Day of Death: Part II  

Well, it's our second week of eliminations and Danny Gokey is the guest performer.Yay. My life is now complete. All of my regular readers will know how much I loved Gokey last year.

Oh Group sing!! I gotta feeling that this is gonna suck just a little bit.

Big Mike is WAY over the top! They all need practice with lip-syncing. That was BAAAAD!!

BTW, I'm live blogging and posting at the breaks. If you don't want to know who gets sent home, come back later...after you know. LOL

Guys are up first. Tim is safe. Way to go VFTW! Todrick is left hanging. Big Mike is safe. Casey is safe. John and Todrick are the only ones left from the top row so I'm already wrong. At least I'll get one right. And it Todrick that's safe. Good bye, John!

Guys again. Lee is safe. Aaron is safe. I total forgot about him BTW. Alex better be safe and he is SAFE! YES! It's down to Jermaine and Andrew. I'm pretty sure Jermaine knows he's history...and he is. Andrew is safe. Goodbye, Jermaine!

Ryan let Jermaine babble on for too long. Now we have to suffer through his singing again.

Danny is up with his new song. A very standard country song. I can hear him breathing way too much. I did not miss him at all. Allison should have been third.

I'd like to give a shout out to my recent visitor from Del Mar, Vegas and Chicago. HEY! Come on back anytime!

It's time for the girls. Lilly is safe. Paige is safe. Katie is safe. Didi and Michelle are left and it's Michelle that is going home. Didi is safe. Goodbye, Michelle.

We're back! Katelyn is safe. Crystal is safe. Siobhan is safe. Haeley and Lacey are last. Which one will go home and which one will kill another song next week?

And Haeley is history!! Too bad VFTW! I wonder who they will pick next week.

And until next week, I leave you with this awesome pic from Awkward Family Photos.

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I have to agree on the lip-synching. Why can't they just sing it like the old days? Are the effects they put on the vocals that important?

I don't even want to know what's going on in that picture.

So, I guess you and I are going to have a creepy old lady fight over Alex at some point? :)