"Oh! And when she was in rehab, she huffed hairspray!"

I was walking to work this morning and over heard this. There were two young guys sitting on a bench waiting for the Dollar General to open, having a conversation about some girl they knew. I'm just glad I didn't know them...or her.

Good Morning!

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Speaking as someone who has never huffed hairspray.....I say 'ewwwww'

Guess a) it's like sniffing glue and b) rehab is not the place to do that!!


Here via Michele's :-)

You're right, I think the LAST place you would want to do that is rehab.

We shouldn't even use hairspray, let alone huff it!!

Kristi, thanks for the visit. I am in Raleigh, and that is where the show is tonight, at our RBCCenter. My daughter gave me the tickets for Mother's Day. I am so lucky!

It sounds like you're certainly ecoplan "friendly" hahaha. great to hear from you again.

huffing hairspray. hmmmmmm.

Hahaha! That's not something you hear everyday. Thank goodness! :)

Glad to see you're back!