Getting From Three To Two  

I spent some time today reading the Idol blogs that I like to read and I've come to a few conclusions:

1. Adam had a bad night (it wasn't just me)

2. Adam on a bad night was still better than Danny on a good night

3. Kris had the best song of the evening with "Heartless"

4. Some people put "One" next and some people like "Cryin'" better. Either way, Adam's songs were 2nd and third best of the night

5. Four judges are too many

6. We are all tired of the judges trying to make the show about them

7. "You are so Beautiful" was NOT a vocal master class (WTF, Simon?!?!)

8. Many people would like to bash Kara in the head with a microphone

9. Danny should NEVER dance

10. Only one person heard the same bum note that Paula did during "Apologize"

11. Overall, it was a good show

That being said, it's time to get rid of one of these guys and begin the wrap-up of this, the eighth season of American Idol!!!

Ben Stiller is shilling for his new movie along with three other funny dudes. I thought the end was pretty funny! I laughed!

Kevin Bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!

88 million votes last night! WOW! That's a lot. There were only 1 million separating the top two.

Ryan tells us that Jordan Sparks and Katy Perry are on the show tonight. I'm not sure if they are live or taped.

We head straight to the Ford video and it kinda most of the Ford videos this year. I did laugh at Danny's "cartoon power". It reminded me of Moses!

Alicia Keyes is on the show to talk about Keep a Child Alive and is asking us for $5.00 to help the kids. Noah, a kid from Africa is singing a song. Cute kid.

Ryan hypes the tour.

Danny is asked to join Ryan on the stage. They talk about seeing Jamar again and then show his homecoming footage. I wonder if they'll show the train wreck that was "Billie Jean". Danny's female stalker kept her clothes on. Big crowd!

Ryan give him his recap...and he is told to take a seat on the couch.

Kris is next. Hey! I found out that a guy that I went to school with (Derek), his wife works with Kris's mom! Big crowd! He gets mobbed. Awww! We get to see him with his family. Kris's female stalker was a guy in drag...I think. I liked his homecoming better than Danny's.

Ryan give Kris his recap...and he is sent to the couch too.

Jordan is up with Battlefield. It's live and it doesn't look lip-synced! I think the song will do well but the performance isn't that great. Meh. It was okay.


Cheese Nips are better than Cheez-its. In case you were wondering.

Glee looks Fan-Dam-Tastic!!!! I'm soooo going to watch that!

It's Adam's turn!!! In case you missed it, Rhonda and Leslie went to Adam's homecoming. I posted pics two posts down. Check it out! His body guard is huge! He's talking about MET! There's Kathie! I looked for Rhonda and Leslie but didn't see them. They showed part of the half naked stalker. Adam is AWESOME!!!!

Ryan give him his recap...he is sent to the couch too.

Katy Perry is live next. She's doing "Waking Up In Vegas" or so I've heard. I love this song. I suggested it to my mom for her "Vegas" iPod mix for our Vegas trip last year. My Uncle Neal said that he thought she was going to be a one hit wonder with "I Kissed a Girl". I told him that "Waking Up in Vegas" was awesome...I was right!

OMG!!! Katy Perry is wearing an AWESOME cape!!!!!!! I'm not going to say any more!!! It's another live, non-lip-synced performance. Love Her!!! Love her even more after tonight! WAY love her!!!

It's time!!!!!!!!!

The first person in next week is Kris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm going to be sick!
I'm having a heart attack again!

The other person in the finale is ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!

It's an Adam/Kris Finale!!!!!!!!!

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great summary!

Except I think you meant FOUR judges are too many.

And the only other time I remember hearing Simon say "vocal masterclass" was after Elliot Yamin sang "A Song For You". Which truly WAS a "vocal masterclass." It's an insult to Elliot to say the same thing to Danny Gokey! BOO!


You're right, I did mean four. (I fixed it, thanks!)

I also remember Simon saying that to Elliott. Elliott is still my favorite and will always hold a special place in my heart. It's been three seasons and I still don't like other contestants singing songs he sang!


This is exciting! If it was really as close between Adam and Kris as Ryan said, next week could be interesting. Adam's been the favorite to win since early in the Finals, but Kris has exceeded everyone's expectations week after week. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Kris took the title at this point. Still, I'll be happy for either one. They're both classy, talented guys. May the best man win.

I am one of those people that would like to bash Kara's head. She annoys me to the end of time. I want her to SHUT UP. Adam has had a land slide from the beginning which makes it almost boring- Allison should still be there. NOT KRIS and I'm glad that I don't have to see a new pair of glasses on Danny's face. yay!

The only parts of this season's American Idol that I've seen are through clips posted online. However, all of the buzz surrounding Adam Lambert does have me intrigued. I will try to catch some of the finale tonight.