"We're the Kids in America"  

If someone sings that Kim Wilde song, I'll vote for them and only them tonight! As long as they don't stuck (unless it's Amanda, go VFTW).

Paula is in rare form again! What is she on? She starts out the show babbling about the 80s and the hair and the makeup from back in the day. I have to agree that it would have been great to have someone rocking a pair parachute pants or a faux mullet!

Asia'h (5701) is coming out of the gate with Whitney. Good call Jennifer! That's not a good move. Paula's on her feet for the first time this season. I thought she was fairly good but not great. Simon calls her out on the singing Whitney thing (see High Lord Dave's Rules).

I wonder what Kady (5702) is going to sing? I'm not sure what the hell she's singing but it's not a good song and she's not doing a good job with it. Well, she's picked it up a little in the middle but I don't think it's going to be enough to save her. Bye-Bye Kady! Randy said this was a Queen song? Paula says Kady's magic is when she uses her soft voice. Paula's magic is in her Coke cup! Ba-dump-bump!! (Thank you! Thank you! I'm here all week! Don't forget to tip your waitress!) Simon says she's gloomy and in trouble.

Amanda (5703) is talking about her most embarrassing moment. Wasn't that last week? Anyway, Amanda growls "I hate myself for loving you" by Joan Jett. I think she does a good job on a song that almost any one can sing. I actually sang this song with a band live one not at the Holiday Inn in Manassas, VA! I did pretty good and they let me do "Vogue" a few weeks later! Back to the show, all of the judges loved it. Is this enough for VFTW to pick someone new? Naw! They stick with her because they know she will suck again...like on Showtunes Night!

Dueling plants are up after the break!

Carly (5704) did really well. She has a great voice and is going to go far in this competition. Man, I'm really going out on a limb with that prediction! Let's see if the judges liked her. Paula and Randy liked it but Simon thought she could do better. That's the way to pimp someone. If all three judges praised her, America would be lazy and not vote for her thinking that she was safe. Then again, it really doesn't matter what the vote count ends up being. It the powers that be don't like the outcome, they have the right to change it. It isn't a game show so they don't have to show the results...and they don't.

A Journey song for Kristy Lee Cook (5705). Hummmm. She also use to act like a dog. I would have liked to see that. She needs to go home. I don't care if she gets her horse back or not. The world has enough blond country singers and they are better then her. Carrie Underwood Lite is not needed. I do like her shirt. The pimping starts. Randy loved it and Paula has nothing but positivity. Simon thinks she's forgettable.

Pots and Pans (5706) is in the sixth spot. I was hoping that we would make it through 80's week without this song. "Against All Odds" is one of the songs that you either love or hate, nothing in between. I hate. She's not hitting this one out of park and it just seems like a good Karaoke version. And she always look like she's heading to the mall. Randy thought she could do better. Paula managed to speak for a long time and not say a thing! Simon calls it predictable. I agree.

Danny is wearing her glasses for some reason. They are rather large for this decade but they would fit right in back in the 80's.

Brooke (5707) is doing an Unplugged version of "Love is a Battlefield". She sounds good for the most part. The way she pronounces some of the words is odd. I don't think she's showing us anything new. (Randy just said that too!) Paula just keeps getting better and better as the night goes on. Simon loved it. I'm on the fence. After all the fuss over Brooke coming up with an unplugged version of this song all on her own, I hope someone finds the clip of Pat doing this on Unplugged (I may have to search myself).

I couldn't figure out who was last! I guess I don't need to tell you the Syesha (5708) is not one of my faves. OMG. More Whitney. Who saw that coming? Yeah, me too. She sounds pretty good and will make it to the top 12. I think her outfit was a bad choice. The judges are quick with their comments because of Paula's earlier ramblings.

I don't really feel like voting for any of them. Who are you voting for? I need help!

That didn't take long. Here's Pat unplugged.

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Thanks for the plug, Kristi!

If I hear "Against All Odds" again it will be too soon!

Kady is gone. She had her farewell comments cued up last week when Ryan dropped the bomb on Aliana. Kady nearly swallowed her tongue then. Well, she'll be in the cab to LAX tonight with Luke and two others to be named later.