Embarrassed...Who? Me?  

When I was around 10 or 11, I was playing kick ball during church youth group one day. Whenever it was my turn, the other team would move infield and start yelling "She can't kick" and "Easy Out". Well, I had enough! I was determined to kick that damn darn ball to the other side of the field! My fists were clenched along with my jaw. The ball started coming towards me and everyone was yelling. I ran up to it, drew my leg back and prepared to kick that ball harder than ever before! Here it is! The moment of truth! And I...missed the ball completely and fell flat on my back! I can't tell you what happened next because I have blocked the rest of that day out of my mind. What I can tell you is this: this is in no way, shape, or form my MOST embarrassing moment. That will go to the grave with me!

What's one of your embarrassing moments?

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When we first moved to Arkansas, the kids were playing kick ball at church one night. Of course it was mostly the boys against the girls. What they didn't know was that our daughter had been playing soccer for four years. The first time they rollled the ball to her, she kicked it into the next zip code. All of a sudden, having a girl on your team didn't seem like such a bad idea. It was hilarious.

I don't know if this is embarrassing as much as it is a poor choice of wording.

I used to work a job where we took turns making the mail run. After going down to the mail room, we'd bring it back to the office, sort it and deliver it to the appropriate persons.

Being a small department in a large university and having a mail room that was run by work-study students and people who were a few fries short of a value meal, there was lots of misdirected mail which we'd ship back to the mail room, often tagged with the correct department.

So one day, it's my turn and after spreading everything out on my desk I run across an envelope addressed to "Betsy M. Bonken".

This was probably the third piece of mail that afternoon that was delivered to us by mistake, so I hollared out to no one in particular, "Who's Betsy Bonken?"

(Say it out loud if you don't find it funny)

What followed was a silence that lasted several seconds. At first I thought my co-workers were looking through the staff directory or something like that . . . you know, being helpful.

As it turns out, they were searching for that one perfect reply.

I looked up from the envelope, hoping to get some help with the misdirected mail when one of my "friends" breaks the silence and says, "Probably the midget down in the registrar's!"