Wild Card...I think I love you...NOT  

It begins as normal with Ryan overstating the importance of everything.

The eight will perform and then the judges pick who moves on.

The kids tonight are:
Jesse Langseth
Matt Giraud
Megan Joy Corkey
Von Smith
Jasmine Murray
Ricky Braddy
Tatiana Del Toro
Anoop Desai

Alright!! Anoop gets the pimp spot!!!

Jesse - Tell Me Something Good
I can't really remember how she did last time but she isn't too bad this time. My husband thinks she should pack her bags. Randy doesn't think she sung it that well. Kara uses the word of the season: swagger. Paula is impressed with her determination and thinks she is unique. Simon tells her that she was a lot better than the first time.

Matt - Who's Loving You
He is doing WORLDS better than last time! Right now, I hope they pick him. I like the bluesy feel. Hubby think he was pretty good. Kara thanks him for bring back the bluesy singing. Paula thinks he did an amazing job. Simon calls it a billion times better than last time. Randy says that was hot.

Megan - Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
She seems a little off. I still don't like her dance moves. I don't think she should go through. Hubby doesn't think she's very good either. He likes her better from a distance because he says "she dances like me." Paula blabs on and really doesn't say anything. Simon calls her current. Randy kisses her ass as well. Kara thinks they need her. Damn! She's going through.

Von - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
He starts out bad. Hubby doesn't like him at all. See ya Von! I liked you for a little while. Simon says it didn't start very well and says he's becoming boring. Randy isn't crazy about the song. Kara thinks it got dark. Paula talks about soaring. Like I said, see ya!

Jasmine - Reflection
Boring (hubby thinks so too). Cute dress. Randy says she was better than last time. Kara is confused. That's Paula's job, Kara. Paula calls her determined. Simon calls it pretty special. Paula and Simon fight.

Ricky - Superstition
I liked him better last time but this isn't bad. Hubby thinks it was just okay. Kara think he can sing his butt off. Paula loved the way he loosened up. Simon calls it lightweight and clumsy. Randy thinks he has a voice but it wasn't a good song for him.

Tatiana -Saving All My Love For You
This isn't a good choice for her. The low part in the beginning is a little too low for her. Hubby thinks she's good. Paula comments on her all-the-sudden accent. Simon slams her for picking the same song. Randy calls her a mixed bag of tricks. Kara calls it the "Adventures of Tatiana".

Anoop - My Prerogative
I thought that was fantastic. Hubby thinks he rocked and something else that I'm not going to type here. I'm not sure if that was what the judges were looking for but I sure enjoyed it. He was the only one that I didn't type during. Simon calls it a strange night. He doesn't think that Anoop was the best vocal but people like him. Randy thinks he did better this time. Kara says it was the best he's ever done it. Paula says he's a showman and says everyone loved it. I agree!

Now for the moment of truth. Who makes it and who goes home.

Jasmine is called up and is told that she made it. She sucked!!!!!!!! YUCK! Why did we even bother with the competition?!

Ricky goes home. YUCK!!

Megan and Tatiana are brought up together. Megan made it and Tatiana is going home. Megan sucked. Again, why did we bother with the competition. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge Tatianna fan but Ricky should have made it over Megan. I think most of you would agree with that.

We have four people left and only one spot. It better be Anoop's! But what about Matt??? This sucks! I am not happy.

Jesse is told she is going home.

Von is going home.

It's down to Anoop and Matt. Matt made it. And so did Anoop. It's a top 13 this year. Many people on the net predicted that.

Well, that's it America, you're top 13.

Megan and Jasmine lucked out, they should NOT have made it.

What say you?

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There are about four people who deserved to get an invite to the Wild Card show who got shafted by the selections (Ann Marie, Mishavonna, Felicia and Kai). I'd rather see any of those four in the finals ahead of three of the people who made it tonight

First of all, I want to say that I love the title to this post.

I agree with pretty much all your opinions here except for Matt. I didn't like that at all. I felt like he did more melismafying than actual singing. If he'd toned that stuff down a bit I might have enjoyed it more.

I thought both Tatiana and Jesse did a better job than Megan and Jasmine, yet the latter two got the girls' slots. I hate the judges' favoritism. They need to go back to letting us decide with our votes.

I kind of enjoy watching the ratings go down each week, since it might eventually give the producers a wake up call. Of course, knowing them, they'll probably make changes that are even worse.

Hey! I thought Jasmine sang well but she has a good voice. Not super.. but hello Megan's weird swing needs to go. It was almost like you could see her catching herself and trying to stop lol... I'm not done watching- but hello I already know who makes it, THANK you! haha

Ricky so should have made it... this Matt person better sound good! I'm obviously watching as I already know who has made it and boy it makes you think WTF are they thinking? lol

"It begins as normal with Ryan overstating the importance of everything."

Well said. I'm not an Idol fan but my wife used to be - used to. It just got so...bad. Every week, every season, its just the same thing. Randy saying "its a bit pitchy for me dawg", Paula loving everyone and then yelling at Simon for interrupting, and Simon getting boo'd for everything he says (even when he's nicer than the others)

Jasmine sucks. But no more than the judges.

Megans spasmic dance moves are too distracting and Jasmine is just a-ight for me. I totally didn't see a Top 13 coming and wished they hadn't done that to poor Anoop. They strung him along as the last wild card pick too. Poor boy can only take so much!

By the way, I nominated you for an award on my blog.

The two main Idol contenders this year seem to be Allison Iraheta and Danny GokeyThe two main Idol contenders this year seem to be Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey