She Loves You...  

...or not. According to the Internets, the kids are singing the Beatles tonight AND they only had a list of 25 songs to pick from. This does not bode well for the listening audience!

I've deciding that I am not blog about any of the things I listed in the last post until Thursday at the earliest. I did a quick update to my food blog and I'm not sure if I have it in me to do THREE posts today. My humor tank is not on full anyway. I'll be back later for Idol! Who the hell am I going to vote for?!?!?

The show starts with Ryan calling the kids the best talent yet. I am so tired of that! Do they think if they have Ryan say to enough that America will start believing it? Why not?! It's worked every other year! Sorry, I'll stop ranting.

Idol has a new show opener and a new stage. The opener is okay but has some odd moments with hybrid computer people staring at the camera. Maybe creepy would be a better word. I'm sure it will grow on me. Hello new set! The band is above and in the back. There are flashy new lights and American Idol spinning globe-like thingies.

I wonder what Paula's on tonight. Oh good. More gay sexual banter between Ryan and Simon. I can't get enough of that.

Well, Ryan tells as all about the Beatles. No, wait! It's the Lennon/McCartney song book! Well! That's a horse of a different color...I guess. Maybe that's why the kids only got to pick from a list of 25 songs. Doubt it. Also, the show is two hours so that means plenty of filler. Yeah.

Syesha (5701) is in the dead man's spot. I wonder what the stats are on the show opener going home in top twelve week. Can I hope that it's 100%? I am not a Syesha fan. In her package she tells as yet again about her wonderful acting career in Miami. Miami?? Does she do local commercials and extra parts on CSI and Burn Notice? How big is the acting scene in the big MIA? It really wouldn't have mattered what she said, I would have found something to pick on. She is singing "Got to get you into my life." Oh! I'll be pausing my blogging to watch before I comment tonight. (Pause) What can I say. She sucked. The arrangement was terrible, her entrance was bad because she just seemed like she was walking and not performing, her outfit and hair reminded me of Whitney in the 90's, and her singing was not up to par. YUCK! Randy and Paula liked it at the half way point and Simon liked it better than last week. Simon is drinking from Paula's cup.

Commercial time!! Good! I get to fast forward and try to catch up!

Chikezie (5702) tells us that he thought he was going home last week. So did I!! Damn it! He is a TSA asshole. Sorry! WAS a TSA asshole. His pick is "She's a Woman". (Pause) Can I just say THAT was awesome!!!! I loved it! I can't believe it but I'm glad Danny went home. I am downloading that song tomorrow. It started out in a Bluegrass way and turned into full blown rock! Chikezie you are no longer Chicken Fricassee and you have my votes tonight!
This was the best performance so far this year for me! LOVED IT! The judges loved it as well! Ryan really liked it too and went insane! He ran around the stage with Chikezie yelling at him about working the stage and THEN started putting his hands on Chikezie's head and talking about the sweat.

Pots and Pans (5703) worked at a sushi place and smelled liked soy sauce. Her family is also REALLY tiny. She is singing "In My Life" for all of her friends that have left the show. Songs like these tend to be prophetic so she maybe leaving us tomorrow. (Pause) I started to listen to Randy before I started typing and I think he said it best. It was pretty but it was pretty boring. The way some of the words come out of her mouth was odd. What is that annunciation, pronunciation, diction? I need help. Paula calls it pretty safe. Simon was bored to tears (he didn't pick up on the "pretty" theme).

Did Ryan just say FULL LENGTH AUDIO VERSIONS!!!!! Move over Elliott, I just may have a new ringtone tomorrow! (I've had "Trouble" by Elliott from Season 5 as my ringtone since the day after he performed it.)

Jason (5704) failed a music class in college but didn't mention anything about the MTV show he was on. He's singing "If I Fell" and he's excited. (Pause) I think I just might be getting tired of him. It was nice and I like the way he sings but the songs are sounding the same. It's hard to explain. Maybe the judges saw what I saw. Simon said "Student in a bedroom at midnight" How does Simon come up with these things? Anyway, Paula liked it because she's on drugs she felt the emotional connection. Randy and Simon (and me) not so much.

Carly (5705) likes her stool. heh! She sings "Come Together" every Saturday. (Pause) She performs as advertised. I liked it and I like her voice but I still don't like her and I still can't vote for her. If I didn't find out new (bad) things about her almost every week, I might think about voting for her but that's not happening. The judges also perform as advertised and pimp her like there was no tomorrow.

