Holy Moley!!!  

I LOVE Vote for the Worst!!! I was on their site earlier today and posted a few comments (about 4) with a link to this blog. Before I tell you what happened I should tell you that the most traffic I have ever had on my blog during one day is 35. So imagine my surprise when I pulled up my stat counter and saw the following.

OH! MY! GOD!!!! I think I peed myself a little!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! Next time...leave a comment! The comment thing goes for my regular readers too!

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Send some people my way!!!!

Where do you get a tracker for daily visits? I've got a counter, but not one that tracks people by day.

Send me an email


Try Sitemeter.
Nice blog,Kristi.
Another VfTW fence sitter here.

Hey Anon! Thanks for stopping by! Last year it was easy to be a Worster, this year, not so much. No one is an over the top winner of the VFTW voting bloc. If only Danny had made it!