American Idol Top 20: New Keyboard Edition  

Yes! I did it! I installed the new keyboard on my laptop all by myself. I'm glad it worked because there was no going back. I DESTROYED to old one. The new one feels so good! See, a couple years back I spilled Mt. Dew on the keyboard and even after all that time, some of the key were still a little sticky.


As some of you may know already, the guys are on tonight instead of the girls. Seems that Crystal Bowersox had a serious health issue (rumors of diabetes complications) and would not be able to perform tonight. So, as Idol has done many times in the past, they rearranged everything to accommodate the person that was sick. NOT! Idol has NEVER done this for anyone! I can't imagine why they are making an exception this time. As some of you may remember, Bo Bice was so sick one performance day that he was back stage throwing up during the commercials. I've been trying all day not to jump to conclusions but it's hard not to. I'm thinking that Idol wants Crystal in the competition no matter what. I like her (and her gross teeth) but I don't like Idol favoritism. We'll see what happens.

Ryan tells about the girl/guy switch but doesn't really tell us anything new. I guess "Doctor's Orders" means that they can switch things around and not have people cry "favoritism". Oh Wait! Too late. I already said that.

On with the show.

Michael "My Wife had a Baby, Remember" Lynche - "This is a Man's World" - 1-866-436-5701 - I have to say this was a BAD song choice. He didn't even come close to the original and didn't bring anything new/good. He's lucky people like him and know him otherwise, he might be in trouble. Randy gives him a standing "O"? WTF? Ellen likes his song choice and says it was a good way to start the night. Kara thinks he's not the some guy and she's feeling it. Simon think it was the right kind of song as well. I guess I'm not hearing what the judges are hearing. Maybe it's just me.

John "I Wanna Marry Shania" Park - "Gravity" -

1-866-436-5702 - MILES better than last week. Nice but kinda boring. Randy says it wasn't as good as the original and didn't see anything special. Ellen says it was a great songs choice but he needed to feel the song more. Kara says way better than last week but is missing the connection. Simon calls it a "so what" performance. I think Simon may be right. Too bad, since he did better.

Casey "Kara wants to Jump Me" James - "I Don't Wanna Be" -

1-866-436-5703 - He's a weird-o! He doesn't own a TV! Freak! Oh no! He's doing an Elliot song. You KNOW I'm not going to like that too much! Didn't really dig the electric guitar opening but I didn't hate the overall performance as much as I thought I would. I'm not going to buy it tomorrow on iTunes or anything but it's my favorite of the night so far......until he ended it with too much electric guitar. Randy says this is the kinda of record he would make. Ellen thinks he sounded great but he seems a little stiff. Kara says he took two steps backwards for her. I think she had some valid points. Simon agrees with Kara.

Alex "Love My Mullet" Lambert - "Everybody Knows" -

1-866-436-5704 - His video package is gonna make me cry. I just want to scoop him up and keep him safe! He did MILES better tonight too. I'm finding myself liking him even more. I think I will vote for him! Randy enjoyed it. Ellen thinks the unripe banana was put in a paper bag. LOLz! Kara thinks there isn't a person out there that isn't routing for him. She's right again! Damn her. Simon calls it a million times better and thinks he's get a great voice. Simon also wants to see his killer instinct come through.

Todrick "I cheat kids out of their parents money" Hall - "What's Love Got to Do With It" -

1-866-436-5705 - He slowed it down and turned into a lounge act. Then he picked the speed up and could barely contain the dancer within. Me no likely. Randy called his false hawt but he didn't love it. Randy thinks he should just sing a song as written. Ellen wants him to sing and dance. Ellen didn't like the song choice either. Kara is way wrong about everyone liking him. Simon tells him to move but not sing and call it "theme park". I think it was more "lounge act". Todrick calls the judges out! He says that he thought the judges wanted them to change up the songs but apparently they don't. Part of me agrees with him but I think what the judges really want is for him to stop killing the songs. If he can't rearrange them to make them sound good...LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Jermaine "It's the Band's fault" Sellers - "What's Going On" -

1-866-436-5706 - What's with the Mo-bump? OMG! THIS SUCKS! He better go home Thursday. If not, the fix is in. Randy says it was better than last week but it still wasn't great. Ellen thinks he has great style but it didn't work for her. Kara thinks he hits crazy notes and that he does too much. Simon is disappointed and says he'd go to church with Jermaine. They better take the cameras if they go.

Andrew "Straight-up" Garcia - "You Give Me Something" -

1-866-436-5707 - Boy! This is REALLY reminding me of Danny Gokey and the is not a good thing when I say it. It was good but I don't think I'm a fan anymore. I really liked "Straight-up" but he hasn't lived up to that in my opinion. I'm sure the judges loved it. Randy calls it pitchy and says he didn't get it. WOW! Ellen thought there were a few pitch problems but she liked it. Ellen also states that he set the bar so high with the Paula Abdul song and that's the problem. Kara agrees with Ellen. Since "Straight-up" it's gone down. Simon thinks it was a bad song choice and that he needs to do something to stand out.

Aaron "I'm only 16" Kelly - "My Girl" -

1-866-436-5708 - Oh boy. He's bee-bopping around WAY too much. It's distracting. Too many unnecessary runs and he's still nervous, you can hear it in his voice. Maybe he should do a few shots before performing. That always helps me. Randy liked the first half but not the last half. Ellen likes the way he moved around but calls the song forgettable. Kara liked it, she REALLY liked it. Simon reminds us that Aaron is 16. Yes, we know that. Simon thinks it was too old fashioned.

Tim "This is My Last Show" Urban - "Come On Get Higher" -

1-866-436-5709 - I think VFTW may need to pick a new Idol to vote for. Tim is doing MUCH MUCH MUCH better this week. Good for him! I like him. I'm sure he'll be safe. Randy didn't get it and calls it Karaoke. Ellen thinks he should act on something like Glee. Kara liked the song choice but he needed to make it his. Simon disagrees with the other judges and thinks it was a marked improvement. I agree with Simon.

Lee "Geez Louise" Dewyze - "Lips of An Angel" -

1-866-436-5710 - I like this song and I like him but...there's just something a little off about his singing. Is he nasally? I'm not sure. I liked it but not enough to buy it. Randy says he's a huge fan and he liked it despite the pitch problems. Ellen liked the passion and calls it a great performance. Kara calls it a big improvement and can hear him on the radio right now. Simon tells him that he's the best singer out of the guys but needs to totally connect with a song. Simon also says he could be the one to beat.

Personally, my favorite of the night was Alex. He picked a good song for him, performed it well and was TONS better than last week. I'm voting for him! Who are you voting for?

I also think John and Todrick will get shown the door Thursday. What about you?

I'll leave you with the viral video of the day:


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I didn't realize your keyboard was a laptop. That explains the wait. Good job on the repair.

mike loves the first guy and i love the last guy but in reality they all kinda sick and things better start getting better cause i hate bad music!

that was suck not sick ... just to make sure i am VERY clear!

You replaced a laptop keyboard?

Big props to you!

Glad to see you've got all your letters!