*Hell's Kitchen premieres April 1st! YEAH!*

David C. (5706) use to bartender and lay gigs at the same bar. He's singing "Eleanor Rigby" and realizes that everyone knows these songs. (Pause) Unlike her version of "Hello" this sound like Daughtry-lite. He has a pretty good spot towards the end but I don't think it redeems the rest of the song. He seems pretty pleased with himself. I'm beginning to notice that, in Paula's mind, she knows EVERYTHING. And yet she still manages to babble. Randy and Simon like him too. I'm not seeing it this week.

Brooke (5707) and Syesha had the same hairdresser this week. She's singing "Let it Be". (Pause) Sorry! I fell asleep for a minute. What was I doing? Oh yeah. "Let it Be". Oh boy. She can't sing the same every week because it's boring. Sheryl Crow always sounds like Sheryl Crow but she doesn't always sing the same type of song. The judges love it...what else is new. Ryan is doing something with ladies shoes...again.

David H. (5708) doesn't mention the fact that he was a stripper. Wonder why? David is singing "I saw her standing there". (Pause) Methinks thou doth protest too much! I saw HER standing there, give me a break! Okay, enough about that. He just didn't do it for me (wonder why). Okay, okay, I'll stop. The phrasing was off and it was more Muzak than rock and roll. He may be in danger.

Amanda (5709) always wears they same type of outfit every time. Amanda is a Harley riding nurse in case you didn't know. She's singing "You can't do that" which she hadn't heard until this week but she's going to put The Amanda Spin on it (Let's hope she spins it right off the stage). (Pause) Well, I don't think the Idol Stage has ever seen anything like that! She rocked it out and I kinda dug it. I just wish her annunciation was better. I wonder what VFTW is going to do. Don't like the hair extensions. The judges like it. Who decided that all rockers have to stick out their tongues and give the horns?

If we didn't have a commercial break after EVERY performance, we wouldn't have to have a two hour show!

Michael Lee Johns (5710) is an Aussie that coaches tennis. He is singing "Across the Universe" which has personal meaning. (Pause) I have to admit, he's pretty good but I'm still not voting for him. Randy thought this was sleepy but didn't think Brooke was sleep inducing? Whatev! The judges (except for Paula) are hard on him guaranteeing him to go on to next week (like he isn't already a lock for the top 4).

Kristy Lee Cook (5711) is telling as all about the small town she's from. What?!? No mention of the horse she sold?!? What is this world coming to?!? Her song is "Eight Days a Week" countrified! (Pause) Yuck!! I've never liked anything she has done and this is no exception. Paula didn't like it and said so! I think that's the harshest she has ever been. None of the judges liked it.

For the second time this season, David A. Kermit the Star Search Boy (5712) gets the pimp spot. He doesn't like oldies. He's singing "We can Work It Out" Stevie Wonder-fied. (Pause) HOLY SHINOLA!! I can't believe how bad he did. YEAH!!! He forgot the words twice and the tongue was out in full force! He needs to put that stuff to help you stop biting your fingernails on his lips. Someone up there wanted me to REALLY enjoy the show tonight! I just hope he doesn't cry. The judges call him out on his crappy performance. Good! They should have. He didn't cry which was also a good thing.

Here are my standings as I see it, worst to first:
12. David A.
11. Kristy
10. David H.
9. Syesha
8. Ramiele
7. Brooke
6. David C.
5. Jason
3. Amanda
1. Chikezie

I do think that either Ramiele or David H. will be going home tomorrow.

How did you rank them? And who do you think is going home?

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I predicted Kristy would go home, but I also think she could be saved by the fact that she's the only "country" contestant. I predicted David H. and Ramiele would round out the Bottom 3, so it looks like we're thinking similarly.

As for people going first on Top 12 week:

Season 6: Brandon Rogers (Eliminated)
Season 5: Ace Young (Bottom 3)
Season 4: Jessica Sierra (Bottom 3)
Season 3: LaToya London (Safe)
Season 2: Kimberley Locke (Bottom 3)

I guess going first in the Top 12 has always been a shaky proposition. I don't think Syesha was bad enough that she'll go home, but I won't be surprised (or upset) if she does.