Girls, Girls, Girls  

Tonight we hear from the girls. I hope Crystal is good to go. I still say it's strange that Idol rearranged everything for one person. Then again, this could be the first time someone has gotten THIS sick and Idol has been able to switch things around. If this had happened after it was down to the top twelve, I'm not sure if they would have done anything about it.

Crystal is back and going first. I'm glad she's not telling the world her business. Don't get me wrong, I'd like to know but good for her for not playing it up for the sympathy vote.

Crystal Bowersox - "Long as I Can See the Light" - 866-436-5701 - She looks pretty good and sounds even better. I gotta say, the girl can sing! She makes it all look easy. Randy rambles on about "that girl". Ellen calls it pure, raw, natural talent and that she was scared for her. Kara total says the wrong song and Kara was doing so well last night. Simon tells us that Crystal was really, really sick and he's happy she didn't play the sympathy card. Well, she didn't need to play that card because you just did it for her, Simon.

Haeley Vaughn - "The Climb" - 866-436-5702 - I still can't believe they picked her over Angela Martin. OMG! She's doing Miley?!?!? Crap! I wish she would have at least picked "Party in the USA" and not this song. I actually like this song When Kelly Clarkson did it (See video below). Well, I don't think she did better than last week. Hell! I don't even think she did better than Miley! The Worsters better be power voting tonight because that's all that's going to save her. Randy keeps it real by telling her it was excruciating. Ellen tells her to keep smiling but doesn't feel she connected with the song. Kara babbles and tells her she needs another year to strengthen her instrument. Simon calls it a complete mess.

Lacey Brown - "Kiss Me" - 866-436-5703 - I really like her look but I'm torn about her singing. At times it sounded original and at other times it sounded Karaoke. She's performing in a good spot with a good song. We were all ready for something even kinda good after Haley. I think that is what's going to safe Lacey tonight. Randy thinks EXACTLY the same! WOW! Ellen thought it was adorable. Kara thinks she needs to step it up. Simon thinks it was marginally better than last week but not an artist.

OH!!! Glee commercial! Gotta watch!

Katie Stevens - "Put Your Records On" - 866-436-5704 - Not impressed. I was bored. I even LIKE this song. She still managed to sing it old. Randy calls the first part of the song pitchy but liked the ending. Ellen thinks it still feels old. I'm with Ellen. Kara agrees with Ellen and adds that there are songs that are good on the radio but not when performed. Simon thinks she's not telling everyone what kind of artist she is. How do you do that while singing Karaoke? Just askin'.

Didi Benami - "Lean On Me" - 866-436-5705 - Probably not a good idea doing a Glee song. How many of you thought that too? Just me? LOL! I miss Glee. Hey Idols, it's not a good sign when I start typing about something else while your performing. She didn't grab my attention at all. Randy would not have picked that song. Ellen loves her voice but doesn't think it worked for her. Kara says it wasn't good and that it was all over the place. Simon says it was screechy. Boy, the judges creamed her. She is trying very hard not to cry. RYAN STOP TALKING TO HER!

Michelle Delamor - "With Arms Wide Open" - 866-436-5706 - She is wearing really strange gloves. I'm not sure what to say about that. First off, I didn't like it. It was a weird arrangement that started off REALLY bad. It got better but not better enough to call it good. Last night that guys did better than last week with a couple of exceptions but the girls seem to be doing it in reverse with only one exception so far. Randy thinks her outfit is hawt but says she didn't do enough with the song. Ellen thinks she did a lot with the song but says there were pitch problems. Ellen said it almost worked. Kara calls it her favorite performance for hers ever. WTF??? Simon agrees the Kara. Am I taking crazy pills?!?!

Lilly Scott - "A Change is Gonna Come" - 866-436-5707 -I loved this! I think she doesn't sound like anyone else out there. She sounded like her which is a wonderful change from all the Karaoke performances we've been seeing tonight. Randy calls her unique and that she does her thing and favorite of the night. Ellen says she had IT and she's a fan. Kara calls it a "moment". Simon thought it was good but he wasn't crazy about it but it was still great.

Katelyn Epperly - "The Scientist" - 866-436-5708 - I think she sounds good but I was bored. I'm thinking I shouldn't judge her because I really don't like her. Randy really liked it. Ellen calls the piano a guitar and then says it was so slow. Ellen almost fell asleep. Kara kinda loves her. Well, that NOT a selling point for me. Simon calls it smart and a million times better than last week. I thought she did fine last week.

Paige Miles - "Walk Away" - 866-436-5709 - I did not like that version of that song AT ALL. It was very strange and not at all enjoyable. Those really high notes she tried to hit were almost painful to listen to. Randy liked it but didn't love it. Ellen loved it and thought it was fantastic. Kara thinks she could have a hit with it. WTF? Simon agrees with Randy and she didn't pick the right song.
Siobhan Magnus - "Think" - 866-436-5710 - She can SING!! I'm tired of doing this tonight. Sorry, Siobhan. Randy loved it. Ellen loved it. Kara can't get over that note! Simon calls her strange and that note was incredible.

Favorite of the night for me was Lilly. She's different and I love it.

Going home? Boy! That's a tough one. Haeley and Michelle sucked the most in my book but Haeley's got VFTW so she'll be safe. Paige also did a bad version (in my book) of a Kelly song. Didi sucked but she almost cried and people might feel sorry for her and vote for her. Oh, who the hell knows?!? What do you think?

Kelly video, as promised!

Love it!!!!

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You're not taking crazy pills. I thought Michelle was weak too. Crystal and Lilly seem like the two strongest girls right now. They'll probably be splitting votes at some point.

I think Michelle is sandbagging right now. She's got a strong voice, but doesn't want to peak too early (Andrew Garcia).

My least faves were Didi and Haeley, but I can also see Paige or Katelyn getting whacked.