Sanjaya is in the HOUSE!  

It's that time of the week, death-day. Today we see the end of some one's "dreams" and the beginning of their downward spiral into drugs and sex. Oh wait! That was just Jessica Sierra! It's the end of the Idol-brick Road for someone. My money (and all of my office pool points) is on David H. Let's see if I can jump ahead in the standings. I think I'm in place 145 now.

That show has started but I wanted to finish last weeks episode of "America's Next Top Model" it was the make over show which is always...fierce! I'm not that into ANTM this season so I can't even tell you the name of the person who went home. I can tell you that it was the chick that never said "Thank you". Anyway, on with the show!

Less than 30 seconds into it and Ryan introduces Jim Carey in the audience. He's dressed like a bad Horton?!? WTF?!? Doesn't he have tons of money? Does he really have that much invested in this new movie that he feels compelled to dress up like an idiot for the home audience? Apparently so. Not so witty banter ensues between Ryan and Jim with so very bad jokes about Fox movies and the elephant in the room. Why do they love to torture us like this?

Ryan just announced that next week is going to be MORE Lennon/McCartney songs? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I will start now in hoping that Kermit the Star Search Kid will eff-up again! Medley time!! They just sang parts of a ton of songs and I'm pretty sure they rehearsed a whole hour on that. I normally enjoy the group sing (or pointy pose, as Jennifer calls it) but this one didn't seem to thought out. Where are the matching outfit?

I would be SOOO pissed if I was sitting behind Jim Carey!

SANJAYA and SISJAYA!!!!!! Is it Christmas? Maybe my birthday?


It's time for the recap of what we saw last night in case we are all morons. Well, we are watching American Idol! Just Kidding! I really liked Chikezie!!

It's the standard bottom three search.

First group:
Carly - safe
Michael - safe
Jason - safe
Syesha - bottom three (I think she had a fight with her hair brush tonight)

Since we have an hour to kill, they are making Syesha redo the crap she did last night. I'm pretty sure she's worse tonight. The end was painful!!!!!!


The Ford commercial is to "The Distance" by Cake. I would have preferred "Stick Shifts and Safety Belts" but that's just me.

Great! More filler! Horton Hears a Who filler to be exact.

Second group:
Chikezie - safe
Amanda - safe
David C - safe
Kristy - bottom three (queen of the poopy dance)

I will have to say, I liked the fact that she was looking for the mic before she was told she was in the bottom 3. My ears are bleeding! I must fast forward! Simon didn't like it any better.

They are taking calls? Oh yeah, I heard about that.

On a side note, quite a few bloggers had Chikezie leaving first Including the High Lord. I would have put him first to leave as well...if I had been quicker!


They are actually taking calls. The first caller asks Jason which American Idol judge he would be. I'm guessing that he'll go with Paula for all the cool drugs! I couldn't sit and listen to the rest. Great! Now it's Kat singing to her daddy husband. Enough of that!


I have to admit I really laughed at Jim Carey on the couch! Him rocking back and forth saying "I know it's gonna be me." Too funny. I know we've seen it before but it was still funny.

Third Group (called to the stage):
David A. - safe
Brooke - safe
Ramiele - safe

Danny Sighting!!!! He's my newest MySpace friend!

David H. - bottom three (start practicing that tricky g-string removal maneuver)

I'm not listening to this again. I love TiVo!

--commercials (I really love TiVo)

The first person sent back to the couches is... But first, we have to hear from the judges. Blah, blah, blah.

The first person safe is Syesha. I'm one step closer to 20 points!!

The person going home is David!! Yes! Give me them 20 points!!! Start practicing your stripper moves tonight!

I'm happy. Are you happy?

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Thanks for stopping by BrainFreeze. I was still editing and posting when you came by.
I had David H. pegged for the cab ride to LAX tonight. I thought that he had the least impressive stage presence and he picked a song that he couldn't hit all of the notes. He left the high notes to the back-up singers. Huge mistake.
I was actually hoping that Sanjaya (Mowgli from Jungle Book) would be voted off the show again.
I do think Kristy and Ramiele are living on borrowed time, and if Amanda continues her One Trick Pony, she will find herself in the bottom three shortly.


ITA. Can't imagine the torture of watching this show without TiVO. Like your blog style!

I'm not happy. While I don't really have a problem with David going, I was hoping Syesha or Kristy would go. Oh well. There's always next week.

I thought about you when I spotted our boy. (I think you and I were the only ones who truly appreciated that he single-handedly carried last year's show.)

How many lives does Kristy Lee have anyway?

Thanks for stopping by DancingQueen! Do you have a blog?

Since AI seems to invite many former contestants back each year, if only to fill in the audience how about another show? Let's call it Almost An Idol. I would be made up of contestants that finished no higher than fifth place on the main show and a few of those that we believe got the shaft and didn't make either the top 24 or got voted off before making the top 12. We would get to see Sanjaya, John Peter Lewis, Haley Scarnoto, Antonella Barba, Patrick Hall, Kevin Covias, Scott Savol, Melissa McGhee, Mikalah Gordon, and Chris Sligh again.
Theme nights could include, Songs from the Partridge Family, The Best of th 40's swing music, Pop Diva tunes (only Mariah, Celene, and Whitney Songs), One hit Wonders, Music from Disney Movies, Commercial Jingles of the 70's and Songs from "America's Got Talent." Sounds like fun, huh?

I think I'll develop this idea into a post for my blog. Stay tuned for further developments.

I'm still hoping for the Wheel of Death™ and Screw Your Buddy™ night.

Oh, you're giving those kids waaaay too much credit. No way they rehearsed that medley for more than 20 minutes.