-bes out there. Be yourself and do what you want to do. Don't listen to what the judges say. They told her to take a risk. She did that last week and they hated it and told her to stick to the original. This week she stick to the original, for the most part, and they don't like it because it was boring and she didn't change it up. Sometimes, you just can't win.

Kermit the Star Search Boy (5703) is going to try to remember the words to "The Long and Winding Road". (Pause) He remembered all the words this time, that's a plus. I only saw him lick his lips 6 times. I couldn't always see his mouth so I'm sure the actual count is higher. I'm sure the judges will trip over themselves praising him. I'm sorry, I just don't like him. He seems like a Michael Buble type of singer which is NOT my type of singing. Rodilyn (Your Mama Don't Dance) likes him and so do the judges. I don't get all the love. I guess it's just me.

Ryan does a little product placement advertising for AT&T and iTunes and then makes fun of the whole thing by making the judges do a product placement ad for Coke. I chuckled.

Michael Lee Johns (5704) will be singing "A Day In The Life". I love this song too bad I don't like Michael. (Pause) I think the arrangement sucks ass. He was out of tune for quite a bit of the beginning and spend a lot of his time on "ah-ah-ah" crap instead of singing. I wonder if the judges will like it or hate it. I'm predicting that Randy will like most of it. Paula will like it and say something about color or being true to who he is and Simon will call it self-indulgent (which it was). Am I right? I'm wrong on Randy, he didn't like it. I'm wrong about Paula too! Simon didn't call it self-indulgent but he didn't like it. BTW, Michael sang the song for a dead friend. That's nice but a shameful grab for sympathy votes IMO.

I HAVE to have a MacBook Air! I think I'm said this before. Has someone let my husband know yet? You should.

Brooke (5705) will be singing a Carly Simon Carole King version of "Here Comes The Sun". I don't really like her either if you can't tell. (Pause) Oh look, she has a sun rising in the background monitor. Who would have ever thought of that? Maybe it WAS more of a Carly version? I don't like it when she talks to the judges. Randy didn't really like her performance either. Paula liked the color of her dress which was yellow...like the sun. Simon called it terrible and predictable. She tries to talk over top of Simon but he just keeps on going. Good for him! I know someone that interrupts you when your talking and it pisses me off! She just told Simon to "Listen!" OMG! That was a bad move. NO, Ryan, I do NOT have to love her.

David C. (5706) is singing "Day Tripper" the White Snake Version. Love White Snake! (Pause) I think I'm going to have to vote for him tonight. I liked it. I will be purchasing that this week from iTunes. That'll be another 99 cents from me for the Idol machine. I'm not so sure about the whole Peter Frampton guitar/voice thingy he did but I can overlook that this time. Randy and Paula liked it but Simon didn't. Do all British guys sound effeminate or is it just Simon?

Kellie Pickler is going to be on the results show. Oh joy.

Carly (5707) is next. She is singing "Blackbird". It's a good song. (Pause) I liked it but it was a bit boring. She seems to hunch over when she sings. The shirt is bad. Randy and Paula love it and Randy even makes up new word. Simon calls THIS song indulgent. She is also talking during the judges time. Did I say the I don't like that? I think I did. That was WAY too much talking for me. Holy crap! She got 7 tats on her fingers! Is she planning on going to prison?

Jason (5708) will be singing "Michelle". He is too funny! He thought "ma belle" was in English so I guess it thought it was "BELL". That's good stuff right there! (Pause) Last week I said he was getting boring and predictable. I guess it must have been the song choice because he's sings the same type of song this week but I love it!! He is so cute and does this crooked-smile-singing thing that makes me smile. When he started walking around and put his hand in the air with a little French twist, it was priceless! I hope the judges like him as much as I did. I'll be voting for him too! Randy didn't really like it. Paula didn't really like it either. Simon tells him that his face sold it and he's right! I'll buy this song too!

Syesha (5709) is singing "Yesterday". I'm not a big fan of her either. She is so self-centered. (Pause) It was a mess. She was all over the place with the runs and the notes. I wouldn't be sad if she went home tomorrow. Randy really liked it and the arrangement. Paula liked it but wants more connection. Simon told it was her best performance so far but not incredible.

I hope Chikezie (5710) blows me away again. He will hopefully be slapping the funk on "I've Just Seen Her Face". (Pause) I'm not sure about it. There was no funk brought just country. He lost me with the harmonica. Randy is just as confused as I am. Paula got it but that's because she's high. Simon liked the beginning and but not the rest.

Pots and Pans (5711) has the pimp spot and is singing "I Should Have Known Better". (Pause) Was it just me or did she remind you of Kathy Lee Gifford singing? It was just too Muzak/white bread for me. She's in danger of being in the bottom three but I don't think she'll go home because she's in the pimp spot. I don't think ANYONE has ever gone home if they sang last. Randy and Paula didn't really like it and Simon REALLY didn't like it.

Who were your favorites?

The bottom three will be Ramiele, Syesha, and Kristy Lee Cook with Syesha drawing the short straw. I think the Kristy's fans are strong enough to keep her here one more week. They want her to get her horse back.

Who are your bottom three and who do you think will leave?

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Chikieze made a poor choice, attempting to learn to play harmonica in a week, but I liked him for the most part.
Ramiele was not good tonight. I thought her arrangement needed the back-up singers for harmony, and no one was there. It was really awkward.
I am really ready for Amanda to go. I do think the next three gone will be Amanda, Kristy, and Ramiele in some order.

I predicted Amanda, Kristy and Chikezie for the Bottom 3 with Amanda going home. I'd rather see Kristy go, but she always seems to survive against all odds, so I think she'll make it through yet again. I think that horse story might just be the key to why people are voting for her. If she gets on the tour a lot of them will probably stop, since she'll make more than enough money on the tour to buy the horse back.

I want to see Syesha leave also, but since "Yesterday" is such a beloved song I doubt that's going to happen this week.

OMG! You are counting the lip licks too!!!!! I also counted six. But like you said...

Last night was a snoozer. No wonder I slept so well. LOL

Loved the Raimilie/Kathy Lee comparison. They even kind of rhyme. I am a fool for Chikeze. I don't care about hee haw or harmonicas. I smile my face off whenever he is singing. I was watching with friends and said "If I was 15 I would paper my room with pictures of Jason Castro. My pal said, "If my husband would let me I would do it now." He has that disarming charm...

What did you think of Amanda's "There is no way in hell I am going to win this so I may as well drum up some business" speech?

Hi Brun! Jason does have that charm! I'd plaster his pics up if my husband let me as well.

I think Amanda has been fed up with the whole Idol thing for awhile. I think it's not exactly what she thought it was going to be!

I like DA because he has a pure raw voice. I also like that he is humble and absolutely adorable. I get chills when he sings. I do think it would do him some good to mature a little- but look at Jordin- she's young.. and she's puttin that music DOWN BABY!