Air Quotes

I was in Food Lion the other day and the lady behind the counter at the bakery asked me if I needed any help.

Me: Can you tell me where the sun-dried tomatoes are?

Lady: I think they're in aisle 3 in the *air quotes* ethnic *air quotes* section. They are either with the *air quotes* Mexican *air quotes* or the *air quotes* Chinese *air quotes* food.

I kid you not! I couldn't believe she was doing that. It was all I could do to not start laughing right there. Did any of you see the episode of Friends where Joey can't figure out how to use Air Quotes correctly? She didn't!

When I told my husband this, he said I should have told her *air quotes* Thank you *air quotes*! I wish I would have thought of that!

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LOl! I remember the episode adn this woman is definitely the fema;e version of Joey!


I was over at a friends house when I saw him used "air quotes" over the phone. I kid you not. And I assure you, the air quotes were for the benefit of the person on the other end of the line, not for me.

Right. Or *air quotes* Are you *double air quotes* racist *double air quotes*,or something? *air quotes. That would have really out-airquoted her! Hey--I like your blog!


Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it.

Passive Aggressive is a joy innit?


I do like the phrase *air quotes* Air Quotes *air quotes*! I hadn't heard it before... hmm now to find a way to jemmy it into my next post!


Mrs L Carrot