Today is a BEAUTIFUL Day  

All is right with the world today!

I have printed our boarding passes

My husband is out running last minute errands including getting the clothes washed

I'm counting down the hours until I'm official on vacation

And ADAM LAMBERT made it to the finale on American Idol!!!!!!

What a perfect day!

One more thing, I haven't been able to find someone to blog for me so I'll be blogging but it's going to be an hour later than normal. I think that will still be fine for the peeps on the West Coast. I wish I could figure out something else but it's just not working out. I'm still going to try to work something out for the results night so we can find out who wins as soon as possible. I'm pretty sure I can get that done. So expect to find out who wins when the East Coast does!

In celebration of everything that is right with this world, I'm posting some pictures I took about a week and a half ago.


Cannon in front of the court house

A pretty apple blossom

More apple blossoms

The now finished George Washington Parking Garage

How about some dogwood blossoms

And another one of the cannon

The next pictures will be from South Dakota!

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More important than Adam making it is Danny NOT making it! Bwah hahahaha.