I'm Back!!!  

Howdy! I've been away. My husband and I went to Atlantic City this past weekend with him mom and son. In the meantime, my TiVo has been very busy and I am very behind in everything. Right now, it's 8:15pm and I'm just getting around to starting the computer. The apartment is a mess so I had to AT LEAST clean the bathroom and the kitchen. I was also hungry so I had to eat. I'll have more time to blog tomorrow and Wednesday and I plan on covering a number of topics.

1. Atlantic City Trip - to include the odd weather, horrible outfits, the food and the numerous pairs of boobs I saw there.
2. Your Mama Don't Dance - I want to see if my new, strange love for this show transfers to the boys and their moms.
3. Update my food blog - I was a BAD girl!!!

Before I started doing this post, I was watching "Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew." A guy I work with told me a I should watch it. I like the dancing but it is getting kind of old. But I still watch it for one reason...Jamal! He is great! I first saw him and another member of his dance crew (E-Knock) when they auditioned for "So You Think You Can Dance" last year. He said he could swing dance so the judges called him out on it. Here's the clip and it is awesome!

That is why I still watch that stupid show!

I think I can guess what you're thinking now: "What about American Idol? When the hell is she going to get to that!"

Am I right? Well, even if I'm not, it doesn't matter 'cause I'm talking about American Idol next!

My husband and I left for Rockville at 6:30 on Thursday evening. The trip to Rockville takes a minimum of 1 1/2 hours that is with out hitting bad traffic or really slow people. Normally, it takes closer to two hours but I was on a mission! I drove 6 miles an hour over the speed limit the whole way there and didn't stop to pee! I didn't think I was going to make it but I pulled into Kathleen's driveway at 7:59pm with thoughts of an 80's group sing running through my head! I made it! The show starts with Ryan and the kids in the red room but they aren't wearing matching outfits! No parachute pants! No big hair! No skinny ties! What the hell?!?! Blake Lewis is performing? Since when do they have guest performers during the semis? CRAP! No group sing! Anyway, Luke, Kady, Asia'h, and Danny are given the boot in the order and with increasing tears on the part of Ramiele. I even got teary for Danny. I thought he was very entertaining and I liked his voice which is more then I can say about the other three. We are down to 12 and I have no clue who I'm going to vote for...maybe pOtS and PaNs (Ramiele). It's looking like I might be a Worster again this year!

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